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  1. I didn't know Fontaines DC but the three new singles are amazing... Must see for me now
  2. Tyler vs bauhaus on the Saturday and gorillaz vs king krule and chromatics now look worryingly very possible
  3. Agree. I saw four tet live a couple of other times and I found it very disappointing at PS 2021. I think there will be more interesting djs or live electronic acts than Jeff Mills at the festival tbh. Also, I think that PS is not that much suitable for classic warehouse techno. Shanti Celeste, ben ufo or Jamie xx will fit better
  4. I can't recall them doing a festival tour in the last decade without anything to present though
  5. What are the odds that PS 2021 artists release new albums? MA: I was confident about them releasing an album for this new tour but they would have released at least a single by this time, even with the tour postponement and all, wouldn't they? So I think they eventually won't. FKA twigs: the show she played in 2019 was exactly the setlist for the following magdalene tour. But I heard the guys at radio Ps saying things like: "it will be interesting to see her now after the release of magdalene", like if the show they had her play wasn't related to this album cycle. Do we reckon they are just going to recycle her? The national: I hope they use this additional time to put out something stronger than IAETF, to gain back their headliner status. But I reckon it's unlikely. Gorillaz, bicep, brockhampton, slowthai, chromatics all look like to have a promising year ahead. Agree/disagree? Other artists?
  6. Agree... I would switch her with iggy.
  7. So... Charli - pavement - tame impala - MA - fka twigs (biggest to play outside mordor, at "peak time": iggy, young thug, einsturzende, dinosaur Jr, with Yo la tengo earlier, hopefully) Doja cat - beck - the national - the Strokes - brockhampton (bikini kill, king gizzard, Earl, caribou later hopefully) Jorja Smith - gorillaz - Tyler - bad bunny - disclosure (bauhaus, Pnl, king krule, chromatics, Freddie Gibbs, Idles, hopefully bicep later)
  8. Who do you think will close the main stage each day? I wouldn't say young thug any more... Maybe Charli xcx for the Thursday, brockhampton and disclosure on the Saturday?
  9. Acts I am worried the most, when it comes to clashes : Earl FKA, Charli King krule, chromatics Bauhaus (I doubt they will play mordor) Iggy Yo la tengo Autechre and the caretaker
  10. Pretty obvious one: 1 pavement 2 Tyler 3 bauhaus 4 Earl 5 brockhampton 6 young thug 7 the Strokes 8 iggy pop 9 chromatics 10 I am never going to skip autechre Massive Attack, fka twigs, the national and einstuezende are some of my favorites acts but I saw them already so I might judge according to clashes/new material. Also curious about gorillaz, especially if billed for a late night set. I will try also not to miss Charli, king krule and caribou
  11. at this point, with all this stuff, I might probably end up skipping her
  12. So, who's still missing among the interesting ones from 2020? Floating Points, Caretaker and? The lineup seems almost complete to me, I don't expect any more top 2 lines big name... Also, where the hell Doja Cat will be on the poster/play?
  13. Thanks. Which site did you use for booking? I can't find available rooms on booking.com as well as on lastminute...
  14. I hope we will get massive attack confirmed though
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