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  1. Booked in my parents (58 & 59) for both doses today . Feels like the end is really very close now 🤞🏼 First dose is next Saturday for the pair of them.
  2. I haven’t ever been as my first planned year was 2019 which was cancelled. I got tickets for 2020 which have rolled over and these were £187+bf which was £199.34 in total. Not sure it will be the same price this year but gives a rough idea. I had friends attend in 2018 and they talked about it for months afterwards. So I knew I had to get involved. The 24hr licence is definitely a big selling point for me as well as not strictly having headliners. Big names are spread throughout the day and stages which makes a nice change.
  3. Saw them headline JP tent few years ago. They were fantastic. I cried A LOT but I blame some of that on it being Sunday and being chronically hungover.
  4. I’m going along with a few friends. Haven’t been before, but it’s the location sold it to us. Not far from us at all & go to the park there occasionally in the summer anyway so a no brainier. Beckenham Hill station is closest and is right on the edge of the park which is handy.
  5. But then if it was simply about meeting with limited risks, why couldn’t young people who have limited risk anyway, be tested to check they are Covid free and meet up with other young Covid free people. Because we were told “it’s everyone’s problem until it’s no longer a problem” But now older people are conveniently forgetting/ignoring this to suit their needs. This isn’t to have a go at you @gizmoman, it is just something I have noticed building for a while with the older generation now that vaccines are bringing the goods.
  6. I understand and sympathise with the “limited time left” for the 80+ Group, however it really frustrates me as someone about to turn 30 who has followed the rules and had my life put on hold (for the greater good), to now see things about granny and grandpa just getting on with life as they have been jabbed. There are still people with illnesses deemed too minor to push them up the vaccine list, but who are still at risk from potential serious issues if they caught Covid. Also as someone who has been told, you will most likely be fine if you caught it, but hold on a little longer and do
  7. I have tickets to see Children of Zeus at Troxy on Friday 12th March. It’s socially distanced with set seating in groups of 2/4/6 but obviously with current rules in place it won’t go ahead as it is indoors. However still no update from band / venue / ticket seller to say if cancelled or rescheduled. We assumed they would update once we got the roadmap announcement last week, but alas silence.
  8. You will have an absolute ball if it goes ahead. A group of 30 of us went in 2018 due to Glasto fallow. Feel free to drop me a PM if you have any questions.
  9. Has anyone heard any murmurings regarding Houghton? They are staying silent in a sea of announcements which is slightly concerning. My ticket has been rolled over since the 2019 festival got cancelled so I’m really hoping I get to use it at some point. I’m not sure they could survive a 3rd year cancelled.
  10. Feel pretty similar to lots of the points already made. Had no prior exposure to either album or act. I listened to LEG first, and whilst I didn’t dislike it, I felt no affinity to it and can’t see myself listening to either the album or the act again. I wouldn’t leave a stage if they were playing at Glastonbury, but I definitely wouldn’t seek them out either. Akua Naru is far more intriguing and I enjoyed the album. Made It intro gave me real Kendrick Lamar vibes which I loved. I won’t rush to re-listen but I think I would make more of an effort to see live if a friend wanted to go w
  11. I voted option 4 as I’m really not fussed about the upvote / downvote as rarely use them. I did however often use the Like button, so that would be my preference to return.
  12. Massive Attack as Other Stage headliners in 2014 was so underwhelming that I was actually bored. So much so, that not going to see Kasabian on Pyramid is one of my ultimate regrets from all festivals I’ve attended.
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