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  1. could see them still making, we're +1week away
  2. Shellac confirmed to be the main sponsor
  3. I'm glad to see the majority enjoyed their time, despite some issues 🙂 Hoping next year The National are able to headline, unless they come around on a solo tour (which I'd very much prefer).
  4. that's precisely the profile of people I dealt with. I had this one guy that purposely stood with a stance that occupied more space than one naturally would, and if you were to try to get through, he'd act like a wall. on the last day, I was diagonally opposed to a guy who kind of had his leg stretched out. I tried to get through him, but wasn't being able to. I asked "hey, can I get through?" and he just replied "go on, for fuck's sake! (caralho, para quem percebe)". why? during tame impala's entrance, I tried to get past a couple of friends and one of them, replying to my request, pointed to the stage and said "it has already started" and blocked my passage. we were on top of the hill, near the right super bock stand. all of them were portuguese and older than 35. shameful and disgraceful
  5. absolutely. sound was horrid at times. during tame impala I occasionally felt that the sound was unilaterally panned. I think the worst offense was Slowdive's set. near the ending it kind of got better, but the beginning was atrocious. the mix was terrible and flat. I didn't really have a bad experience with Interpol since I made an effort to be close to the stage, but it's not surprising that it sucked on that dept
  6. cupra had always nice visibility, but the main stage lacked space IMO. and while you're right, that a lot of people would be waiting for the headliners, most of them would wait near the front barriers. my main issue is that there were A LOT of people that were very far from the stage but still decided to be assholes and not let anyone through. it's funny that the only negative encounters I've had this year were with portuguese people. idk, it didn't feel as friendly, overall
  7. Well, I admit I'm not the fastest walker hahaha, but I've realized that my issue is not the distance itself, but the lack of time between sets. Now, that said lack of time is only an issue due to how hard it is to get a decent spot for the night acts, unless you purposely miss on the last songs of whoever you're watching on Cupra. Perhaps these last two years have made me less of an enjoyer of outdoor activities, but I feel bittersweet towards this edition. First off, it felt amazing to be back on this festival. It truly did. But it only did for a short amount of time. I think this festival has been oversold. There's just too many people on the main stage. Either that or everyone is a dumbass who won't let you pass through (and I don't mean to the front, I merely mean to the middle of the field). Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that I should resign myself to watching a show all the way from the top of the hill, under the possibly unlucky circumstances that I might be behind someone taller than me. Please, if anyone had visibility / spot issues, please share. Regarding the VIP area - complete bullshit. What a waste. Why is it even a thing. They decide to sell more tickets and reduce the amount of public space available? That's just wrong. Black Midi, Rina, Grimes DJ Set were my favorites. Main stage never had any wow moment for me (Gorillaz did, for the worst possible reasons lol)
  8. My first impressions are sorta mixed. I really hate the Cupra stage. I feel like I have to walk way too much and there's not enough time between sets (NOS and Cupra), which demands me to lose part of whoever I'm watching. I'd very much prefer if Cupra was located where the Seat stage was. I also think that it's too packed. I couldn't find a good spot for Tame Impala (for the reasons mentioned above, too) because everyone decided to be bellends and block my passage, as if they'd see any less of the show. Mixed feelings. Black Midi and Cigarettes were my favorite acts, but I'm too biased towards them. Looking forward to Slowdive today
  9. I just passed by to check how everything is, and almost half of the top right side was barred. I cant tell if it is a temporary thing or of it really is a vip thing. I really hope it is the former
  10. What the bloody fuck is going on the main stage? Did they just add a VIP zone??
  11. Does anyone know someone selling a day ticket for the 9th?
  12. I believe this one is of better quality. After some thinking, I'm less skeptical about Cupra's placement. Regarding the amount of atendees, +5k people may not be that much of a big deal if the bar situation is taken care of (never really had a problem myself tbf, but I've never went to one during an act, so that might have an influence). The restaurant area miiiight be a bit of a trouble... But we'll see. I run on Kebabs and Chips for almost the entirety of the festival, so I might not be hit that much by bigger crowds. Despite still being annoyed with NC and BM clash, I must now state: let the hype begin!!!
  13. Where can I find a good quality version of the map? Can't see anything tbh
  14. How much was the attendance, in the previous years?
  15. ha, unfortunately I'm not attending at all! I'm simply keeping up with this topic and will be attending next week's NOS Primavera Sound, which totally deserved a place for Autechre (that would've INSTANTLY been my *must see* act) but oh well! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. What a treasure it must've been
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