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  1. I want Weyes Blood, Beirut, Black Midi, Purple Mountains, Orville Peck
  2. Wasn't expecting to say this but Thom Yorke was easily the highlight of the 2 days i attended. Loved the visuals, his energy and how good it all sounded
  3. Can people PLEASE just not sit the fuck down in the middle of crowds? My god. And they then get annoyed when asked to move over? People are so dense sometimes, it is such a mood killer if you get to be bothered by it which I luckily didn't
  4. The Black Keys, The Strokes are my safe bets
  5. Vampire Weekend were great for me but I am totally biased. Found GVF insufferable, it felt like a jam session with high pitched screaming mixed into it as if a cat had its tail stepped on for more than an hour, their slot should've been Primal Scream's. Tonight's headliners are playing the Sagres stage at 8h30pm. Don't miss them.
  6. If anyone catches a dude with a zebra shirt that's me, I'm at the front row for VW!! This entrance was very odd, it was very chill but also felt a bit like it didn't get any hype in me
  7. How's it all hanging over there?
  8. 3pm if nothing has changed from previous years
  9. Just pissed out an 8mm stone - HAVE A GOOD FESTIVAL EVERYONE!
  10. Looks like Bon Iver's new album will be announced tomorrow, hopefully something special might be played this saturday!!
  11. The timetables are on the lineup section if that's what you're referring to. If you really do mean the "timeline", I must say that it is pretty useless in the app, it gives you no information as to how long the sets will be, it basically only marks the beginning of each concert, it leaves out the info regarding each one's duration. Pretty silly
  12. You too! If anyone catches a young bloke with a laura palmer t-shirt on saturday that'll be me!
  13. Thank you so much!! I'm feeling much better now
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