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  1. garc1a

    Stolen acoustic guitar from my tent at Glasto

    Had to go glasgow to london by train, then workers coach in. Ive seen the way they load the luggage compartment, didnt want to risk driver not letting it on the coach itself.. Its my baby, ill either have a hard case next year or will have a travel instrument.. Shit... Sad reminder, 2 year.
  2. garc1a

    How did "avoiding the politics" go?

    Theres a few reasons i go, sure the atmosphere and music sre there, politics is a large part of it as is the green futures, green peace, block 9 and shangra la. Most years since early 90s, originally as for the raves, which with large amount of travellers, ravers etc.. Came the criminal justice bill in 94. Which led to the protests and theres been g8s, road protest, community protests etc My work is political, i work for a national childrens charity, third sector, have been my whole life. Involved in community projects snd empowerment as well. Since the fence went up i volunteer every year. Spend at least a full day in green futures, green peace etc. Find out whst all the campaigns are upto.... Is it only for politics i go... Maybe not, but its political. I think your under estimating the number of people there for politicss
  3. garc1a

    Stolen acoustic guitar from my tent at Glasto

    If you asked me 3 years ago, i would have not got this. After putting a bit of time/effort in and now, still not being very good, getting better , but can strum a few tunes... I get this big time. It was a dillema ive had for the first time this year, i really want to be able to just sit and strum in solitude somewhere, if people wanna sit and jam thats fine too, but just for that feeling of making music somewhere magical. It was logistically imlossible and not having a hard case stopped me. Im going to get a uke for affordability and transport. Id have a little more security as i would be in a workers camp site tho. So yeah, understand why the op brought it. Hope it finds its way back, i feel your loss as i missed mine for a week at glasto never mind being nicked. As pointed out, shit thing to steal as you wont get much for it as its an obvious nicked item. Have you contacted worthy farm lost properties etc? Im sure you have.
  4. garc1a

    Rate The Performances You Saw Out of 10

    I mostly watched circus, theatre, cabaret and the like and cant remember all the names of the bands i seen bits of or full sets... Bearing in mind i was working so couldnt see everything i wanted. First aid kit. 9 Hacienda classical 6 Chic. 9 The jacksons. Minus 10 (worst ive seen) Justice. 8 Dizzee. 7 The beat 6 Napalm death 6 The orb. 4
  5. garc1a

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    post glasto blues, everyone gettingvthier moans out..... 1. Hunter wellies, being worn as a fashion accessory in a dust bowl. Refused entry. 2. Posh "lauuundawwwn darrling" accents, refused entry. 3. Seats in busy stage areas, allowed to kick over. 4. When im ready to goto sleep, all amplified music to stop. Apart from that, carry on regardless. This thread shows how everyone sees it differently with people wamting a reduction in numbers. I thought it was absolutely fine, sure theres always a well managed risk when too many end up in same place, i never seen any problems. Reduce tickets and youll make it harder to get too, a lot more expensive and even less inclusive as it alreadi is with rising costs. Its already a struggle for many to afford and need to keep it affordable as possible to all.
  6. garc1a


    Thank you, it was the highlight of my glasto. Had so much fun, belly laughs and was a great way of meeting new people. Top geezer!
  7. garc1a

    The size of the crowds

    Workers "EPO" (easy pass out) wristbands were orange and black.. These in theory should let workers get passed the queues at gates wete there are ticket checks.... In theory... As a lot of gate staff and security seemed to make different rules when it suited them.
  8. garc1a


    Theatre and circus stole it for me, spent loads of time there. Even spent best part of 30 mins walking around as an "air fish" with a group of others thanks to this man in the photo... Talking of which, does anyone know his name? I could swear i recognise him from a childrens tv show but i just cant place it. Help appreciated! Er him on the left... Thats my ugly coupon on the right.
  9. garc1a

    Largest Crowd of the Weekend?

    Bowie in 2000? Last one before the fence. As for this weekend, i wasnt at any pyramid headliners, i really couldnt say. Was at Chic, hacienda classical and first aid kit but have nothing to compare them to.
  10. garc1a

    Steel beer cups- am I missing the point?

    Really sorry for the down vote.. I didnt mean to, clicked as i was scrolling!
  11. garc1a

    The size of the crowds

    What was so awful about holts? Apart from the jacksons who were awful.
  12. garc1a

    The Jacksons

    It was terrible and it couldnt have anything to do with the time of performance as dizzee was excellent the night before on the same stage. They just won my worst show ive seen at glasto award. I left after a few songs and thier jive bunny style mix of hits. There was zero atmosphere in the field, only a few cheers from the front rest of the field was like a grave yard.
  13. garc1a

    New security measures in place

    Some unnecessary searching on gate c, turning pockets inside out, checking round waist, under belts, in tobacco tins, in every. Corner of small back packs etc and all that shit. To keep us safe my arse.
  14. garc1a

    Secret resales

    I seen a good few people get in through sneaky measures last night. For anyone despeeate enough to do it, its possible. One just walked straight through bold as you like, spoke to them once in and had done this in previous years. Another group of 4 or 5 with a grappel hook and rope.