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  1. It’s always really shocking to me how many people don’t have OK Computer at number one.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, totally missed this until now. Haven’t had much motivation to come on here since things started going to shit.
  3. Don’t know what crowd you were in but IDLES wasn’t full of dicks at all. And drop in quality? Just because it maybe wasn’t to your taste doesn’t mean the quality dropped. They were superb.
  4. Surely you shouldn’t be taking those bookings? From a moral and a public health perspective.
  5. That’s who my money’s on.
  6. I’m 100% they’ll be there. I asked the frontman after their Glasgow gig if they were playing and he stonewalled me, just said he didn’t know. I’m convinced it was a “I just can’t say” don’t know, rather than a real one.
  7. I‘m hoping they’re the missing JPT headliner for the Sunday 🤞🏻
  8. Never said anything about not paying attention to the experts. Merely pointing out that the situation today is not what it’ll be at the end of June. We might be over the peak, we might not. The whole country just needs to calm down and follow the medical guidance. Get the feeling there’s a few panic buyers in this thread.
  9. The festival isn’t for three and a half months. Three and half months ago none of us had heard of Covid-19. In three and a half months China’s managed to hit its peak, bring the numbers back down, and is now starting to return to normality. There’s no reason to think we can’t do similar. Is it a worry for Glastonbury? Of course, but the doom and gloom surrounding this thread is mental.
  10. Rubber Soldier

    2020 headliners

    I would assume Noel gets bumped up from subbing Macca to headlining. Which would go down a jobby in the punch bowl on here, but would be the simplest option for the festival.
  11. Williams Green in the sun last year. My girlfriend and two of our pals. Sums up G19 for me this photo.
  12. Too busy calling gold members c**ts obviously.
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