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  1. Enjoying this interaction with the Rolling Loud twitter account.
  2. Spanish Sahara was the song people got down for back in the Holy Fire tour; seemed to be a switch to Inhaler around the release of What Went Down. People also used to open the pit and hit their hands on the floor like a drumming circle during Two Steps Twice, but that hasn't really happened for about 8 years now (was better to do this on grass than on a hard floor)
  3. I think the UK and Europe market was far stronger for the Everything Now tour compared to the US. A lot of the reports of half empty arenas was from the US. Saying that, they didn’t sell out any of the UK shows from what I remember.
  4. First thing: excellent show; possibly one of the best I’ve been to, if not the best. Brilliant crowd; band on fine form. Also, they were doing special custom spray painted t-shirts at the show too. IMG_6278.MOV
  5. Kaytranada out for definite now. Playing France on Friday and Italy on Sunday
  6. Looks like it’s an error on Hot Chip’s website. Has all of Jungle’s show dates on HC’s website as well as their own.
  7. Looks like it’s an error on their website. Has all of Jungle’s show dates on Hot Chip’s website as well as their own.
  8. This is one of the stupidest threads I’ve seen on this website. St Vincent as SR on a Wednesday?
  9. Never been to one of these before but got a pair of tickets for the Sunday. Hopefully those “big TBAs” are actually big!
  10. I’m guessing Daniel Avery is playing Fold on Sunday then?
  11. Would have seen them as a similar size to Gorillaz. Definitely bigger than most Boomtown headliners.
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