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  1. If there is no vaccine there is no festival. Unfortunately.
  2. So what happens with Lufthansa if you talk with their customer service and you agree / they finally offer the refund, is they will send you a confirmation the flight had to be cancelled by them, at the same time as you will be entered into their line of refunds, which take approx 8-12 weeks to process. I would not be so worried about Lufthansa as the get/got a 9 billion cash injection in a rescue deal from the German government.
  3. Ok, so I got answer back from Primavera now on the discount code confusion; "Just to clarify: if you use your code you won't be eligible for a refund." So I guess that is how they solve this - all who have a ticket get a discount code to use for a friend in case you should choose to carry over the ticket to next years edition, however if your decision is for this code to be used you can no longer request a refund.
  4. Yes, but it is quite common to get a confirmation when you have done something, in this case with your email address as input
  5. but... you sure the link has no purpose? It do take my email as input, they cannot record my choice from this? https://formularios.primaverasound.info/thanks?useremail=myemailaddress@gmail.com&lang=en
  6. So I get the chance to click a button with no purpose. That's great!
  7. If you open the link in the same email you get the following option: My guess is they then would know my choice immediately and do not have to wait until end of refund period 3-17 june to see if I made other choices.
  8. I reached out to Primavera with question on this, with mention that I have already confirmed my transfer of ticket to next year edition on the link they sent out. They answered: "You will receive soon an e-mail with the codes and the instructions." So I guess those who confirm the transfer of ticket to next years edition by link provided do not have to wait the full two week period until refund deadline before they get the code and instructions.
  9. Yes, I agree, but the VIP tickets are still somewhat limited in numbers right? They were sold out already before the corona hit?
  10. Though my friend is concerned the tickets will be gone on or before the refund request deadline at June 17th... because so many want to carry over their tickets to next year.
  11. Ok, there were hints of new music not too far away this new year, e.g. https://www.nme.com/news/music/the-xx-hint-new-music-arriving-soon-fourth-album-2591958 so that was my rationale for the suggestion.
  12. I guess we might have The XX on the lineup, as Jamie XX is already in and The XX has album in the works.
  13. Now this is what i call positive marketing! Who wants a refund? Lol. Not me.
  14. So lets just hope they do not repeat the same mistake and put the Covid-19 virus on the lineup for 2021
  15. ... and just when you thought this forum couldn't get any worse nowheretohide showed up ....
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