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  1. I'd say the Little Simz ticket status has a thing to do with the anticipation for a Beck set at Razz.
  2. Marked on the map as a VIP zone (just like 2018-2019, across the bridge and near the Bits area)
  3. VIP only - Soho House is going to host some sets during the festival, including Gilles Peterson and Shygirl https://www.sohohouse.com/en-us/house-notes/issue-006/events/primavera-sound-barcelona-2022
  4. Obviously Beck and Interpol are going to be tricky.
  5. Well, they have to clear up their messy communication and avoid the vague choice of words. We're getting weary.
  6. Ok, now that sounds like a scam.
  7. Aside from also changing the VIP view to the Binance stage, it's going to be harder to enter the Ciutat as VIPs as every ticket that's not a one-weekend regular is going to get the priority, so it's value has downgraded. In fact, last year they actually said that one-weekend VIPs won't get the priority while a double-weekend regular will get it. People got angry, so at least that's changed - but the whole point of having a VIP to me is making it to more concerts with a decent spot (which I consider the front rows). Me and my friends would've never bought a 5th consecutive VIP (+upgrade to double) had we knew about those changes in advance.
  8. Also some changes on the Tuesday (Noga Erez now plays after Los Bitchos) and on the Wednesday Interpol and Chet Faker start a bit later
  9. I'd buy a seperate ticket to the 2nd Thursday Bits area (the 19:00-5:30 Dice lineup +Gizz and Charli XCX at the Tous), but don't think I'll bother going there with no bridge. Even at the end of the night we've got Bicep and 2manydjs at Cupra, no reason to go any further
  10. An extra email? As a 2019 VIP ticket-holder I actually don't get any mails from them, although I mailed them about it (got no response). I only read the mails you guys are posting 😂 So much for a lack of communication...
  11. I would change my ticket had I known about the changes, and I believe the ticket value went down compared to previous editions in Mordor, Ciutat and also at the Primavera/Crypto stage. I've been easy on PS for years but their lack of communication is inexcusable, they deserve the bash and we deserve better (both regular and VIP ticket holders).
  12. Except that the VIP section's angle only got worse. 2019: 2022: VIP's just not worth it anymore in Primavera, I wish we would've known this a while ago.
  13. Well, on an actual live stage at the bits called Bacardi LIVE, mind you 😉
  14. A heavily-flavored electronic stage, that's 99.9% not a spot for Bradford Cox. Ditto for the Boiler Room stage (unless they go for DJ sets by the festival's favorite musicians)
  15. Probably a surprise (if at all) at this point, as there's no Hidden Stage on the map (let alone other live stages with unannounced lineups)
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