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  1. the beach boys? https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/12/the-beach-boys-announce-2020-tour-dates/?fbclid=IwAR3Zvsjff4pczstznmNWfiqPdr6MgjzIdzMmVU5qmuBlHD0XDtMvwNuXFVU
  2. sure, if it is not in NPS it will be SBSR, i dont see him playing nos alive
  3. tyler repeating NPS seems more reasonable. run the jewels also made a double some years ago
  4. there's a funny thing, what happens with those who bought a 3 day pass?
  5. @Gnarlerso you happened to reveal the first two names bkk announced, coincidence? keep the names coming!! 😋
  6. same. i prefer even more boxer, i would love to see it played live
  7. only with chromatics, bikini kill, sudan archives, jenny hval and kim gordon and it is already a better line up than most of 2020's known line ups
  8. from what i see on social media and here, every band or artist confirmed nowadays is disappointing for everyone, except if it is foals or tame impala 😴
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