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  1. https://gigaddict.co.uk/boomtown-interview-reinvent-2021/ Over 90% of tickets sold for 2020 have been carried over. More than I expected to be honest!
  2. Not sure about the secret lineups. After the Area 404 last minute lineup announcements for last Halloween being a bit disappointing, I'm a bit apprehensive. However, I had a great time that night, so I'm sure I'll have a fun time at this rebooted Boomtown!
  3. When do day tickets normally come out for this?
  4. Closer to three minutes, I'd say.
  5. I have a friend who has mentioned that their label's event at Printworks in December isn't going ahead; he said that there's no events at Printworks at the end of the year as far as he is aware.
  6. Printworks postponed dates: £10 bar tab if you keep the ticket. Seeing as though I only paid £15 for Hybrid Minds, that's pretty solid. Just annoying that Kings of the Rollers (Royal Rumble) clashes with Foals for me. Could always do the beginning of the event at Printworks and leave at like 6.30, I guess.
  7. Childish Gambino album is out on streaming services now.
  8. Nah, the reunion will happen in the past, mate.
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