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Just when you think 2020 couldn't get any worse.

Ditto. Either We're missing something or Homer's running a bit behind. @Homer while you're on Spotify check out "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk. Sound of the summer that.

The Front Bottoms Terrible name and derivative as fuck. No redeeming qualities at all Don't bother.  

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22 minutes ago, Quark said:

I like this a lot

Glad you enjoy, got my future son-in-law to thank on the Steven Wilson front, he is a fanatic 😊

If you didn't know, he used to be in a band called Porcupine Tree, some excellent stuff there; Lazurus will be my daughter's wedding dance song,  whenever that is now (was meant to be 6th June 20 but who knows). 


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11 minutes ago, SwedgeAntilles said:

Talking of Morrisey did everyone see his 2 star live review in the Guardian? Sub-headline contains a Simpsons quote

Yeah, typical shite from the Guardian. And I like the Guardian. They'd be fawning over him if he played the exact same set but did a pro Labour interview the day before. Gig got great reviews elsewhere. Setlist looked very interesting. 

Thats not to say his recent statements haven't impacted my perception of him mind you. New album. Tis good.

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Halloweens debut out today. Justin from the Vaccines newest project. Wasn’t overly keen on the singles I heard but really enjoyed the album on first play through. Not sure if I’ll remember it a year from now but definitely getting a few more spins this weekend

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Thank you for those who recommended the new Yves Tumor, Four Tet, Yuksef ft. Confidence Man, Eliza & The Delusional, Sharon Van Etten and Steven Wison!

It's not new but I just discovered the Death in Vegas ft Hope Sandoval songs... so good!

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