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  1. Now we have 6 months with lineup speculations coming up. I am ready!
  2. Ticket bought. I had to click on the 2022 ticket in the AccessTicket app to get to the 2023 purchase opportunites, scratched my head for a few minutes to find it.
  3. Yeah I don't find any purchase possibilities in any of the 3 apps...
  4. It is impossible to trust any words and assurances from the festival regarding safety (as for so much of the other communication). This festival is just each to their own - to try stay out of the most squeezed areas during heavily visited shows and hope for the best.
  5. Overall, this english transcript of the interview was a huge disappointment. It was low in content on acknowledging many of this years problems, zero info on if anything will be changed for the vip packages, the line problem for venues, and so on. I still trust the festival for the lineups, there is no competition on depth and quality. They have still lost me for everything else, the interview did nothing at all to reinstall trust, quite the opposite actually. Though, I will still go back next year. Due to their consistent great lineups, to the great audience, and Barcelona being Barcelona.
  6. I disagree with you. He voiced his opinion on 15% reserved tickets, thinking this is the best. 'There has always been lines'. And bla bla bla.... Not really acknowleding the huge problem with people standing in line hour after hour in the blistering sun to not get in, to not know if they can get in, hours they could have spent on other things being in this wonderful city. The way I read the transcript lack both an acknowledgement of the problem and an acknowledgement they need to do things very differently.
  7. The way they answer on the Ciutat gig que situation implies they will continue with the same system next year. That is gross.
  8. To me it is quite obvious that Gabi and the festival have not surveyed the users from the different ticket categories etc. In my view the new Mordor design is shitty and I am sure a lot of people think the same. And the new VIP areas were horrible. I am getting depressed of Gabis answers. "The new positioning of the main stages, which has been a success" To me this is alternative facts.
  9. Ticket price is up from 245 to 325 for general pass, 450 to 545 for VIP pass, in general sale. Less so for early bird. This is compared to going rate in 22 for the 22 edition.
  10. If we are lucky the price hike is to bring the volume down... Anyway, great to get some info before ticket sales open.
  11. ... except for the sound bleed problem on the pitchfork stage at multiple shows
  12. I have been to Primavera 11 consecutive editions. I still trust the lineup, but they have lost me on everything else.
  13. No communication on how this years issues will be solved? No info on if the vip product will be improved or if it will be the same shitty solution as this year? Not much to base a purchase decision on.
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