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  1. Terrible papers. And the news of the world. Never forget they hacked into the voicemail of a murdered child and in doing so lead the family to think their child was alive.
  2. Well I quite enjoy reading the points of view here but the Mail. Makes my head pound. I try to avoid the mail and the comments for my own sanity!
  3. I applaud your efforts to educate the Daily Mail reader but alas I fear it is a futile task.
  4. Probably being dim here but how is slack better or different to using a whatsapp group? (For ticket buying purposes)
  5. I'm torn. This is both generous and foolhardy. I'm assuming you'll be adding them whilst giving them 'the talk' detailing swamps, terrible food, poor sound quality, boredom in the evening, bad vibes and when then can drop out till - yes?
  6. Booked mine as people at work are talking about going, in fact someone who has never gone actually booked before me! Thought best not risk it though it does feel like I am angering the ticket gods. 🙏
  7. semmtexx


    Looks amazing. Talk about this years weather being fabulous! What a fest!
  8. semmtexx

    Long drops

    I can't believe that I actually feel disappointed about this! What on earth have I turned into that I want the clanging noise of a stinking shitter back!
  9. Plus there's a lovely breeze drying everything out and blowing the clouds away - sun is on its way!
  10. In E15. Campervan level, awning pitched, beer open, brew, well, brewing. No mud. Tent pegs go in with sturdy foot. It's awesome. Welcome home everyone and here's to an amazing festival. Love to all!
  11. semmtexx

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Amateur. Electrolysis weeks ago.
  12. semmtexx

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    This thread has taken an unexpected Mr Hanky turn...
  13. semmtexx

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    To be fair I've just spent 10 minutes thinking "why do I need clothes pegs, what am I missing??!" 🤣 Think I've gone a bit delirious with the excitement!
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