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  1. Not sure about multiple tents on a single pitch but if you have more then 4 people you have to purchase an additional pitch.
  2. Last year we booked 2 uk tickets and 2 international tickets in one booking using a uk debit card (the lead booker was from uk) we plan on doing the same this year
  3. Yup apparently it’s a very common name here 61090 padraig’s registered here before me Jokes but you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to know what those numbers stand for, and why seetickets should really give me a free pass on Sunday and just let me have some stress free tickets
  4. I have a question about this perhaps i am interpreting it wrong but might as well ask. Say person A puts in the reg details of the whole group and starts their way through the booking process Say 10 seconds later person B gets to the enter reg details page and enters registration details for the same group and presses proceed before person A has managed to check out. Will the actions of person B cause person A to be kicked out of the checkout process and the registrations to be locked for 10 mins? or will person B just be told they can not continue, and person A can continue to the checkout?
  5. We had our tent barcode emailed on the 10th as well just waiting on the email for tent location.
  6. No pole in the center of a scout tent we fit a self inflating double mat (130cm x 200cm) in one into a 2 man scout tent in 2017 with a bit of room to the side of the mattress for bags
  7. On point 3 technically you are meant to bring all your alcohol in with you when you first arrive. However I don’t think this is enforced. From the 2017 WV useful info email: “You are allowed to bring your own alcohol to Glastonbury Festival, but we only allow a reasonable quantity for personal consumption (no more than you can carry in your hands on your first arrival to the campsite). Please do remember glass bottles are not permitted, any glass will be confiscated.”
  8. If you are buying a new bed get a self inflating mattress i find them much comfier then air beds and you dont need to worry about inflating it. We used a Vango comfort 10 double its very bulky but thats not really an issue if you are driving and parking in WV car park . (its comfier then some beds i have slept on) +1 for power banks in particular Anker Powercore 20100 mah regularly can be got for around 27gbp (use camelcamelcamel to set a price alert on amazon) depending on your phone you should easily get 4-5 charges (probably more) out out one we have 3 and they are better then any other power bank i have owned
  9. If it helps anyone i got Thursday bus tickets about 9 mins into the sale Was using 6 machines (3 windows, 2 mac, 1 raspberry pi with linux) 2 on wifi , 2 on a phone hotspot and 2 more on different phone hotspot all runining chrome Got through on a mac with a 4g Hotspot I had 1 tab open on each machine and kept pressing refresh as fast as i could in a loop (this left about a 4-6 second interval for each machine refresh) Ended up getting through with a mac on a hotspot One thing to note when trying to pay the page became unresponsive, I copied the URL to another tab put in the credit card details again and was able to pay Also i did end up getting a white screen a few times with a bit of text saying something about the server being overloaded refreshing this page didnt seem to ever kick me back to the queue, but going back to this page https://glastonbury.seetickets.com (keep it bookmarked) and selecting my bus date again got me back into the queue quickly
  10. Did anyone get a ticket from Bristol? And if so did you select a departure time? i managed to get my tickets but didn’t put in a bus time The confirmation screen says “thursday 27th June - various departures” then a little further down it says “Bristol single travel (DEP 6:30)” did i accidentally book the 6:30 am bus?
  11. Myself and my girlfriend stayed in worthy view and would stay again in a heartbeat. Getting in thursday security was a breeze quick bag check when we got our wristbands then went back to the car to get the rest of our stuff and they didn't even check our bags on re-entry. We both used the showers on Saturday around 2pm with no queue (only about 3 other people in the mens) I really cannot fathom why people insist on using the showers first thin in the morning when the queue is so bad. The hill is a bit of a pain to come back up but we only did that once a day (except Saturday when we came back for a shower) Neither of us ever had our bags or wallets searched at the bottom of the hill (we must look very innocent) so we never had issue there
  12. Is there an address I can enter into a GPS to get to the worthy view car park?
  13. How long does it take to walk the length of Worthy View I just got the email and am over in section I
  14. Anyone still looking for Powerbanks the Anker Powercore ones are much cheaper on amazon.fr 26 euro for 20100mah same one is 30 pounds on amazon uk Bought 2 for 58 euro shipped to the uk
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