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  1. Don't agree with this. You don't postpone it unless you aren't sure you can offer a line up comparable to the original one. So their plans haven't changed a lot. People wouldn't go to a 150-200 euro festival if you give them kraftwerk instead of pavement! Then what will eventually happen because of cancellations is a different story... But if they go on planning it they do it as big as before Secondly the dates are already 2 with Porto. If you consider the artists also have to reschedule the other headline dates of their tours, then it's possible
  2. Just reflecting on the possible line up. In case it goes on I am confident that Pavement, Tyler LDR bad bunny beck will be there. Likely also the European bands such as Bauhaus Massive attack JAMC... The difficult ones to get are probably the Strokes (but I don't think they would drop a Primavera booking with the new album to promote), the national, brockhampton and young thug, Kacey musgraves. Maybe also iggy pop and bikini kill. It would make sense for acts smaller than these just to adapt
  3. Do you think that the artists doing also porto are more likely to be kept, since they have at least 2 dates? I hope that also Orange Warsaw is postponed (Brockhampton, Young thug, Tyler)
  4. I asked about Kendrick just because he was supposed to tour this summer later than Primavera... But yes he tours too early and he is probably too expensive for such an emergency situation
  5. On a more positive note, which big bands/artists will be in Europe around the new dates that weren't bookable before? Any chance for Kendrick?
  6. Pavement + Portishead and I can already forget 2020
  7. In any case june is gone. I think we will get to zero daily cases in Italy in 3 weeks/ 1 month. Then you have to sum I would say at least 3 weeks of additional lock down. So Italy will get back to normal around the half of may. If Spain is 1/2 weeks behind and all goes well, it will end at the beginning of june there, definitely too late
  8. Diiv announced some days ago for the 29th of August in Italy anyway
  9. to me sounds like they would cancel as soon as they can
  10. If you could move your flights from june to august for no additional costs would you do it, given the fact that the festival almost certainly won't happen in june? or would you keep them for the original dates because you never know what's going to happen? Just asking for some advice, I won't of course blame anyone in case of making the wrong move!
  11. End of August isn't necessarily too early. Impossible to tell actually. Caribou rescheduled from September on
  12. If Ape and bks also postpone the national and massive attack could be easy to convince. I guess that the hard ones to keep will be Tyler and LDR. Maybe the fact that they have them booked for Portugal as well can play a role, hopefully
  13. So, do we reckon it's already in the stage of being postponed, given the rumours and hotel princess? I have time till end of March to postpone my flights
  14. Don't get why he is playing with hints. Couldn't care less about the hype now. If you are not ready to make a statement then just don't speak
  15. fuck it, Condal Mar booked lol
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