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  1. That was Adele year. You could see the enormous rain cloud approaching while Tame Impala were on, but it veered off course and never hit the site.
  2. We spend an awful lot of time in the pub.
  3. The weather was mostly fine at the actual festival in 2016. Well, mostly dry anyway. It was the downpours the few days before that turned it into the mud bath.
  4. Rubber Soldier


    Caught them in Glasgow at multi-venue festival last year, they were decent. Worth going along early for anyway.
  5. Rubber Soldier


    Friday Barrowland tickets for our crew. Nice birthday weekend treat for me. Really, really would like it to be safe. It’s been six months since my last live experience and I miss it a lot. A fucking lot.
  6. Where did you get the darker coloured one? Absolutely love that.
  7. Rubber Soldier


    JPT is 10K capacity isn’t it? Plus overspill. The immediate Park field capacity is much less, although obviously you could get more than 10K in the wider field in general.
  8. They really did. Robert Smith has absolutely no business sounding that good at 60. A genuinely astonishing performance.
  9. Rubber Soldier


    What’s with all the hate for the new single? It’s classic IDLES. They’ve always had daft lyrics.
  10. I adore Wednesday and Thursday, but Friday just shades it. That feeling when you’re watching your opening act, there isn’t much better. You’ve just had an amazing two days/nights, and the festival proper is only now starting. Fucking love that place.
  11. It’s always really shocking to me how many people don’t have OK Computer at number one.
  12. Thanks for the heads up, totally missed this until now. Haven’t had much motivation to come on here since things started going to shit.
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