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  1. Obviously, this date will be extended, but it is at least good to know the 'why' of the situation.
  2. I do get the PR 'what about us' angle, I was wondering if it is just lost in translation, or are they saying that it could be completely finished as a festival, for financial reasons ? We all presume that they are waiting to told its off by the govt, to trigger the insurance... What if that isn't as forthcoming as they wish?
  3. https://www.ara.cat/cultura/Primavera-Sound-cancellacio-ajornament-coronavirus-Covid-19_0_2420758124.html
  4. Was mentioned earlier, there are 'official' rules on bringing water bottles in - lids, volume etc Presumably to stop them being thrown at the stage. whats the thinking on Water Bladders/Hydration bags? Yes, I know you got 3L of vodka in no problem blah blah blah
  5. +1 on Chromatics & Georgia. I've only seen the Battles drummer put his cymbal that high.
  6. Not sure if its been mentioned, On the main website, the Wednesday at the Forum has been expanded, with some bands moving from Thurs to Wednesday. (Kurt Vile, Cigarettes After Sex & Carolina Durante) It may be an error.
  7. It'll be my last good nights sleep of the week then. I'll make it a good one... ZZzzz
  8. Balls. I land at 930 on Tues, so I won't be making LSF if those times are close to correct.
  9. Previously, I have arrived on Wed, & collected wristband at the Forum. I arrive on Tuesday night this time, staying close to Apolo ... Now hoping to get into LSF, Is there wristband collection at Apolo?
  10. 2017 was my first year, and my first European Festival. After decades of rain & mudbaths in UK & Ireland, I can seriously say "Why the fuck didn't we do this years ago" Just to echo the comments previously made, comfortable shoes (concrete everywhere) & don't peak too early with the the drink ... You're on a different timetable at this festival. I didn't enjoy the 2 Main stages, everyone too pissed & felt too far away from the stage ... But Every festival Main Stage is like that I suppose. Favourite Stages were Primavera & RayBan but that's how the bands fell for me. We didn't find it cold at all at night, so maybe prepare for that on the first night, then judge for the rest of the week.
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