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  1. semmtexx

    2019 Headliners

    Handy thing the thingy but reading through the thingy makes me feel nervous when I get to the 'sold out in 26 minutes'. What's this year going to be like... Genuinely worried!
  2. semmtexx


    That's a tasty playlist. It's on spotify, missing the Bowie/Led Zep cover thou. https://open.spotify.com/user/smashingpumpkinsofficial/playlist/1EYxweVt0HyES6fs9GzlEG?si=1I2HFUWSTkabu8Dflqoh-Q
  3. semmtexx

    DT Project Coursework - Festival Cleanliness

    Morning Yog. I'd love to share a drink with you! 😀 To tell the truth I hadn't noticed (until you then said) that it was Novichock vodka!
  4. semmtexx

    DT Project Coursework - Festival Cleanliness

    Yeah! I love a vodka and coke! Rack em up!
  5. semmtexx

    DT Project Coursework - Festival Cleanliness

    Good luck but I'll wager you'll miss a load of responses by using a survey site that requires you to sign in. Sorry not done - for this reason. Learning point. Don't be buying milk off the Yogster!
  6. semmtexx

    2019 Improvements

    That would be amazing. Instead of swans or other birds they could be huge Eavis heads to float around in. Awesome!
  7. semmtexx

    Would it have been too hot?

    Totally agreed! 😀
  8. semmtexx

    Would it have been too hot?

    We're got one of those Quequecha light and fresh tents. It's silvered on the inside. It's noticeably cooler than other tent. You could sleep in full sun I'd say, so long as you've got all your flaps open (oo-er missus).
  9. semmtexx

    Would it have been too hot?

    Yeah the woods were lovely. They also helped in 2016 - quite a lot less muddy. I spent a fair time on a rather nice bench or two late at night (willing my legs to work and my mind to land).
  10. semmtexx

    Would it have been too hot?

    Tbh I can't believe people are really contemplating complaining about the sun! Of course it's better than the rain! Come on, heart of hearts, we'd all prefer the sun yeah? Ps. I'm of the ginge persuasion (strawberry blond as my mother would say!) and freckled - and I want the sun!
  11. semmtexx

    Would it have been too hot?

    Mmmm bacon. Yum.
  12. semmtexx

    Would it have been too hot?

    Sun all the way! Lying down in the sun with a cool drink smelling the sweet waft of grass all around vs standing all day with sore feet clutching a cup of tea for warmth and the smell of mud. No contest. Sun. However, mud vs no ticket? Easy! Mud the whole way!
  13. semmtexx

    Dissertation help

    Done! Nice a forum member posts a survey! Good luck!
  14. semmtexx

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Really notice the not being able to sit down in '16. Everything was covered in mud.The place seemed to be continually churning over, think normally towards end of the evening you and your group can sit down and have a chill but you couldn't do that '16. Very boring! I'm with you on sitting comfortably, I loves a seat for a chat I does.
  15. semmtexx

    So how much truth is there in this Madonna rumour?

    We're all jealous!