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  1. I've just read the 2022 ticket resale faq. Feel a bit sick and very sweaty palm! Only 90 days till gates open (please please please!)
  2. i meant to quote @benali !! oh well..
  3. Makes it bloody expensive. Thankfully the kids sneak in on 33 quid each but year after they wont...
  4. Yeah this is taking the piss! Not GM fault I guess.
  5. Trying to get back in for friends. Any tips?
  6. Really hope 100% 100% need to get tickets first. Off to greenman in a couple weeks and 100% excited!
  7. Probably already been discussed but is there an efests meet up planned?
  8. Whilst I'd love to see it I found the TV coverage (albeit brief!) quite bittersweet viewing. Happily support something if it kept glasto going (and guaranteed me a ticket!! 😁)
  9. Depends a little bit where in the country you are. Where I am the itus are still full, patients are being transferred between regions to help manage demand and all elective operations stopped. Fingers crossed it should get better soon but care is still needed to help avoid inadvertent transmission. Also important to say that if you do need treatment you will get it but it's stretched.
  10. Genuinely gutted. Had been hoping against hope.
  11. Hello folks. Been hiding for a while. Last time I looked this thread was only 3 figures!!! How are you all? Bad news today eh? Slightly cheerier news I have been vaccinated against covid so that's that slight worry put off a bit.
  12. Gutted. Been hiding from here for months now. Had been hoping and holding out. Nightmare for all involved. Nightmare all-round really (wider context and all that.)
  13. I really hope so! Need tickets first! 🤣
  14. Yeah saw about October. Hard not to take that as meaning it's gonna be tough. But yes - very much still in!
  15. @vintagelaureate semmtexx reporting for spreadsheet duties!
  16. Had taken a bit of a break from here. Busy with work and all that plus feeling negative about chances and coming on here, though cool, does make you think quite a lot about what you'll be (might be!!) missing!
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