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  1. I remember this and my God what utter shite, gets my vote. Played so much from Stadium Arcadium (which way mainly toss) and so many pointless jams. Put me off them so much
  2. Couldn’t get past the registrations page because it kept crashing, was giving up hope and then a friend of my sister-in-law (who I’ve never even met) got us tickets. Feel so lucky and blessed to be going again, see you all there!!!
  3. the_arsonist

    The Zone

    I’ve been awake for ages now, time is moving slower than it should... Need that 9am to be out of my misery either way!
  4. the_arsonist

    Coach Question

    Pretty sure all the coaches back are on Monday
  5. I'll be at work as well, internet can be brilliant but also terrible so hopefully with no one else here I'll be alright...
  6. The most stress you can think of basically
  7. This was about 8am Sunday heard from a nearby tent: Lad 1: *makes very loud chundering noise* About 5 mins pass... Lad 2: Urgh mate were you just sick in the tent? No response, a couple of minutes later... Lad 1: What the fuck have I been sick or something?
  8. Have always gone early doors Wednesday morning and been in the queue from about 4am but this year on a Thursday coach. Mates are putting up tents already and I just want to be there! This work day already feels like it's dragging and it's not even 9:10 yet!
  9. The cheese truck is so friggin good I can’t even put it into words
  10. I’ll never have a super spicy curry when I’m trashed again at glasto. I’m not the best with spice in the real world but it was intensely unpleasant, painful and day ruining!
  11. Been to pretty much all of them before over the years except the rabbit hole (inside bit). Can never figure out how to actually get in??
  12. Sorry if this has been mentioned before but would Bloc Party not be a good shout for JP/other? They’re doing silent alarm in full and playing in the UK on the Friday and saturday
  13. Limp bizkit would be so great. Also they must have the most widespread appeal out of those mentioned
  14. My friend managed to get ours in the coach resale, seems like it was tough for a lot of people so I’m believably hyped. 6th festival for me, may be arriving on the Thursday but for me it’s worth it just knowing I’ll be there
  15. Always managed to get through on the regular sale most years so this is my first resale. Absolutely cacking my pants would be an understatement
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