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  1. great shout that - i hadn’t clocked her on the line up
  2. eris drew is the only name that jumped out for me she’s good fun - would be good in the downlow or somewhere else too if she’s doing multiple sets over the weekend
  3. not a massive fan of silver hayes but i’ll definately have to swing by for craig b2b ben - some other great bookings there as well: four tet, hodge, midland b2b bruce fantastic start now need block 9 to drop!!!
  4. I'll be honest I'm not clued up on genre's enough I just like what I like so the genres may be wrong - it's also impossible to do a top 10 list really but these are tunes that I've been playing a lot recently from all genres of electronic music spectrum I guess - hope you like a couple pal Disco: Marlena Shaw - Touch me in the morning (Disco Mix) techno: Objekt - CLK Recovery Electro: Illektrolab - I am illektro dnb: Double 99 - ripgroove (fixrate mix) no idea on this genre probs weird techno?: Pearson Sound - XLB acid: Roy of the ravers - emotinium House: Paul Johnson - so much (so much mix) garage(ish): Oi! Nutter!! - original nutter (rudeboy speed garage mix) hardcore/breaks : kreggo textash - the definitive hardcore anthem House/Techno: Fatima Yamaha - Whats a girl to do (overplayed to fuck but will always have to list it as fave tunes)
  5. personally atm i’m really digging acidy tracks and recently picked up an absolute amazing roy of the ravers EP the best track is: roy of the ravers - 1999 it’s a real show stopper of a track another classic by him is emotinium, on youtube search ceephax acid crew - emotinium (roy of the ravers secret mix) probably my all time fave piece of electronic music
  6. i’ve started going out my own pal, it’s class tbf when you go to a good night if the nights a bit naff then it’s not great as you’ve got no mates to fall back on and just mess about with - you rely a lot more on the music, the sound system and the crowd i find it really liberating you don’t have to worry about anyone else just yourself - you’re at a rave so if you want to talk to people you know they’ll always be brilliant oddballs to chat to or if you’re like me you and you’re not arsed about the social aspect then you can just plant yourself in front of the rig and dance all night one tip i’ve learnt is arrive a bit later as the start of the night by yourself feels really awkward when it’s the early sets and the vibe isn’t settled and everyone’s just chatting
  7. great glasto booking that is - saw her at lost village 2 years ago and she was fantastic one of the sets of the festival for me
  8. anyone here pick up some houghton tickets today? the non stop music license made it impossible to resist hopefully will be a nice little glasto after party hoping for ben ufo and the hessle audio crew to boss it - voigtman as well, pretty gutted i missed his set last year
  9. i’ll give you that mate tribe of frog area was outstanding - felt like the glade soundsystem but outdoors was surreal at times just was a shame it was psytrance - i don’t mind some psytrance it can be amazing but i didn’t want to have that all weekend but the sound system forced me there with some artists on this new line up i’d expect a massive improvement on most systems personally - for example i absolutely love ben ufo but if they stick him on a soft system there’s no point in going IMO of course, i’m very fussy on systems/music/crowd they all go hand in hand for me and boom lacks on a couple of those
  10. music at boom stops annoyingly early around 3-4ish and the sound system get a bit quiet later i found - not going this year wasn’t too impressed last year but the line up is actually pretty special so i’m slightly regretting my decision anylne grab any houghton tickets today - got mine first time going couldn’t miss that 72hour music license for another year
  11. nice one thanks mate, shame about XOYO as those bookings and that whole residency looks great.
  12. hey guys, planning a night in London and wondering on what venue to go for. I'm thinking either Phonox, XOYO or village underground. Mainly wondering what has the best crowd, sound and also the more relaxed security. I hate seeing security doing patrols of the club all night with torches like at Oval Space it puts me on edge. If anyone's wondering it'll either be overmono and mumdance at phonox. ben ufo, objekt &a call super at xoyo or kink, monoloc and vaal at underground. Cheers.
  13. also while i'm here anyone got any good glasto alternatives for this year? Last year was fantastic and i'm still yet to fill that gap Really enjoyed secret garden party and lost village this year and i've been eyeing up a few like Farr festival, gottwood which so far has some lovely line up announcements. Also only just found out about noisily which looks like quite nice vibes but a bit too much psytrance for me haha. Oh and Houghton festival, gutted i gave that one a miss this year but finances restricted me...
  14. Nice one cheers mate sounds good, had a few dodgy nights in london that have been way too packed and not my sort of crowds so very excited for this one!
  15. any of you lot been oval space recently I've heard so many mixed reviews but I'm going down on 22nd for Fengler and Vrilski and thought you guys might have a few comments on it? This year I haven't really gone anywhere apart from my local dingy sweaty basement that is The Brickworks in Nottingham. Fantastic venue though, especially when the Wigflex events are on and they get the likes of Overmono, Call Super, Helena Hauff and Objekt.
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