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Primavera Sound 2020


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Just now, Fleetwood_Mac_And_Cheese said:

This is so harsh. I'm gonna spend the next two days terrified I'm gonna have to watch Damon Albarn.


I can deal with snoop and Aphex would make my weekend. Damon however, no thanks.

Chill a bit mate. There's always multiple things on at the same time if you don't like the look of something.

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On Monday, November 25, 2019 at 10:34 PM, Marko Paulsen said:

He'll be there. Beck and Lana del Rey too. They are trying Frank Ocean and. The Strokes are also a possibilty.

I don't mean to sound repetitive but Lana, Tyler and Beck are booked and I insist that Frank Ocean and/or The Strokes will be there too. At least one of the two.

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57 minutes ago, Guy Incognito said:

Would be very odd to book Moby in 2020, imo. Especially after the forward thinking and progressive approach to the 2019 line up. 

I agree completely though I would have expected the booking to have been made before the Natalie Portman stuff came out.

I think the secondary reason not to book Moby is because he is a third rate hack with his brand of faux spiritual electronic music. Not a popular view on here it seems but his popularity always baffled me.

Thom Yorke please. And Beck too if the rumours are true.


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