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  1. chickenfire

    Kendrick Lamar

    I saw Kendrick when he last played Glasgow so I thought it would be a bit soon to see him again at Glasto. I think I was wrong.
  2. There are standing tickets for Glasgow and Manchester available through o2 priority if that helps anyone
  3. Hydro Website has this listed too: TICKET INFO £55.15 - £75.00
  4. I think the frustration regarding the first weekend is valid. Especially going back to the first announcement and for people not staying much before or after the weekend. The first Thursday looks pretty weak now compared to other days and I’m still hoping for a big (ish) addition
  5. Just bought this from Next. I owe you a pint!
  6. chickenfire


    Just realised this is the same date as Coldplay at Hampden. My wife is not best pleased that I’m choosing RATM without hesitation
  7. chickenfire


    RATM playing Edinburgh is simply mind-blowing to me. Barely feels real. Regardless of price, I'll be trying for tickets tomorrow. I assume as it's promoted by Connect, it won't be too much more than the day tickets for that (£71.50)
  8. Arcade Fire are back in New York on May 7th for SNL so won’t be hanging about for a month. It’s possible they come back over but not likely
  9. Saw this in Costco recently. Anyone reckon it would hold up to the Glasto mud? https://www.costco.co.uk/Sports-Spas-Leisure/Camping/Camping-Equipment/XL-Steel-Folding-Wagon/p/2622069?utm_campaign=FY22P9W1f&utm_medium=email&utm_source=email&utm_content=Feat-13&utm_term=xl
  10. We drove from the UK in 2017 and paid on arrival. It was cash only! We had to go back to the nearest town and hunt for cash as the rest of the festival was cashless. It might have changed post-Covid but consider this a warning 😄 It took us a couple of hours to get out but we ended up parked pretty far down, away from the exit. Depends on when you arrive/leave really. Bit of luck required.
  11. I reckon they will bring a band or two into weekend one but not necessarily as big as Massive Attack. Phoenix or Interpol would be fine to bring over a bit early for me.
  12. Being realistic, I'm not sure who would've made it better (ignoring Swift). It's superb.
  13. They are playing Edinburgh the weekend I'm at Primavera. They are playing Primavera the weekend I'm back in Edinburgh. They look out for Glastonbury too. Miserable morning!
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