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  1. 1 half of PanPot live in Berlin right now
  2. I had tickets for Houghton festival this year which ended up being cancelled the day it was due to start because of storms. Houghton gave everyone a full refund and anyone who had a ticket for 2019, got a presale email 2 weeks before general sale this year. I realise it is a smaller scale than Glastonbury, however for a small festival in only its 5th year to have a contingency plan and sort that, I don’t see why Glastonbury couldn’t or wouldn’t do the same. Your ticket is linked to your reg number and your email. So they could email all ticket holders for 2020 a 1 time use link for 2021 tickets in the last week of September. And any that are not purchased go in the regular sale for 2021.
  3. If you’re at a loose end for a party this weekend and a bit nervous about heading out then Salon Zur Wilde Renate (a really fun club in Berlin) are live streaming all their parties for the foreseeable future instead of opening the club. Never had a bad night in there. And even better you can have a dance and not worry about having to queue for the loos or find your mates after coming in from the smoking area.
  4. Please don’t joke about this 😭 Would be an absolute dream. Such a shame it is never ever going to happen.
  5. I was dancing very near you at Genosys at some point in 2019. Only twigged once I was about to move on elsewhere and was tempted to say hi but bottled it. I will definitely try and correct this is if I spot you this year.
  6. gherring8


    Saw Orbital headline live at Dekmantel 2018 and had an absolute ball. Would like to see them 3am somewhere. Wouldn’t miss a headliner to see them again though.
  7. Beautiful stuff from the big man here in probably the most beautiful dj booth on the planet.
  8. Appears Creamfields have got him on a UK exclusive.
  9. Field Day lineup. Bicep London exclusive.
  10. Thanks @Tommy Dickfingers & @Madyaker 😊 will keep these in mind
  11. Any tips for clubs/nights out in Dublin? Heading over for the weekend mid Feb with a couple of friends & would like at least one night out. Resident Advisor is looking dry as anything at the moment!
  12. Anyone on here who is London based, and hasn't made it down to The Cause in Tottenham, I would 10/10 recommend. 3rd time attending on New Years Eve and was as fantastic as ever. Even got an unannounced visit from Erol Alkan playing an absolute blinder of a set from 5:30am onwards. It was due to be the final ever night due to licencing issues but at the last minute they managed to retain it to continue on in 2020. It is a bit of a trot if you aren't North London based but it is worth it, and even better some of the tickets costs go to Mental Health charities.
  13. Nina Kraviz has shared her set from WHP too. Haven’t given it a listen just yet but it’s on the list.
  14. We found it was ok. It seems like a lot of people go year on year so have a continuous link up which they will happily share details of. Security were a bit moody looking going in and out of the festival, but none of us were roughed up or anything like that. Heard rumours that a couple of people were but never saw any evidence of it. I think as long as you weren't too loud or lairy they just don't care. Same as most places really.
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