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  1. New Pearl Jam is out there.
  2. Neil Young's intimate session at his house was unreal. Watch it for free here https://neilyoungarchives.com/movie-night
  3. I came in here with Forver Changes in mind. Oh well Joni Mitchell - Blue
  4. At least October will be stress free.
  5. Best band around right now.
  6. Absolutely Artist of the decade.
  7. Fair enough. More meaning people who intend to get near front.
  8. Great news. Will be like the Stones in 2013 with how busy it will be. Get there 3 hours earlier if you want a good spot.
  9. Fantastic every week. Loved it again this week and the PPVS have all delivered. The goal of a wrestling show is to make you look forward to the next week when it's over and AEW are succeeding at that. Jericho is the biggest he has ever been and Cody is the best american babyface in years. Recommend people check out NWA Power on Youtube. it has an total school 80's presentation, from the promos to the matches to it being in a studio. Cornette on commentary and it's unique compared to every other company right now.
  10. Got standing for Glasgow. Hopefully gonna do Dublin too depending on funds.
  11. Coach ticket from Bristol. Only one of our groups was successful in getting tickets, hope the rest can secure some on Sunday.
  12. They blew the roof off the barras. Incredible stuff.
  13. He is on fire this tour. Loving the changing setlists and the gems he is dropping. Gutted to not be going to any of the upcoming shows.
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