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  1. sophiemarie


    Check out Briefs Bite Club! (Theatre and Circus Fields)
  2. I seem to have one big sob every festival. Definitely this moment at Kylie in 2019, too. 2017 was Nile Rogers speaking about his own cancer battle. 2016 was the entire duration of LCD Soundsystems “All My Friends” (I had waited so long to see them, and couldn’t believe it was finally happening!)
  3. sophiemarie


    Were there any offered at all? Or did they sellout at lightning speed?
  4. I’m a bit of a lurker here, but this news has made me so happy! Good karma I’m sure.
  5. 'Lightning', 'Good Ones', 'Baby' and 'Move Me' are all bangers. Plus a couple of bops. Not bad! (I may be the only person in the world that likes 'Beg for You' 🙈)
  6. How do I find this page, please? (I am bad at internet.)
  7. Now I'm confused. You can only buy two tickets at a time in the coach resale? But you can buy four tickets in the general resale?
  8. My first clash heartbreak... and so it begins!
  9. I'm really hoping Friday night for Charli 🤞🏻
  10. Brilliant, thank you @Johnnyseven!
  11. Piggybacking on this thread… Does anyone know how to buy a parking pass for Worthy View? I’m taking the coach, but my mates (on the same WV booking) don’t fancy shlepping their gear from a different carpark and across the festival.
  12. After a nightmare in which I forgot to pay the balance, I am officially going to Glastonbury 2022! 🤠
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