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  1. Sade and Kate Bush please! Not much of a chance though. I know. Regarding Janet Jackson her shows the recent two years are supposed to be great but also heavily critized as most of her singing is playback, and I that is a line I hope is not to be crossed at primavera...
  2. My top 5: Rosalia, Big Thief, Tame Impala, Fucked Up, Pond. Will come back, next year will be my 10th Primavera Sound, can't stop at 9.
  3. Oh I was superhappy with Big Thief, standout gig for me by far! Though I was at the front row, that may have made a difference.
  4. My five favourite gigs so far: 1. Big Thief 2. Fucked Up 3. Tame Impala 4. Pond 5. Chai.
  5. Nothing like a happy Bradford. He was happy last year too!
  6. My guess is they commit to 50/50 male/female artists.
  7. Anyone with suggestion for restaurants for us that stay close to festival site? Tapas etc. Doesn´t have to be in the very neighboorhood / walking distance, but somewhat closer than going into town...
  8. Was hoping to see Amyl between Aldous and Tame Impala (00:20), so a little bummed... Though I will make sure to catch Amyl at the Sunday Apolo gig.
  9. In general, no need to start another pro or against vip ticket discussion, stir up on emotions etc. Portobelloroad asked for advice and people responded with advice, thats all. Portobelloroad should enjoy his/her access.
  10. A few answers: * Usually no VIP access etc on Wednesday as this is a free day where tickets don't apply in general. * As for your question regarding VIP areas access on the two stages with a separate area in front (the Pull&Bear and SEAT stage): ** For the most popular acts my experience is a following; for the very most popular headliners it still makes sense to show up like 20-60 minutes before to get a good spot inside the area (though depending on how much in front you want to be). If you show up like 10 minutes before a big headliner you might not even get to the entrance... ** For the not so big headliners you can walk up right before the show and get a good spot, but be aware that if VIP area has very little people e.g. early evening shows it will be opened for general public and then very fast fill up so it sometimes still makes sense to be there like 10-15 minutes before. ** Be aware that access to the SEAT VIP area is through the VIP tribune area on the left hand side, this add some time to get to the SEAT stage
  11. I think someone mentioned a long time ago there will finally be craft beers available this year. Any news on that?
  12. Plan so far: Wednesday: Hatche>>Big Red Machine Thursday: Soccer Mommy>>Stephen Malkmus>>BigThief>>Shonen Knife>>Christine & The Queens>>NAS>>Guided By Voices>>Dirty Projectors Friday: Lucy Dacus>>Snail Mail>>Birkins/Stringfellow>>Beak>>Fucked Up>>Liz Phair>>Chai>>Aldous Harding>> Amyl & The Sniffers>>Tame Impala>>Robyn Saturday: Tirzah>>Haru Nemuri>>Built To Spill>>Shellac>>Rosalia>>Solange>>Primal Scream>>Stereolab Sunday: Tin Robots>>Filthy Friends>>Christina Rosenvinge>>The Beths>>Amy & The Sniffers>>Miya Follick
  13. My guesstimate: 30 seconds when not busy, 10 minutes when very busy
  14. I find it strange they did not give Aldous Harding a spot in the Auditori. It is such a low noise low volume live act, a late night spot at the Pitchfork stage feels plain wrong.
  15. Regarding Q on Dirty Projectors in the Auditori: you don´t have to be there early. A few times though there have been artists I have been a really been a big fan of. I then made sure to be at the site when the previous band finished, usually approx half hour before next show, and just go grab a front row seat when people leave their seats for that concert. But no worries, good seats in the auditori are plentiful. It is a great venue!
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