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  1. Hi, we have a campervan ticket, any idea what time we should be looking to arrive to get a good spot on Thursday morning. We are only 3 miles away from the site. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the tips!
  3. Hi, We will be taking a 20 month old to Glastonbury and were thinking of getting this: https://www.preciouslittleone.com/product-information/24/48484/out-n-about-nipper-sport-v4-stroller-steel-grey/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImOnJ66jx2AIV75PtCh0yAgMEEAQYCSABEgJYRvD_BwE#details Anyone know of any cheaper alternatives that would do the same job? We will already be taking a sling, but want the option of both so will be taking a pushchair too. The size it folds down to, doesn't matter so much, but would rather have a pushchair. Thanks!
  4. Hi, does anyone know what it is like to take a kid to one of these things. Looks like we may only be able to come with our infant daughter if at all due to babysitting issues. We know we can get her in, but don't want to if it is going to be horrendous for her.
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