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  1. I agree on that positive note. On Saturday I will love to see Iggy, Tyler, Mavis Staples, Diiv, Bauhaus, Chromatics, Weyes Blood, Caroline Polacheck, Shame, Vagina Dentata Organ, Desire, Jenny Hval, Abbath, Tim Burgess, … Might be fun with BigKlit as well. And still a lot of unknown names for me to research. Its gonna be clashes.
  2. Oh no... King Gizzard And The Wizard Lizard has been replaced by King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard. Bugger.
  3. It ain't too bad; black midi: 2020 boy harsher: 2020 shame: 2020 the comet is coming: 2019 drab majesty: 2019 dream wife: 2019 sheer mag: primavera weekender 2019 lena willikens: 2016, 2018 daniel avery: 2014 girl band: 2014
  4. I caught Fontaines DC on a bad day at Øya 19. Still I know they can play very good club sets. We will have to see what shape and mood they are in at Primavera.
  5. Angel Olsen mentioned Primavera in her 2019 Fader interview: "“I’m not worried about breaking out anymore,” she says. “I already did that in my mind. I don’t need to play Primavera Sound every year and play the best slot at every festival. I just wanna keep making music. I feel a little bit more fulfilled by other things now, and it doesn’t entirely depend on being accepted as a famous musician.” ( https://www.thefader.com/2019/09/17/angel-olsen-all-mirrors-interview ) She is rumoured to sometimes have a bit difficult personality in the past, and you can read some of that in between the lines in this interview. However I am sure she will feature in future editions of Primvera.
  6. This year I cannot stay on Sunday, but arrive the weekend before. Really into Rolling Blackouts and I have some relief ...
  7. Well, at the time we have no other sources: - I have asked Primavera, they answered with reference to the Ciutat programme not yet been released so they couldn´t tell. - I have also sent a question on this to the band, they have not yet answered. - Monday, in general, makes sense, with respect to last years opening show on Monday by Deerhunter, and with respect to the Sunday spots usually been taken with bands also playing within the three regular days. - This is the first source that pretend to be in the knowing. It might still be wrong, of course.
  8. Gonna answer myself on this one: they are playing on Monday. Source: someone said so in a discussion thread on their FB page.
  9. Yeah, I can confirm that, I have seen her with Alabama Shakes in 2016. She has a massive stage presence. It will be good for sure.
  10. Brittany Howard was very high up on most year end lists and is a huge live performer. I have no problem with the festival bumping her up, and look forward to that show.
  11. Wonder if he/she ever get requests on dua lipa.
  12. TJAMC will typically play the last spot at the Primavera stage at Forum at 10PM.
  13. Floating Points ´falaise ensemble´ is 16 persons, dont know if that counts.
  14. I tried to ask Primavera about what day RBCF are playing... and they answered! However.... "the programme per day has not been released yet, sorry"
  15. Yeah, but we don´t know though, as Deerhunter played Monday last year. And the Sunday acts often tend to be playing on the main days too, RBCF do not.
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