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  1. I thought it was too but actually it's a new thing this year. A cornered off section at the front. Not explicitly a golden circle thing but not far off. You have to pay an extra £70 to get in there
  2. That VIP View thing does not sound promising
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if by next year, Billie Eilish would have released a single, most likely for a soundtrack (I'm thinking that new Harley Quinn one) that goes massive, doing enough to give her a strong spot on the Pyramid. It will be too soon to have moved onto her next campaign by next year so a soundtrack single would be enough
  4. Pet Shop Boys playing in London tomorrow at 229 (the venue). Tickets are £35 and go on sale in 10 minutes (midday) https://229.london/event/pet-shop-boys/ https://www.axs.com/uk/events/382228/pet-shop-boys-tickets?skin=aegpresentsuk - straight to the waiting room now if you're quick!
  5. According to their Instagram, links are sent out at 9:30 today
  6. I think the support act will be something different than Big Red Machine. It is Aaron Dessner's Big 37d03d Machine, so I think it'll just be a bunch of the artists active in the PEOPLE scene on stage with him. If it is Big Red Machine, I would love that but I'm not 100% certain it will be
  7. FKA Twigs is playing Brixton Academy on November 25th, tickets go on sale friday 10am
  8. I'm sure they're just holding back until everything gets announced properly. I hadn't seen the description had been updated to include a London gig. I'll take that Wembley show happily with his current set-up
  9. I can't find the exact dates but The List shared an article this hour saying 'Bon Iver announces 2020 live shows'. It redirects to an article about his 2018 dates but the fact the article page has been uploaded in the past hour suggests to me there are dates being announced very imminently
  10. Got Alex Cameron and Black Country, New Road in September; Bill Callahan, Slowthai, Hot Chip, Friendly Fires and Charli XCX in October; Bombay, Vampire Weekend and PUP in November, and The National in December Fully expecting a good five of these to be year-transforming shows for me
  11. Absolutely. Ran straight after Vampire Weekend's set to catch the last 20/25 minutes and I had more fun in that short time than at most of the sets at the festival. The new songs are sounding very promising as well
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