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  1. Good spot, thanks! Meanwhile, the new Strokes single is out:
  2. The Strokes must be teasing something
  3. Charlotte Adigery plays Wide Awake! festival in London on the Friday! Hopefully PS will get her to play on the Your Heineken Stage or one of the small ones: METRONOMY, Black Country, New Road, Charlotte Adigéry, Squid, The Murder Capital, A Certain Ratio, Automatic, Beak>, Faux Ferocious, Identified Patient, Lazarus Kane, Marie Davidson (DJ), Manfredas b2b Ivan Smagghe, PREGOBLIN, Shortparis
  4. +1 Also Metronomy, I fell in love with their performances. Heard raves about Caribou's as well.
  5. Not really. Parklife is on Sat-Sun, Porto's main event is on Thu-Sat
  6. I'm willing to carry him to Barcelona on my back at this point, and I'm not even from Barcelona.
  7. Love the Caribou singles, finally going to see him this year.
  8. Both Fuzz and Ty Segall are ruled out.
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