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  1. Well actually, they did 3 sets.
  2. aidenlangan95


    Saw that Travis Scott offered one month's therapy for the survivors and thought it was the right thing to do. Then I looked into it. Turns out it's an online therapy thing called BetterHelp, which any one can sign up for a free month. It’s probably also a sponsorship/partnership. If that's the case, then Travis will be getting a cut off of those people who forget to cancel. I don't even have words at this point.
  3. aidenlangan95


    I’ve definitely seen some people falling and not being picked up straight away at Travis during Wireless but I’d say that more due to people being young and/or not going to many concerts. Blaming it on an entire genre seems a bit dodgy to be honest. Also, it’s clear that the H&S people have clearly messed up in a major way; I’d say increasing the capacity to 100k would have caused a lot of issues, as well as having Travis being the only performer at the time (I know it’s his festival but if you have 100k in one space, that’s clearly not ideal)
  4. Was incredible last night. Got a few pictures from the choir section.
  5. aidenlangan95


    Was able to access the o2 priority sale for the o2 arena on axs but was anyone able to get into the one on ticketmaster instead?
  6. Could be worse. Could have been a Saturday to a Tuesday like the 2nd London show.
  7. Still seem to be tickets available for this.
  8. I got mine for £46 and think that was Tier 3 or 4.
  9. Really poor form of Field Day to sell tickets for an event the week before and then move it to a different location, and more importantly, move it to what seems like the busiest weekend of the year for events. Sold my ticket to a mate so haven't lost out on any money but simply annoyed.
  10. https://gigaddict.co.uk/boomtown-interview-reinvent-2021/ Over 90% of tickets sold for 2020 have been carried over. More than I expected to be honest!
  11. Not sure about the secret lineups. After the Area 404 last minute lineup announcements for last Halloween being a bit disappointing, I'm a bit apprehensive. However, I had a great time that night, so I'm sure I'll have a fun time at this rebooted Boomtown!
  12. When do day tickets normally come out for this?
  13. Closer to three minutes, I'd say.
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