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  1. Tried to be clever last night, aimed for the smaller venues after seeing the queues around Apolo. Just about got in to Penelope Isles and just missed out on Pile. Venue fills up, then it's a waiting game. Plan is Poble Espanyol tonight and staying put. What time to queue? We have a mix of VIP and non VIP.
  2. Was hoping to PomPom Squad then buzz in to Interpol but now thinking that won't be an option and should stick in PE for the evening. Seeing interpol at Ciutat would have unplugged some clashes at the Forum on 1st night. WE2 VIP ticket, but some in our group aren't VIP
  3. They've rescheduled one the of the cancelled US gigs for June 15th. Last of their (and yours) Festival trek around Europe is June 10th.
  4. Option for a Stand-in guitarist?
  5. So Ropey again for WE2 😉
  6. WE2 only has 15mins prior to Gorillaz.
  7. Domestic Cert is no longer on the app, Travel Cert only one available. Edit. Just seen your reply...
  8. Talking Bollix Klaxon ... Apologies, I misread the website, there are freebie concerts but in other parts of the city on those dates. Grr.
  9. Looks to be booked with events on the Thurs & Friday.
  10. I was initially planning on doing Pablo for the full evening, but leaning at trying to catch Interpol in the Apolo so as not to see them in Mordor (frees up other bands to see) Pom Pom Squad then over to Interpol.
  11. Also said that the front VIP area is indeed elevated.
  12. Looks to be one, wide stage. Is the VIP area in front of the Sound Tower, raised ?
  13. Looked into this recently & discovered S-Biners. Small carabiner clips that add another level of faff for a thief to have to deal with in the moment. Remains easy enough for you to open & close when you need access. Obviously, no protection against someone slicing your bag open but does work against someone dipping their hand. The one shown is quite big, the smaller ones blend right into your zip. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nite-Ize-S-Biner-Stainless-Carabiner/dp/B00BKVPU08
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