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  1. That's what I'm praying for. Would be so awesome please make it happen Trees people!
  2. Can't wait to finally hear Loathe play their new album after it was one of my favourites last year. Higher Power should be great fun and glad Conjurer will be getting a go on a bigger stage
  3. Johnson's answers are absolutely farcical. I can't remember once when he's actually answered any of the questions put to him during PMQ's
  4. Apparently Biden has won Wisconsin (sorry I don't know how to imbed a tweet...) Chris D. Jackson(@ChrisDJackson) BREAKING Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator says on @NBCNews: “All of the ballots have been counted.” Joe Biden has won Wisconsin by 20,697 votes.
  5. Oh yes CNN livestream is going back on
  6. As with everything it appears to be completely baseless
  7. I mean it's not like our floppy haired twat likes to stick to the rules now anyway is it
  8. Yeah Florida is gone basically, really surprised by the Carolina’s though, surely that’s a good sign
  9. Wow the coverage on CNN puts the other channels to shame, I’m gripped now!
  10. Wasn’t gonna bother staying up but here I am. Might even crack a beer, why not eh
  11. I went to Jamie Lenman last night at the New Cross Inn and honestly just going to a gig was magical. It stirred a happiness inside of me that I haven't felt since March and it was just so incredible to be there. Had a load of other socially distanced gigs lined up for November which will obviously be cancelled now but last night just reaffirmed how important live music is for me personally. Nothing else comes close
  12. Me and my wife hadn't watched TM at all until last Friday and have now finished 2 seasons haha. So hooked!
  13. I'd say Architects are probably too big to headline Trees to be honest? I'm sure they did Wembley Arena on their last tour and Trees headliners are nowhere near that size normally
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