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  1. Haha fair enough. Either way, Moor Mother is exceptional. Seen her a few times at different places (Inc EOTR) and she never fails to impress.
  2. Where the earth have you dug that out from? Moor Mother is probably one of the most consistently innovative, influential and well respected voices in the underground over the last decade. The from album last year is probably the most accessible. I'd start with that and then go Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes. Her music is primarily spoken word experimental music with elements of rap, jazz and noise/industrial. Her album with Billy Woods was stunning too.
  3. Moor Mother gonna be the best set of the weekend.
  4. Just realised they didnt do a line up video this year! 😞 Edit: also four American headliners, which some said wouldn't happen
  5. I reckon we're still missing a Garden headliner and/or late night Big Top act. Edit - Although the press release doesn't say plus more to be announced like it usually does... In which case I'm betting on Tinariwen, Perfume Genius and The Magnetic Fields for Garden headliners. Edit 2: oh hang on it does on the email and the poster. Fuck knows.
  6. My thoughts are that this line up is definitely a bit underwhelming at first glance. The top line is not particularly strong at all and bumping Bright Eyes up to Woods headliner is evidence that they struggled to get a couple headliners together. That being said, I rate Fleet Foxes quite highly. I think they're one of the better bands to come from the mid 00's indie/folk boom and they're very good live. I'm generally a fan of more experimental/out there music these days but I listened to Crack Up the other day for the first time in ages and still reckon its a great record. Robin Pecknold is a great songwriter and has an amazing voice. I think maybe we were spoiled with the planned 2020 line up of Angel Olsen, Pixies, Big Thief and King Krule. I think this year's set of four is comparably sized to 2019. Magnetic Fields and Perfume Genius (presumably both as Garden headliners) will be excellent. It's good to see black midi back and probably in a more prominent slot with album 3 in tow. It seems like this year EOTR are more committed to not rebooking stuff from the last few years and are branching out a bit. There's a ton on the line up I havent heard before. The undercard is strong - Moor Mother, Deathcrash, Nala Sinephro, Sudan Archives, Anais Mitchell, Cassandra Jenkins, Steam Down, Circuit Des Yeux, Xenia Rubinos, Alabaser Deplume, Audiobooks, Modern Women, Cola and Bingo Fury are all acts that stick out on first look. It's a shame there's no L'Rain, Tirzah, Amen Dunes, Arooj Aftab and Jenny Hval but maybe some of them will be added later. There seems to be lots of smaller acts on the bill so maybe we might get some bigger acts added later like the last few years. They normally add some good stuff later down the line - 2018 (White Denim, Iceage), 2019 (Kelly Lee Owens, KOKOKO!, Wand, Gazelle Twin, Kelly Moran). The second announcement for the original 2020 line up was very strong with Songhoy Blues, Makaya McCraven, Anna Meredith, Blanck Mass, Sorry, Keeley Forsyth, William Doyle, PVA, John, caroline among others.
  7. I reckon Aldous is a Woods sub, Perfume Genius on at same time as Pixies.
  8. It's either that or Garden headliner I reckon.
  9. Black Midi for late night big top I reckon.
  10. I reckon it'll be Perfume Genius on the garden stage. Kurt vile subbing woods.
  11. Khrungbin and Bright Eyes as headliners is so weak
  12. John Glacier or Moor Mother would be brilliant. The dream is that they manage to get a set out of Dean Blunt but I'm fairly certain he's no longer doing gigs in the UK
  13. Sadly 50 Cent is a UK exclusive at Parklife so that much requested Garden headline slot is off the cards.
  14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are European exclusives at Primavera Sound.
  15. John Glacier in the Big Top would be nice.
  16. is she really big enough still? Strikes me as a sub at best or maybe a Garden headliner.
  17. ''9:30 am tomorrow, folks. Any final wishes for 2022? #EOTR2022''
  18. They always announce in the last week of January, or at least have been for the last few years.
  19. Part of me wonders if EOTR have done something mental like booked Shame to headline.
  20. Final prediction for EOTR: Perfume Genius, Big Thief, Pixies and King Gizzard. Green Man: IDLES, Michael Kiwanuka, Beach House and Little Simz.
  21. Stronger than the EOTR 2022 headliners I mean.
  22. I thought the original planned 2020 EOTR headliners were much stronger than those for GM but reckon on paper GM's 2022 headliners might seem stronger.
  23. Also going back to my original point, it's not just Florence's dwindling popularity that makes me think they wouldn't book a trio of her, Dua and Billie but I think they'd want to diversify a bit. I reckon bands like the 1975 are ahead of Florence in the queue. Maybe even someone like Liam Gallagher too.
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