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  1. Gabi_says

    2020 headliners

    Led Zeppelin, Madonna, Depeche Mode
  2. Fatboy Slim will be there. What I would love is a good, proper Liam - Noel clash
  3. Pictures of you and Lullaby
  4. Here's one for us Google Play Music users. A taster of all bands on the bill, not a heavily curated selection just top songs.
  5. So, OK ... might not be the most exciting line-up we've ever seen, might even be terrible to some (?) but, does it really make any difference in how you feel about attending or how much you'll enjoy the festival? Most of us have been saying for a long time that Glastonbury is about much more than just the bands, but would you still go if there's only a handful of acts you'd like to see?
  6. The Killers The Cure Liam Gallagher Tame Impala The Chemical Brothers Vampire Weekend Ms. Lauryn Hill Janelle Monae Snow Patrol Cat Power The Good, The Bad & The Queen Hot Chip Santigold IDLES Diplo Michael Kiwanuka Neneh Cherry Interpol Sheryl Crow Fatoumata Diawara Low Far too many to actually get excited about the poster
  7. I feel this is the year I'll manage to see everything else, this is gonna be my 'about everything else but the bands' Glastonbury. I'll happily catch some of the acts, but I don't see any clash-frustration for me this year. It'll be great!
  8. There goes my day, then. I had this big plan to actually work and get a lot done today, but I guess now I'll HAVETO spend the entire day jumping between this place, Twitter and the festival website while listening to Lauren Laverne's show just in case ...
  9. April 21st, inside an easter egg
  10. Faux doors to make the loos look like long drops Have someone dressed like him and wearing a Michael Eavis mask going around the place every now and then
  11. Has any of you met your significant other, or ex, or person you never saw again but fell in love with for the 5 days there, at the festival? Or here, or in some other Glasto-related way? And if not, do you remember the moment and the reason why you fell in love with Glasto over every other festival?
  12. Last day of packing before moving to a new home I came across "the drawer". It's getting taped and moved as-is. A lot missing there as I was reminded this is only from the last move around 10 years ago. Apparently I packed the old stuff in a binder I haven't seen since, with a very serious promise to turn it all into a project.
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