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  1. FWIW, haven't read anything about Israel ordering the Russian vaccine in Israeli media. Bill Gates remains intact.
  2. The Pitchfork stage is already set with the announced names for 2020 (outside of beabadoobee), but I moved Rombo just for the sake of it. That day is stacked.
  3. I like all three as well, such a good band
  4. Thanks, I'm actually unsure how to integrate fit Policia into the timetable (obviously on a stage that fits it) without changing the 2019 layout. I either miscalculated the stages (Pitchfork/Auditori/El Punto/Desperados), or the layout will slightly shift.
  5. The new Khurangbin is a jam https://open.spotify.com/album/06814vxpRbL5CPMk1CTvOk?si=5pOt56YxRkix6iVA78t9yA
  6. Get Noga Erez back on the bill and put her on the Gorillaz day!
  7. Well, Iggy is a perfect early Mordor booking, while girl in red is currently the only non-local Pitchfork stage acts that day who I can see playing early (I added beabadoobee to Pitchfork instead of Sampa the Great, who currently isn't on the bill). She should be playing second or third on the day.
  8. Thanks! I adjusted the CF to most of your input I disagree about Khurangbin, who I believe are as good as any other option on that day to open the Nat-Beck-Strokes flow (perhaps outside of Beach Bunny). That same spot was recently held by comparable bands, plus they are probably going to get bigger by 2021 (the next album is out soon). With that said, I would love to see them outside Mordor (and hopefully not clashing with anyone).
  9. Thanks! It's probably worth mentioning that the Clashfinder is based on the 2019 layout, with tiny changes in timings. Really hard to guess the timings and the small stages outside of those announced for Pitchfork/said to perform at Auditori/obvious El Punto ones, so I tried to get a general feel of the poster and assess how many free spots are left TBA, without additional stages (outside of the small ones that were announced in May 2019).
  10. #4 on the day according to the poster. Meanwhile, at Spotify: (Bad Bunny is 19th, just for reference)
  11. Thanks! Fixed those https://clashfinder.com/s/ps2020 Yeah, Sampa is a favorite of mine as well. I assume she's a shoe-in for now, as she was a Pitchfork booking and there's still two missing Pitchfork slots on the Friday.
  12. Well well, Let me know if I missed anything: https://clashfinder.com/s/ps2020/
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