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  1. Did Primavera always have "non-attendance insurance"? It's 8e more expensive but I think a lot of people would take it.
  2. Noeliam

    2020 New Music

    My friends from Lebanon just released their first EP. French chanson/ rap the first 3 songs are really accessible. I'd very much like an opinion of a non-speaker. and someone who is not biaised haha! https://open.spotify.com/album/6Zd4DkFZaRnfW6D3fJDWt2
  3. Bars and restaurants in Italy will open on June 1.
  4. Noeliam

    2020 New Music

    Ahh Parcels ❤️ Live album on the way!
  5. Noeliam

    2020 New Music

    Me, after 10 days playing around on FL Studio... i don't even know what genre it is. I encourage you to do the same it's a bit therapeutic.
  6. Noeliam

    2020 New Music

    They are not on there yet. Probably along with the 2nd single, or the EP
  7. Childish would headline Sziget though, and he would smash it!
  8. Noeliam

    2020 New Music

    My friends in Lebanon just released their first single. If you never tried french chanson with some hip hop, now is the occasion
  9. Noeliam

    2020 New Music

    Thank you for those who recommended the new Yves Tumor, Four Tet, Yuksef ft. Confidence Man, Eliza & The Delusional, Sharon Van Etten and Steven Wison! It's not new but I just discovered the Death in Vegas ft Hope Sandoval songs... so good!
  10. I'd take Salut C'est Cool anytime to close a tent stage! Saw them last year, craaaazy! But I guess not for everyone
  11. Maybe it's the thing we needed for people to keep their mouth shut during the shows.
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