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  1. maybe if madcool didnt share the draft with strokes in it, haim social manaagers wouldnt post it 🙃
  2. nos primavera communication skills are the worst, i dont understand why. they keep everything quiet on their social media, and even the date of the announcement, it is not advertised in any news page...
  3. it is possible, we had justice, fka twigs, and few others that came to porto without playing barcelona
  4. can we expect the line up until the end of the month? last year there was one month gap between Barcelona announcement and Porto
  5. 17:51, sorry you're right! yeah must be something to announce at 18.
  6. so we have best kept secret teasing for 17:31, rock werchter for 18 and nos alive for 17:30 (portugal time, 18:30 in the timezone of bkk and werchter)
  7. seems like the strokes may be confirmed to best kept secret today at 5pm
  8. by dj coco https://foros.primaverasound.com/topic/2933/arthur-verocai/4
  9. arthur verocai will play the auditori with orchestra
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