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  1. You feel our pain then! Not been here before (guess I've been pretty lucky so far!) most definitely hoping it's only a temporary membership to this club! No reflection on the esteemed and lovely members! 👍
  2. This stuff is great. Took some last year. Handed out sheets to people around me as I was washing my own hands. Simple act of washing your hands with soap was a real joy!
  3. Ok. Have thoroughly started this weekend! Quite gone! Have fun all! 🤣
  4. Agree with others - this evokes great memories! Just hope that I'm lucky enough to get tickets in the resale!
  5. Happy Friday all. It's a loverly day down here. Clear, crisp, nice and frosty. Love it. Here's to the weekend.
  7. I'll think you'll find I am Mr Glitterball head and EL wiring! 😀😆 Did the 'other' Mr Glitterball head do something to embarrass himself?
  8. Well it's much appreciated - so thank you again!
  9. Seriously - those of you flying - fingers crossed it works out.
  10. Presumably this 😷 has just become the worlds most popular emoji?
  11. @lessthanwill1 you have to be slightly careful though as it soon turns into a massive labour of love that other efesters start requesting!! Just ask @Brave Sir Robin 😆👍
  12. Just listening to your playlist. Tidy! Thanks very much for doing this - totally appreciated! Cheers.
  13. Like it! Yeah bet it is heavy. When I had the glitter ball helmet my neck would be knackered after some proper dancing! Was fine when I was still riding motorbikes but I gave that up a while ago. Also accidentally headbutted someone and cut their nose. Was completely an accident and they were very cool about it but I felt very guilty! Calmed it down after that, especially in busy crowds. Gotta love ali express!
  14. Bonkers! Love it! What are the white light strips on the inside of the pyramid? I imagine it draws enough gigawatts to send you back to 1955!
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