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  1. 11 years on and the thread still going strong....... Cheers guys! x
  2. Loved Emily & Jessies tip about the Goan Fish Curry near West Holts stage...... I'll definitely be checking that out!!
  3. I too remember Vampthing form the old glasto boards. she was always lovely and great to know. RIP Flash x
  4. Thank you 👍 I cant access my earlier photos! Ive stopped using my photobucket account and email address / passwords are long gone & forgotten unfortunately.
  5. I started it December 14th 2009 so it’s been going strong for over 10 years! 💪🥇🏆😎
  6. Thanks to everyone for keeping this thread alive 💯👍❤️
  7. Thanks for keeping this thread alive guys ❤️?
  8. Spare 11 minutes of your life to listen to this remarkable young lady. It made me cry for all the right reasons ?❤️
  9. Great plate isn’t it. I’ve owned it for about 14 years. That pic was taken a couple of years ago. I let my mate put it on his motor home when he came to the festival. Its on retention now until I get a decent (worthy) vehicle to put it on.
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