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  1. Tickets sorted at 10:01. Think that’s a new record for me 🥳
  2. At least I know it’s not just me. I did reply to Brixton Academy’s tweet asking if it was an error but no reply as of yet. I can see a few places have tweeted about it so may have to be a multiple devices attempt to see if I have any luck.
  3. 2nd Brixton Academy date has just been added for 17th Dec. Brixton Academy tweet says priority available now and general sale tomorrow at 10AM but can't find it on O2 priority app or a link anywhere. Anyone else had any luck?
  4. Managed to bag myself 2 for the new London date. Happy with the seats too. Feels so great to have that "just bagged tickets" buzz again too!
  5. Tried for London but all gone by the time I got through. Pretty gutted to be honest. There is a gap between London and Manchester so keeping an eye out and fingers crossed for a 2nd date announcement.
  6. Went to E1 in Shadwell last night for the following: Warehouse: 04:00 - 07:00 Ellen Allien 02:00 - 04:00 Rebekah 23:00 - 02:00 Cormac Black Studio: 03:00 - 06:00 DVS1 01:00 - 03:00 MARRØN 23:00 - 01:00 Theo Nasa It felt strange being back there as it was my last night out before Covid. Definitely felt like we had come full circle. Such euphoria and all the DJs got cheers at changeover. Was really touching. Couldn’t hang on for Ellen Allien as both me and my dance party were so tired. So in the end spent the entire night in Black Studio.
  7. gherring8

    First Gig Back

    Did my first Standing gig back last night. Kano @ O2 Shepherds Bush Empire for War Child. It was very busy and sweaty but felt incredible to be back.
  8. Finally double jabbed as of 1 min ago 🥳
  9. Also I agree with a lot of what has been said above. Now in my 30s it does sometimes feel like the crowd are very young and often get themselves in a bit of trouble which is tough to watch. I think some of it could also be down to having almost 2 years off from clubbing and events. Some of the media made out like people were still partying & stuff through lockdown but it just isn’t true for a lot of people. Tolerance which may well have been built up pre-Covid will now be much lower or gone. Whatever the reason, it’s a tragedy & maybe this will be the thing that prompts change & better testing at venues. I won’t hold my breath on that, but we we live in hope.
  10. Such sad news. Wasn’t made aware of the incident until on my way home and saw the BBC article. Arrived at 12 and security told us to head to the mini venue Costa Del Tottenham just down on the opposite side of the road. Did as instructed and partied there but nothing was said. It was made out that this was just temporary until The Cause was ready. That sort of made sense as knew there was an event the night before until late so assumed clean up hadn’t quite finished and needed to restock bars etc. Crowd was a great mix of ages and pretty diverse - as The Cause normally is. No idea who played in the end as we were just kept in the dark about the whole day really.
  11. Decided to wing it and do my first ever solo rave. On my way there now as it’s a full day 8AM to 6AM and I have to be in before midday. If anyone from this group ends up heading down, and spots a girl with a smiley face disco ball T-shirt, please come say hey.
  12. Anyone heading to The Cause in London this weekend for their 3rd birthday event? I’ve got a ticket and been looking forward to getting out for a dance for ages. But now it looks like a non-starter as all my group are dropping like flies.
  13. gherring8

    First Gig Back

    Been to 3 gigs so far this year - Children of Zeus at Hackney Church in May (seated socially distanced but they let us stand and dance) Celeste at Union Chapel (fully seated in pews. Every other row) Lianne La Havas at Hackney Church (pairs only fully seated) Next standing gig is Kano at Shepherds Bush for War Child. Will be first one negative lateral flow, fully vaccinated or proof of recent Covid has to be shown.
  14. gherring8

    Kanye West

    Heard the Jay Z verse on a Twitter video from the preview gig. I hope that’s not an indication of the record as it sounds so dull and uninspired. He sounds bored in all honesty. Other snippets have looked mediocre at best. Don’t think I will be watching / listening to any more until the real thing drops (if it ever does).
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