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  1. Likely that we're just waiting for this to be officially cancelled
  2. It's not a matter of how dangerous it is, it's a matter of how dangerous it can get and what efforts we possess in order to tackle that. No one really knows what is going to happen and under that uncertainty it is much easier to just avoid big risks. Even if Portugal's situation settles down, that doesn't mean others' will. Contact with other countries can be something that's just not worth having for a while. My 2c
  3. Even if this thing happens... How wise is it to even attend it? This whole corona matter is a big guess but I just can't justify going anywhere
  4. to be fair I think their communication is actually one of the least troublesome when compared to other portuguese festivals. they have a very uncluttered approach. regardless though, we know we're getting the lineup tomorrow, and that's enough for me
  5. I guess they'll do some teasing beforehand and that'll be it. It is odd that they aren't doing anything by now, yeah
  6. For some reason I incorrectly remembered it being like that for the past couple of years, my bad
  7. It'll probably be between 8 - 10 am right?
  8. is the music they used for the teaser "shazamable"?
  9. don't see nos primavera sound losing him as an headliner
  10. Both iggy and the Strokes are ruled out
  11. I don't think Massive Attack will come around but it's just a feeling of mine
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