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Your favourite Glasto images

Madabout G

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1 hour ago, waltere said:

You must have been very close to me during this. That's pretty much exactly the view I had!

Was by one of the speaker towers witnessed an unfortunate guy struggling the effects of something ... I think some help had to be called if you remember that ? I was lit up like the stage :) but I guess if I was stood slightly behind u you wouldn’t have spotted me 

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7 hours ago, crazyfool1 said:

its a shame some of the earlier ones have disappeared or in photo bucket .... was looking back at earlier pages the other day ... nice1 for starting it ... its a lovely place for photos :) 

Thank you 👍 I cant access my earlier photos! Ive stopped using my photobucket account and email address / passwords are long gone & forgotten unfortunately. 

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I'm no photographer, but for the sake of this thread I thought I'd share two of my favourite photos from Glasto 2016. I think they nicely capture two sides of this wonderful place.

(The second photo is two of my friends who thought a two-man tent would be big enough for two people. The fools).



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From last year, my first Glasto:

At the Green Fields, some random guy playing Wonderwall:



Listening to Worthy FM in the morning:



Sunset at William's Green:



At the temple:






A lovely couple on The Other:



Enjoying Liam:



A good read:



This kid enjoying a big crowd at Kylie:



And The Cure:


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