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  1. gherring8

    Liam Gallagher

    This notice on their website is very bizarre as according to Trainline, National Rail & Thameslink there are trains back to KGX up until gone midnight. One of which we are booked on. So either all 3 train companies have failed to update their info & are letting people book on non-existent trains or Knebworth site is wrong. I think it could well be the latter and the info is out of date. Maybe that was the plan originally but surely after seeing how many people are going to attend & will need transport away they have scrapped early train finishes and stuck some additional on. If it isn’t the above, then we are well and truly stuffed & so will loads of other people. There will just be carnage in Stevenage.
  2. Got 1 spare for Jessie Ware at Brixton Academy. Face value. E-tickets on Ticketmaster so can do email transfer 💌
  3. Just got my email that they are being dispatched today 🥳
  4. In previous years when I’ve got to the London coach it had the time on the email titled “Glastonbury Coach Package Deposit Notification” It opens with: PLEASE READ CAREFULLYA ticket and coach package has been paid for you to attend GLASTONBURY 2016 at Worthy Farm, Pilton-Somerset.The deposit for registration number XXXXXXXXX was paid for under booking reference XXXXX on Thursday 1st October 2015 The coach package you have been booked on is LONDON RETURN TRAVEL (DEP 06:00 RET 07:00)
  5. SGP have today shared this I think it’s pretty risky on your first year back. I think it would be nice to share some smaller / lesser known acts so people can check them out beforehand & build up some more fans. Maybe keep the headliners & subs a secret. As I had to give up my ticket I am intrigued to see how this all plays out.
  6. I have lost count how often me and my friend's have listened to Art Department 2011 essential mix. Not necessarily the best one but my favourite by a country mile. It is the go to music we put on when we come back from an event and no one can be bothered to sort the music. It reminds me of Ibiza so much and I will never tire of playing it.
  7. Was absolutely worth a shot. Always is. We all know it is always possible so never hurts to try.
  8. People shouldn't attend Glastonbury as their first festival. It is too vast and can be slightly overwhelming even as a seasoned festival attendee. Plus it will ruin all other festivals for you as you will make constant comparisons or feel underwhelmed. Only after attending smaller scale ones such as R&L or Creamfields etc or even day festivals can you truly appreciate how incredible Glastonbury is and all the work that goes into making it the best. I think going to Glastonbury as your first festival is like going on a 12 month round the world trip without ever having drizzly caravan holidays / Butlins / 18-30s holiday to [Insert holiday party island here]. That isn't to say I want to gatekeep Glastonbury or that there is anything wrong with the holidays listed above btw. I'm no snob.
  9. gherring8

    Kendrick Lamar

    Initial thoughts That beat on Mr Morales is going to be a special moment live. Definitely enjoying the second half of the album more than the first but overall really like it. Felt pretty emotional listening to Auntie Diaries. Not sure there is anyone else out there who would have the balls to write a track like that let alone put it on such a long awaited album.
  10. gherring8

    Kendrick Lamar

    Just about to come in here and say this. I was already a big fan, but the person I attended with knew nothing beforehand and was blown away come the end of the set. I could not believe how good it was & would have been happy to never see him play live again for fear of tainting that memory. But Glasto changes everything and you will see me down in the pit having the time of my life.
  11. I was the original poster of that info & I am assured it was accurate at time of posting. However there has now been a change of plan & more sets have been secured.
  12. I wouldn’t get hopes to high for multiple Kae sets. A friend is a good pal of theirs & apparently they have asked for fewer & smaller slots this year so they can enjoy more of the festival.
  13. I am the notorious crier of my group. Pretty much anything can set me off. Some stand outs are: - London Grammar in 2014. - Adele as soon as the eyes opened on the big screen and the first notes played. Plus Someone Like You & When We Were Young. - Encore of Arctic Monkeys in 2013 - Worst was probably sobbing when Attenborough walked out in 2019. Felt completely overwhelmed that he was really there. Continued into Kylie much to my pals amusement. No stand out obvious contenders for 2022 but I’m sure someone will get some tears.
  14. The dream would be for Silver Hayes to get a stage with a wrap around screen like the main stage at Dekmantel. Saw Orbital headline there the year I went and it is just mesmerising. It would definitely help draw some more people to that area too to help with the crowd distribution across the site.
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