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  1. This! I work for a sizeable national promoters; to say that this announcement is a deeply concerning kick in the teeth would be an understatement. A lot of fear going round internally at the moment. Going to be hard to reschedule gigs in venues that have shut down etc.. Don't want to comment more as events are moving rapidly but if we stay on this trajectory then the results for the live sector could be gargantuan. Scary times we live in.
  2. Soulwax just announced for Paredes De Coura. It'd be pretty dreamy if they played Green Man.
  3. Her and her team! LDR's solo tour will almost certainly be a type of deal where if she passes 'x' amount of ticket sales, she makes more money. Festivals play flat fees so that's not applicable.
  4. https://www.timeout.com/london/news/just-announced-james-murphy-and-2manydjs-despacio-is-coming-to-the-roundhouse-next-year-120319 Surely will be at Primavera.
  5. It's easier to travel via more environmentally friendly routes in Europe as opposed to North America due to its vastness. Bands the size of MA would also normally tour their our own PA which is practically another truck on the road which they won't require at festivals. It's generally more eco-friendly to hit a few festivals in Europe as opposed to doing a full tour (subject to routing) Arena level bands with massive productions are huge carbon emitters. I've worked with Kiss and my god do they tour a hideous amount of stuff (multiple trucks, buses, pyrotechnics, private vehicles, aicraf
  6. I understand the scepticism, but I'm my own source and it'd be pretty silly of me to divulge past that. As it stands, FNM should announce early next week.
  7. Faith No More will be this side of the Atlantic early/mid June.
  8. Probably making it a 3 day festival. Honestly don't see the long-term viability of Citadel in it's current state.
  9. You might want to keep early April 2020 free.
  10. Seen him a lot in the last couple of years and the only time he's had any visuals were the Ally Pally shows. His set at Primavera last year had no production at all, just him on some decks. Lovebox last month wasn't much different except he used some house lights.
  11. What's the situation on-site with drinks, does anything you bring need to be confined to the campsite? If so, what're beer prices like?
  12. Has anyone mentioned James Blake? He's playing Pukkelpop on the Friday and Lowlands on either Sat/Sun.
  13. Not sure if this has been posted but DICE are running competitions for each day on their app.
  14. Just going to duck out of JH ten minutes early, 25 minutes is ample to cross the site and get a good spot!
  15. I can help. I can't see why the festival wouldn't go ahead, the final headliner may just seem not worth the wait/underwhelming. Cancelling festivals is an e-x-t-r-a-o-r-d-i-n-a-r-i-l-y huge expense. If they were able to book these artists, they had enough in the bank to make it go ahead (deposits etc + being contractually bound to pay the balance of the fee regardless of if the festival goes ahead or not, short of force majeure) Given how heavy the branding is at NOS Alive I would think it safe to presume a lot of costs are offset by sponsors so the risk isn't as high. That being sa
  16. From someone who works in the industry, this has all the hallmarks of someone big pulling out at the eleventh hour. Either that or they're sat on a massive embargo. We're probably getting Florence + announcement once her EU tour is over.
  17. Haven't been in a few years, is getting off site still a scarring experience?
  18. Are there any hotels nearby? Is that a decent option?
  19. Fully appriciate I'm a randomer on the internet and you have no reason to believe me without any hard evidence. However I'm not totally comfortable revealing my source as it'd jeopordise my job. It wouldn't take much for someone in the know to figure out where I get this from. Not all of this is 100% and sometimes these things fall through without the general public ever being aware. Speaking as a huge MM fan, my fingers are firmly crossed that this isn't one of those occasions!
  20. Not sure if this is of any use for anyone but the below names are all likely touring the UK next May/early June. Don't think any of these are public yet.. - Marina & The Diamonds - Sam Fender - Lucy Spraggan - Dermot Kennedy - Big Thief - Ross From Friends - Too Many Zooz - LP - George Clinton - Honeyblood - Modest Mouse - Ghost
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