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  1. 1. Little Simz 2. Dave 3. Bicep 4. Arlo Parks 5. Lana Del Ray
  2. Just the 4th reschedule for this gig 🤦🏻‍♀️
  3. Whoops. Got my days mixed up. For some reason I had in my head that it was a Fri-Sun run of dates 🤦🏻‍♀️
  4. Saw Little Simz on Friday at the first night of her history making run at Brixton. Had to attend alone as my pal had potential Covid & no one else wanted to come last minute but that took absolutely nothing away from the experience. It was phenomenal & I was blown away as was everyone else around me it seemed. She played for about 1hr45 in total with 26 tracks which is fantastic value for money. I can’t recommend her enough & if you get the chance to see her, you definitely should. It has been said before, but I will say it again, Little Simz for WH headliner 2022!
  5. Last night was great. Unknown warm up from 8-9 > Floating Points & Joy O from 9-11:30 > 11:30 onwards for Four Tet. I only managed to stick it out until 12pm as was absolutely shattered but such a great atmosphere and crowd. The venue was dark with the decks lit up minimally on the stage with the occasional sporadic burst of light on disco balls. But that was few and far between. Would really recommend heading down if you can. I see there are a few tickets on Twickets for tonight but none currently for Friday. But always worth keeping an eye on it as tickets get uploaded all the time.
  6. Incredibly late notice I know but if anyone is near Brixton and wants to see Four Tet tonight I have 1 spare ticket. Free to a good home. I will send over in message if anyone wants it. I’ve heard that the special guests might be Joy Orbison and Floating Points in case that makes any difference (please don’t quote me on that though).
  7. Going tonight. Will pop a review in here tomorrow for anyone interested 😊
  8. gherring8

    the fugees ?

    O2 prices screenshot from Priority App for anyone interested.
  9. May be of interest to some in here. 24hrs from 11pm Saturday night until midnight on Sunday.
  10. Tickets sorted at 10:01. Think that’s a new record for me 🥳
  11. At least I know it’s not just me. I did reply to Brixton Academy’s tweet asking if it was an error but no reply as of yet. I can see a few places have tweeted about it so may have to be a multiple devices attempt to see if I have any luck.
  12. 2nd Brixton Academy date has just been added for 17th Dec. Brixton Academy tweet says priority available now and general sale tomorrow at 10AM but can't find it on O2 priority app or a link anywhere. Anyone else had any luck?
  13. Managed to bag myself 2 for the new London date. Happy with the seats too. Feels so great to have that "just bagged tickets" buzz again too!
  14. Tried for London but all gone by the time I got through. Pretty gutted to be honest. There is a gap between London and Manchester so keeping an eye out and fingers crossed for a 2nd date announcement.
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