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  1. The Rock Werchter line up is looking quite ridiculous at this point.
  2. Looks like The Vaccines are in the Sunday secret slot
  3. He just confirmed it on the main stage too!
  4. According to the Lanyard this is Bleach Lab’s slot. “Surprise Performance” at midnight each night on the BBC Introducing stage according to the Lanyard too
  5. First Aid Kit and Joe Lycett both “no longer able to make” it. I wonder how many more acts will quietly slide off the line up.
  6. For those who didn't watch the video, none of the Headliners are mentioned in that final screen grab. Great line up overall (depending on weekend splits!)
  7. It will be interesting to see what this actually looks like considering the failed attempt at moving Electric Fields there last year.
  8. I’ve not been in a few years (2014) but have they extended the Other Stage field at all? It was a bit of a squeeze during busy acts back then so if they have even bigger acts on, it could be a disaster. Especially if it’s a heavier band.
  9. This would be mind blowing. I’m going to be thinking about this for a long time until my dreams are definitely squashed
  10. Having bought tickets for the BMTH day a couple of months back, I’m a little bit annoyed that they are literally giving them away for free. Would love to know how many tickets they sold for the 3 days this weekend.
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