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  1. I guess it would be a small number but would be poor publicity to turn people away at the gate without a refund or anything, unless they offer those a ticket for 2022...
  2. First week in April I believe (as normal)
  3. Apologies if this sounds insensitive, but at which point in advancement of treatment etc does covid just became something we have to live with (as far as gatherings etc go, of course masks could become more commonplace generally, maybe even enforce higher hygiene standards in pubs/restaurants)? From the government perspective I get this impression that's the plan anyway, get to a point where we can reduce fatality rates enough that it's just consider equivalent to a (albeit more severe) flu, a risk of catching anytime but treatable for most not-at-risk people
  4. If I wasn't so locked in to my efforts on t-day last year I'd have gave the guy in our group an earful for getting up and wandering around the office at 10 past 6!
  5. So should I start erecting a wall around Southampton to keep all the Portsmouth lot out?
  6. Unfortunately can imagine finances being an issue for people. Out of interest was there any word on people who returned tickets for 2020 who would have kept tickets for 2021? Probably too small a sample to worry about but that would be particularly annoying!
  7. I think this is the case? 2020 ticket holders pay off the remaining balance in April 21 then the usual resale after https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/tickets/ Edit: Ignore me, just read the cancellation statement there is an October sale
  8. Haven't posted on here in a few months, which had become a real struggle. Work's been particularly rough, and I think the additional effect of being locked away in a flat with no Glastonbury to look forward to become a bit much. Spent a few days back home last week, and now we're officially into 'looking forward to glasto 21' territory (as well as being able to see friends and family a bit more freely) hopefully my mental wellbeing will pick up a bit! Maybe I'll even brave watching a few sets on iplayer
  9. My most scrobbled album of all time on last.fm (on a bit of a technicality as it's 30+ tracks long), but an absolute staple of modern hip hop
  10. Had never heard of them before so will have to check them out! Absolutely pushing Porridge Radio for my AOTY so far
  11. Didn't listen to anything last week so got a huge backlog of stuff to get through now! Out of them all this Empty Country record is sticking out, really liking that one
  12. I'm absolutely loving the levels we'll reach in procrastinating. Yesterday my gf (works in admin for a uni) had a job sorting out a bunch of folders on their one drive, so instead of doing my actual work, involving coding, I spend a couple of hours writing a script to do her job for her haha!
  13. Might start taking down our IKEA furniture to get hold of some screws 😂
  14. I've been essentially on lockdown (only leaving for shopping/exercise, working from home etc) since the 14th March. First two weeks were okay, got a lot fo work done. This week has been a bit of a write off, waking up late and playing Fallout 4 all day. Hanging in there mentally but I really want to try and keep up at least a bit of work productivity, otherwise the guilt will give me a mental beating. It's also been weird this week, I feel like the actual virus itself is becoming more of a kind of abstract thing in the background. I guess my brain is now fully engaged with trying to keep sane during quarantine
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