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  1. Was convinced before the weekend that 2022 would be my last one. No chance.
  2. is @mike99a reliable poster around these parts?
  3. Not moving quickly. Pretty long.
  4. I can deal with showers. Doesn't look like there's going to be endless days of heavy rain which is the main thing.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a better forecast than we had a day or two ago.
  6. Anyone care to let me know of the best techno acts on the line up? I haven't done a full look through the set times yet but thought I'd ask here first.
  7. Someone told me that the co-op didnt have booze last year but seems like they had a fair amount at Download last weekend!?
  8. Wishlist: Moor Mother Armand Hammer Aphex Twin Tirzah L'Rain Tim Hecker (Auditori) Stars of the Lid (Auditori) Portishead Fleet Foxes Actress Animal Collective Amen Dunes Juana Molina Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt Okkyung Lee FKA Twigs Shintaro Sakamoto Beverley Glenn Copeland Navy Blue Tomaga
  9. I don't really understand the comparisons between UK camping festivals and Primavera Sound. They're very different events with pretty different objectives and outlines. Not really comparable imo.
  10. NIN, Arctic Moneys, Bjork, Arcade Fire, Rosalia, Travis Scott.
  11. Speaking of the co op how was the stock? Did it last long? I'm thinking a trip later in the weekend to re-up on mixer, beers etc might be useful.
  12. Walked down Avinguda Diagonal and just stuck my arm out.
  13. Bus has always been rubbish. We got taxis from just down the road for about €8 euros most nights
  14. The crowd backpack beer people had big beers. Cash only.
  15. We were using those self service beer stands quite a lot as worked out much better value for money and so kept using the same cups mostly. Never saw a 2022 one.
  16. Pints arent really a thing in Spain
  17. Yeah for all the ''problems'' and how it didn't have the magic feeling of old years I miss it loads already.
  18. I'll probably sit out 2023 and stick to my one year on, one year off current planning. That being said if the line up is brilliant than I may be tempted as will likely not do Glastonbury next year.
  19. Top 5: Autechre, Einsturzende Neubaten, Jenny Hval, Pavement and Sharon Van Etten
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