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  1. Yes... And of course I would always bring something else as proof in case I lost it.
  2. Yes, agree, screenshot and send to a fried, or maybe even print it. I can easily see scenarios where the phone get lost, stolen, accidentally dropped it in the toilet, etc
  3. They for sure have the capacity to mess things up. But let's see.
  4. It will fail for sure. Primavera and technology do not go well together. Memories come to life from 2011 ... https://www-dodmagazine-es.translate.goog/primavera-sound-2011-un-desastre-de-organizacion-para-el-primer-dia/?_x_tr_sl=es&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp
  5. I really don't understand the VIP area like 250 meters from the stage. This is a location that should be reserved to those without a ticket, or to a secret heavily discounted ticket type with no general access. It is a lot you could build a prison and throw a party for the imprisoned from all corners of Spain.
  6. I ready somewhere they have sold 15.000 more tickets per day to this event than on the mot visited day in 2019? If so that is insane. It has certainly been busy enough.
  7. You can easily see their setlists on sites like setlist .fm or use setify .co to listen up on setlists on sxfy. I have listened up on the Parquet Courts setlist for a while, it is fairly consistent from show to show. I have not seen Parquet Courts live yet, it is one of my highest priorities 🙂 https://setify.co/s/3b7750b
  8. Imo 40 minutes for DIIV is blasphemic. They're squeezed in between napalm death at adidas and beach house at primavera. I understand the need for 1 hour for napalm death, with a zillion records in their discography, and the urge to get beach house going. Still a shame though.
  9. Flatstock is not label merch. It is a 'convention' if you like of independent poster artists, under the umbrella 'American Poster Institute'. Flatstock Primavera Sound is the 79th Flatstock gig. You can buy high quality poster prints on high quality paper. Some of their posters are made for specific shows at the festival, other part of the poster artists other portifolio, from previous gigs etc. I usually pick up a poster or two and bring back home, when I find something I really like. It has grown into quite a collection. https://americanposterinstitute.com/flatstock
  10. Oh la la, setting themselves up for failure...
  11. If there is an artist you want a really good front row (ish) seat for the best strategy is to wait by the lower entrances inside the building 15-20 minutes before the show, when the previous show finishes. A lot of people at the front rows will then leave their seats and you can get a prime seat when they leave. The same strategy may apply to the outdoors shows as well: investing an extra 10 minutes gives you really good spots at the front. So much better than always be on the back foot, arriving just in time or late, to get a spot far behind at popular shows.
  12. I agree. It should be an early evening set outside, in the sun.
  13. i can't navigate life without a clashfinder
  14. It absolutely makes a difference. If there is a gig I know I will go to, I don't have to listen up on the other 5 playing the same timeslot. If there are 5 alternatives with no clear choice I want to listen up! I don't have time to listen extensively to all X hundred of artists. I also like to listen up on actual recent setlists (via setify .co) before I go to gigs, then I would want to know what gigs I am going to. Two weeks is fine, a few days late is ok, but 'the day before' not at all.
  15. I suggest you follow her to Parquet Courts, won't regret
  16. With the prime timeslot the national will have there will be some very good names at the other stages. The National feels to me like a household name that have been around forever and will stay around forever, and tbh I get a little bored of their live performances even though they are ok. I guess I will have other priorities. Each to their own taste!
  17. My list W1 Th: Les Savy Fav, Dinosaur Jr W1 Fr: Parquet Courts, Low W1 Sa: Mavis Staples, DIIV W2 Th: Mdou Moctar, Amyl And The Sniffers W2 Fr: Brittany Howard, The Smile W2 Sa: Rolling Coastal Blackouts Fever, Tame Impala
  18. The schedule gonna be full of clashes, ok one less with MA maybe.
  19. Got this picture of Erlend Oye, the first day of PS2016, just inside the entrance, pointing at the stage they played at PS2012 (great show btw)....
  20. To all the Daves on this forum I feel your pain.
  21. A lot of people shouting for Iggy Pop to be added to the lineup. Just be aware that the tour he is currently on is based on his latest album Free, a more jazz tingled package and not the traditional Iggy punk rock tour having us all throw our beers in the air. This set up could be great in the auditori though.
  22. Quote: "... In total, 20,000 people attended the Verknipt outdoor festival ... " Newspaper might be wrong then.
  23. 20.000 people attended festival in Utrecht. They had to show green covid certificate to enter. Result: 1.000 infected with corona virus(so far) https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2021/07/1000-people-at-utrecht-festival-infected-with-coronavirus/
  24. I thought it used to be about 50.000 per day but really have no clue... Is it increased very much for the coming edition or is it sold out with capacities at normal?
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