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  1. young_contra

    NOS Alive 2019

    I don't think that anything besides an announcement is good news right now
  2. young_contra

    NOS Alive 2019

  3. young_contra

    NOS Alive 2019

    ...yeah it's her, they're livestreaming it
  4. young_contra

    NOS Alive 2019

    It is just that they never tease someone that is portuguese because there simply is no need that justifies it. To do that in the middle of a period with very slow ticket sales is sloppy imo
  5. young_contra

    NOS Alive 2019

    It most likely is her... These guys need to attend a PR 101 workshop or something
  6. young_contra

    NOS Alive 2019

  7. young_contra

    Paredes de Coura 2019

    Would like to see here Chvrches or Beirut
  8. young_contra

    NOS Alive 2019

    It can't be coldplay. It has to be something female related. Well then... Florence? I guess we'll have to wait and see
  9. young_contra

    NOS Alive 2019

    Probably a portuguese artist or maybe marina? I dunno, just hope it isn't a second date for Billie nor the first option
  10. young_contra

    NOS Alive 2019

    I'd only count on something female related
  11. young_contra

    NOS Alive 2019

    To be fair it's pretty obvious of them to give a hint like that, I mean, why in the world would they announce an artist for another country? At the same time, the possibility of it being a national artist sounds a bit unrealistic considering that there is no need for them to tease such thing
  12. young_contra

    NOS Alive 2019

    Ah right, didn't catch that. But does the portuguese flag mean she's portuguese? They couldn't possibly tease something from a portuguese artist... Or at least I'd hope so
  13. young_contra

    NOS Alive 2019

    Don't think they'd ever tease something like that
  14. young_contra

    NOS Alive 2019

    God, I really want it to be something NOS related but it might just be a single concert. Last year they did a teaser like this and it ended up being an Imagine Dragons arena show... So I'll keep my expectations as low as possible
  15. young_contra

    Mad Cool 2019

    NOS Alive might get an headliner tomorrow according to a tease by its promoters. If that happens I'm sure something will come up for this festival not too long after