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  1. Same, he's pretty much top of the list of realistic headliners I'd love to see! Maybe my plea worked...
  2. Had convinced myself next year is unlikely, now we get a good news double double whammy that a) June festivals are announcing line ups b) Kendrick is back in the mix. It's the hope that kills you..
  3. In that case you can probably forget about the social aspect... I kid of course, good luck! I teach undergrads so regularly feel nostalgic for being at the beginning of HE rather than reaching a long awaited end, enjoy it!
  4. Since first listening to how I'm feeling now I've gone back through her discography, absolutely obsessed. So many years wasted being a pop snob
  5. My gfs parents texted her yesterday essentially uninviting us for xmas as there's five of them already 😂
  6. Same, was really ill in mid Feb. Regularly woke up thinking I'd wet the bed I was sweating so much! 😂 But as soon as I took the duvet off I'd be shivering within 30 secs, had absolutely no energy as well
  7. It's ridiculous, here in Southampton our nearest test sites are apparently Gosport (40 min drive) or Poole (1hr drive)
  8. Exciting, we signed up in late Feb...
  9. Very much enjoyed this, happy to admit I need to read up on exactly what I'd seen, but as far as how it was presented I was a big fan of the eery atmosphere throughout, Toni Collette has to be nailed on for a Oscar sooner or later! https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/09/im-thinking-of-ending-things-ending-explained-book-oklahoma This explains it well (major spoilers of course)
  10. Yeah. Even something like government saying 'no indoor venues over X', meaning certain tents either can't open or are converted to outdoor, honestly who knows anymore. I've reached the point where I'm almost expecting it to not go ahead so I can't be disappointed
  11. It's unlikely, but worth mentioning that while certain reductions/changes might not practically help in reducing spread, that doesn't mean they could still be put in place purely to pass whatever arbitrary limitations the government sets
  12. Well at least that’s cleared up then! Fingers and toes crossed for June
  13. Surely they would consider it if that's the diff between a festival happening and not?
  14. Given Melvins confidence for August, and the apparent uncertainty around June, any chance the Eavii would be looking into a later glasto in 2021?
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