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  1. Lovely line up that is A non-obvious name I'd recommend checking out on here is Lewski, does some cracking sets and has some top tunes of his own - his recent EP has been a fave of mine for a while now
  2. She'll probably be on warm up duties so might not be in full throttle but OK Williams is a fantastic selector - was my fave set at Field Maneuvers this summer (possibly the year). I've only been Pickle Factory once but I loved it, a cracking little venue in my opinion with a good crowd the night I went when I saw Bruce & Pearson Sound last summer. Relaxed security in the dance, good sound and a nice chill out area. I'd say absolutely go will be a good night that one.
  3. block 9 have started releasing sets starting with A-Future https://thenycdownlow.com/2019/12/03/a-future-iicon-glastonbury-2019/ hopefully Haai’s to follow soon and me personally i want to listen back to freakenstein closing iicon on sunday as that was my highlight edit - just seen this isn’t the first mix that’s been released
  4. my favourite raving moment ever possibly - helps that it was at the most perfect glasto ever for me
  5. did any of you fine folk make it down to WHP for aphex twin at the new Depot? Didn’t go myself as i’ve found whp a bit iffy for me personally, squashed like sardines most of the night, but apparently the new venue is amazing and the videos do look incredible. Also hearing great things about the sound system which is a huge bonus as the sound previously let it down massively for me. Going to the Homobloc event there in November so i’m actually excited about it rather than apprehensive now! They just need to not oversell like previous years - hoping with it being such a massive space that won’t be an issue.
  6. Finally finished off my summer now with the greatest festival I have ever gone to - anyone wanting a bit more of a smaller party please check out Field Maneuvers! Without a doubt the best party I have ever gone to, dare I say it better than Glasto... The friendliest happiest crowd, a real weird festival family feel where you all become best mates by the end of it because it's so small and the best soundsystems I've heard at a festival. Really recreates the club experience but at a festival. Standout sets were Shanti Celeste, Peach, Local Group, Mark Archers b2b Gout's jungle set, Luke Slater, Aidy West, OK Williams and Alex Downey.
  7. Have my final festival booked in for this summer now, gone for Field Maneuvers. Been wanting to go the past couple years and this years line up is absolutely stellar and love the small capacity - should make for a nice cosy intimate affair which I tend to prefer. Anyone been before or planning on going?
  8. absolutely, DJ Boring has also shifted away from that sound and has been hammering it in recent sets
  9. fully agree with this, was way too soft and cheesy for me before but recently he’s been great his recent EP release was stellar as well called Growing Pains. if you haven’t already checked it out i’d highly recommend
  10. Absolutely gutted about this and we're now frantically trying to organise some sort of party for the weekend. Woke up so excited and then hearing this is killer!
  11. i get what you mean but personally that’s what appeals to me the most, i think they’re trying to create almost a regulars vibe at the festival kind of like freerotation where it’s basically the same lineup each year and the DJs know what to expect and can push the limits with the crowd that is there and can play a lot looser than what a big new name will. almost like at a club - often the residents do better sets than the headliner as they know their crowd, the sound systems and the vibe
  12. going this year bud first festival i’m doing completely solo, couldn’t convince my pals or mrs and no chance i’m missing it! looks to be a belter
  13. Think that was Slam - Positive Education if i remember rightly
  14. yes i saw that okzarp and manthe ribane set it was absolutely brilliant wasn’t it! really lost myself in that and was my biggest surprise of the weekend probably
  15. what a week... best set of the weekend for me was surprisingly Freakenstein closing IICON on the sunday - some really good real high energy dirty electro was just the ticket after a weekend full of techno and the vibe was great as well at that time on a sunday i always find it’s the best people who are still on the dance floor Midland also played a sublime set in the beat hotel late afternoon on the saturday i think? lots of space down by the speakers and the sound was perfect and punchy My other highlights were Batu and Bruce who were great even with a very early set time they made it work. Laurel Halo and Kode 9 were fantastic. Managed to get in the downlow on early Saturday and it really is very special in there a lot of fun - didn’t really want to leave but had other commitments and people to see. Only slight niggle throughout the whole weekend is there needs to be more options for night life outside of SE corner - it was just way too packed thursday, friday and saturday because everyone just flocks there.
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