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  1. Orens

    Primavera Sound 2019

    James Blake's new album is awesome, and has a Rosalia feature. Both are performing on the Saturday, most likely Mordor, and could play this one together:
  2. Orens

    Primavera Sound 2019

    And 2017 at the Apolo
  3. Orens

    NOS Primavera Sound 2019 (Porto)

    Not a Primavera kind of booking, I think
  4. Orens

    Best Kept Secret 2019

    Priests self-confirmed themselves, exciting band you guys should check out https://www.stereogum.com/2027872/priests-seduction-of-kansas-video-album-announce/video/
  5. Orens

    NOS Primavera Sound 2019 (Porto)

    Second week of June, I reckon?
  6. Orens

    NOS Alive 2019

    He just cancelled Coachella at the last minute over stage production, a source close to him has claimed he's done with festivals.
  7. Orens

    Coachella 2019

    Guys, Tame Impala was slotted #2 back in 2015, before Currents and Let It Happen were released. They were obviously part of the Kanye West/Justin Timberlake contingency plan, but it's a pretty reasonable development.
  8. Orens

    Coachella 2019

    Kanye West cancelled his performance at a late stage over a stage setup disagreement after Justin Timberlake also pulled out, so I think they could have done worse than Tame Impala and Ariana Grande (the single biggest name in current music with a strong Coachella appeal).
  9. Orens

    Super Bock Super Rock 2019

    What's happened?
  10. Orens

    NOS Alive 2019

    Oh damn, I thought they are playing Firefly that weekend. Interpol already played NOS PS 2015, I'd assume the festival would go for another indie-esque band for this edition.
  11. Orens

    NOS Alive 2019

    NOS Primavera Sound probably depends on a possible Bonnaroo appearance, as they are heading to the US later in June.
  12. Orens

    Mad Cool 2019

    Oh yeah, UK+Ireland. Apologies.
  13. Orens

    Mad Cool 2019

    He's performed there in 2016 and has two UK shows that weekend.