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  1. David Attenborough had me in bits even before he made it to the stage. Also got a bit choked at Janelle Monae tribute to Prince.
  2. Finally done mine. Been long overdue. ☺️
  3. gherring8

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Saw these the other week in Decathalon & seem a great idea for a day bag for festivals of using for booze etc https://www.decathlon.co.uk/ultra-compact-hiking-backpack-10l-blue-id_8348925.html Once everything is gone, can fold it down & pop in your pocket. Plus for £1.99 can’t really go wrong. Tempted to grab one myself, now just need to decide which colour to go for...
  4. I know Strumpets with Crumpets have decided to wrap up the business so won't be seeing them this year They were my staple breakfast choice so I'm really gutted.
  5. gherring8

    2019 Headliners

  6. gherring8

    2019 Headliners

    As someone who paid to see Eminem live @ Wembley 2014 (worst £100 I've ever spent) you are not missing anything by not having him headline. He is absolutely dreadful live. His heart really isn't in it & he mimes for the majority of it. The only saving grace to that gig was having Dr Dre come out & perform some songs alongside him. If Eminem were to be on the farm, I personally would stay well away. Now Dre on the other hand... (fully aware that it would never happen, but a girl can dream)
  7. Morning All, Lucky enough to get through last night (mobile on 4G 3 Network in case anyone wonders/cares) and managed to bag 5 x Thursday Brighton Return Coach tickets. Not the end of the world as we are based in Kent, but as times/locations aren't released until a later date, I wondered if anyone can advise what the pick-up location & time has been in previous years? I realise it may well be completely different this time around, but just to get an idea if pick up time has been morning or afternoon would be fab. Thanks in advance for any responses :)
  8. A big portion of our Glastonbury group are heading to Love International festival in Croatia in June. We have wanted to do it for years but as it falls same time as Glastonbury we normally prioritise partying in Pilton. But fallow this year means we don’t have to choose. Also going to Dekmantel in Amsterdam in August
  9. http://www.factmag.com/2017/04/03/radiohead-house-of-cards-subterranean-homesick-alien-atlanta/
  10. I went to Oval Space for Boiler Room a few months ago and no issues with sound that I noticed. The issue is more the ridiculous drinks prices & the fact that it is hotter than the sun as there is no air-con, just 2 industrial fans which do very little. That being said it can't have put me off too much as heading back there NYD for Robert Hood & Ryan Elliot.
  11. He is obviously in need of help & hopefully he will get it. Sunday was 9 years to the day that he buried his Mum in what was very shocking circumstances. He has also had to deal with Kim's robbery incident last month where he was obviously not around to "protect" his wife. Something may have been brewing for a very long time & this was all the straw that broke the camel's back. It doesn't excuse letting down fans but it may go some way to explain his increasingly erratic behaviour as of late. Fans from his gig Sunday & all upcoming dates which he has now cancelled have been given a full refund. Now that obviously won't be full compensation for everyone as people will have travelled/booked hotels etc but he hasn't just left everyone out of pocket entirely because he can't be arsed to tour anymore. I am a fan, and I do find myself having to fight his corner continuously but you can't kick a man when he is down, especially over something like mental health issues.
  12. My friends and I went on Friday and felt similar. The crowd were shocking and the queue was like nothing I've ever seen at Brixton Academy. There were so many blokes in vests off their heads (I don't have a problem with that normally) but just chucking their weight around making space where there just wasn't any. We ended up lurking behind the sound desk to the right as that was the only space where I wasn't ridiculously crushed against anyone else. Where they obviously wasn't assigned seating/standing, I feel like standing was massively over subscribed & they could have done with reducing number of tickets sold. I suppose you shouldn't really moan when you get tickets for a fiver but I definitely feel there was room for improvement.
  13. Same as I have just posted in the competition thread but thought this may be of use to anyone still trying... No idea of details but came up on my Twitter feed so thought I would share just in case.
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