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  1. not genius and not the best thing I've heard. but man, their music is addictive
  2. i think there will be some more tickets, depending on the amount of refunds they will make etc
  3. they still have the "...and more!" at the end
  4. instagram page with day splits and new names
  5. fiona apple + sufjan + frank ocean the beasts of (not) touring combo
  6. i guess it is obvious but i still didn't see it explicitly written. the tickets for this year will be transferred for next year's edition right? the voucher is just an option we have right?
  7. you can ask for a refund but only starting january 2022
  8. in portugal no festivals until 30 september
  9. i think they have, but they have too much at stake and can't afford it right now. i interpret it this way
  10. squid are playing paredes de coura one week before
  11. for now. it can still be cancelled in the future. only time will tell guys, keep safe!
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