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  1. sophiemarie

    2020 headliners

    I had the same prediction, but — as @Matt42 says — he was booked in 2013 and pulled out. I think once your relationship with Michael Eavis is soured, that's it.
  2. If you're planning on purchasing anything on Mountain Warehouse today, use the discount code TUBE20 for 20% off
  3. sophiemarie

    2020 headliners

    Has The Weeknd been considered as a possibility yet? As far as I'm aware, he hasn't played Glastonbury before, and it sounds like new music is on the way.
  4. I reverse image searched the Trump illustration, and it doesn't appear on any other websites. So if it is a fake, the artist has really gone above and beyond. In fact, whoever made it deserves to be rewarded... with a RATM set at Glastonbury.
  5. I was at that Big Day Out, and it was horrible for Bjork (and her fans). IIRC, she cancelled the rest of the tour because of it.
  6. Bloody hell, that was pandemonium! Managed 2 x 4-person tents in Worthy View! But the lead booker is now going to stay in a Campervan... Does she need to be there to check us into Worthy View?
  7. Anybody know what the URL will be for tomorrow's sale? Would it be glastonbury.seetickets.com again? (I'm trying to idiot-proof my group chat...)
  8. Bioplastic is such an unregulated term, too. If something is "biodegradable", it can still release trace elements of plastic into the environment. Plastic particles from biodegradable tents at Glastonbury could easily end up in the cows stomachs.
  9. Oh god, the nervous are kicking in again! Does anyone know how many tipis you can buy at a time? We potentially have two tipis worth...
  10. I love a good Glastonbury conspiracy theory.
  11. You just reminded me of the absolute legend at New Order that timed his flare gun shot to explode at exactly the 3.32 mark into Blue Monday. Incredible.
  12. I'm curious about this too, and am in a similar situation. I was lucky enough to get tickets, but my best friend didn't (and is absolutely inconsolable). I'd really like to pre-order the book, and if I am very (very!) lucky and win the draw, would hate for that luck to go to waste.
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