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  1. It might come out early but the situation is different nowadays than in the 2022 poster rollout, which have had special circumstances (mostly putting refunds to the minimum and selling out early after multiple cancellations). LA's sales aren't good apparently, an early poster won't help matters, and Barcelona 2022 has suffered tons of cancellations as a result of early bookings being published, stuff they would've like to avoid. On a January poster we might have never gotten into the Massive Attack saga, mind you. Releasing the poster is also dependent on clearance from all acts on it, let alone headliners. It's not unprecedented, they talked about publishing the 2018 poster early (Novemberish?) but actually released it later than usual (I think January 29th), as Arctic Monkeys made them wait. If, let's say, Portishead put an embargo on their name until a certain date, Primavera won't put it out in the meantime. As simple as that
  2. Have you tried to mail AccessTicket? They were very responsive back in May
  3. You need a code for each ticket, can't buy two tickets together. I got 2 regulars as I can always sell those post-lineup but entered a different code to make a seperate purchase.
  4. Gabi: I want to give you an exclusive. I am going to stop being the spokesperson for the festival. This is the last interview I am going to do, anywhere. From now Alfonso Lanza will be in charge of all this.
  5. Orens

    BBC Coverage 2022

    It's plain insane. Primavera changed their schedule a day before the show so I had to miss it after waiting for 30 months, I'm currently having the FOMO of my life.
  6. Orens

    BBC Coverage 2022

    I just wish it was dark already, the lights at Primavera were a massive factor in this.
  7. Heard that the Glasto capacity also went up from 203k to 220k, which is probably most felt on bad slotting (Wet Leg) and small stages in general
  8. Yeah, she got me cracking up
  9. Perhaps stage slotting/crowd control/security measures might have to do with the obvious loss of organizational knowledge that occurred to all festivals over the past 2 years. A lot of people in the business have had to switch jobs during the pandemic, and that made a lack of experience in operating a festival as complex as Glastonbury.
  10. It says IDLES themselves have confirmed a Brutalism set Saturday on 12 at BBC Introducing, including quotes from the band itself
  11. https://www.nme.com/news/music/idles-play-brutalism-full-saturday-glastonbury-secret-set-3255244
  12. +A couple of names that pop up at Sonar and can't be booked in Barcelona. This year I recall Octo Octa&Eris Drew as night closers, but even headliners in Justice following their latest album. Primavera can definitely book a Sonar headliner again, this time in Madrid
  13. Meghan is also prioritized as an effort to book more female headliners as The New Normal, so can't really compare those two
  14. Sticking in Barcelona until at least 2027, only as a one-weekender
  15. No, and since I bought my tickets in 2019 I don't even have a DICE account, so I had to go through registration to no avail. Not my fault that they replaced a sponsor/partnrer. I'm shocked by how badly it's been organized this year.
  16. Seriously starting to look like my final year in Primavera, I'm utterly pissed at this point.
  17. I'm so pissed, my two most anticipated sets for the weekend.
  18. Man, that was unbelievable. They completely torched the venue. Set of the week so far.
  19. Looks like this is my final year of Primavera, 5-year VIP (a double weekender) and I'm not coming back to this shit. They became the festivals they used to laugh at. Such a shame.
  20. Jamie isn't supposed to play Mordor anyway, it's a bloody DJ set (pretty sure he replaced Brockhampton). Caribou on the Ray-Ban was the perfect scenario and they shat it.
  21. They should've put Little Simz on Mordor and not fuck up with Caribou's position, tbh. More people are gonna see her after dropping the Sunday.
  22. My Friday plans are completely ruined in the span of 2 days, now I know how Thursday people feel like
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