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  1. Clouded over about 3pm I think. It was incredible. Me and Mrs Solider walked from Tangerine Fields (Gate B ) to The Park for Mattiel about midday, and while she was great, it nearly killed us. It was oppressively hot, and with nowhere to hide. We walked back over to Williams Green to meet our crew for Fontaines DC, and genuinely felt ill. Never even ventured into the tent to see them. I had to go for a very unpleasant long drop shit around that time too. It was a rough few hours. The cloud saved my Saturday. This is why 2017 was the best. Sincerely Little Girl.
  2. Does anyone have this year’s coverage saved? Or could point me in the direction of someone/somewhere that does? Been flat out with work and then a trip for a wedding since getting home from the farm that I never got the chance to do it myself.
  3. The singer from The Good, The Bad and The Queen sounds like the guy from Blur. Does that count?
  4. Rubber Soldier


    The soundbleed from Stonebridge is horrendous. They really need to address it.
  5. Rubber Soldier

    2020 headliners

    👍🏻 👍🏻 There’s such a huge amount of incredible music being made by female artists/female fronted bands these days that it’s only matter of time before an all female Pyramid day happens IMO. And no one will bat an eyelid. Other than a few gammony types.
  6. I think the fact it was nearly 30 degrees outside and there was no one in the place tells it’s own story. It felt like when a Wetherspoons tries to hide that it’s Wetherspoons.
  7. Mallets, Thatchers, Carlsberg. It’s all piss water. So much choice out there these days and these are the options. Got excited when I saw a bar called “Tap House” near Leftfield. Carlsberg, Thatchers and then 3/4 manky, flat “real” ales. Where’s the IPA’s? Where’s any sort of choice at all?
  8. I felt pretty much the same. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t love it. I hadn’t seen them since 2011, so had been expecting a transcendental experience, but I came away feeling a little disappointed. Maybe I had built it up too much? Maybe it was the shite sound where we were? (It was really quiet) Maybe it was the large amount of class A’s whizzing round my brain? Probably a combination tbh.
  9. Rubber Soldier

    2020 headliners

    He was the biggest male pop star on the planet at the time, and while he’s not to my taste, I can see why people would enjoy hi/ music and his set. With The 1975 I genuinely can’t fathom what anyone gets from them. They’re so, so bad.
  10. Rubber Soldier

    2020 headliners

    I don’t care how many records and tickets The 1975 have sold, the one thing that disqualifies them from headlining is really simple; The fucking suck. Really and truly. They are an awful, awful band. Churning out some of the most laughably bad music known to man. I’d honestly rather listen to a load of cats being flung into a wood chipper for 2 hours than a 1975 headline set. Each to their own though.
  11. Rubber Soldier


    Had the “chicken” sushi roll from the Vegan Maki stall in Williams Green on Saturday. That was really good. The pizza from the Wood Fired Pizza still I had on Thursday was not. They were crazy busy and obviously rushing them out, because the cheese and toppings were melted together but not into the sauce/base, so it all came off when tried to pick up a slice. Crispy squid and chorizo from Kraken was great too although the portion was pretty small for seven quid.
  12. Rubber Soldier

    The Cure

    How you could watch that set and say there was no magic is baffling. It was utterly spellbinding IMO.
  13. Rubber Soldier


    Was dead every time I went by it.
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