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  1. semmtexx


    Sorry -- I was being silly, I don't think it's connected! I was going with your spooky bit! πŸ˜€ Hope the slidey thing comes back, it was cool!
  2. semmtexx


    You think they might be connected?
  3. semmtexx


    Ok. The slidey thing seems to have disappeared!! Can anyone else see it?? Was it test feature? This is what I get now. Using same computer/browser etc.
  4. semmtexx


    Oooo I quite like the new (well, first time I've noticed) slidey feature Glastocam has got!
  5. semmtexx

    Best Bogs

    Quite a fan of a (clean) portaloo in the morning. Have the luxury of being in camper van field so there’re not so bad. You can lock the door, rest your head on the inside of the door and get on with it in anonymity. Head is normally pretty pounding at that time. Not so much fun when it’s baking hot in a turdis though. On site in the evening when your, erm, partying hard then the composters come into action, unless it’s a wee then the long drops are a thing of outdoor micturating beauty.
  6. semmtexx

    Best Bogs

  7. semmtexx

    Your Glastonbury Festival pictures

    Lawks! Imagine crashing into that when battered on some of Glasto finest! I think I'd quite literally lose my shit.
  8. semmtexx

    Glastonbury is this year!!!

  9. semmtexx

    The Glastonbury 2019 fancy dress threads

    Hahahaha - you too! πŸ‘πŸ˜ Laser gloves? Nice! Need to start work on my outfit rather than some cobbled together last minute effort. Think will go the boiler suit and white ribbon over led strips as suggested. Looks mint!
  10. semmtexx

    The Glastonbury 2019 fancy dress threads

    Pretty cool. Bought the red fox one and the, I don't know how to describe it, Jim Carrey mask type one with a cigarette? The fox one is not so bright but looks good, the Jim Carrey one is very bright and looks great! Both constant (well react to music), no other mode. Happy over all. Would I recommend? Well I've seen them at about the tenner mark. For that yeah a bit of fun. Much more, probably not. They are not quite as good as the ones promo on the kickstarter page. Happy Xmas btw.
  11. semmtexx

    2019 Headliners

    Phwoah! Thanks!
  12. Yes this. I love tea and always take loose leaf tea and teapot - single estate Darjeeling! Recognise I may sound like a tool but I really love tea! Tbf I also take tea bags so I can make a cuppa when I get back battered. Needs must and all that, i.e. some tea is better than no tea.
  13. They are fine dunkers. Recently I've strayed a bit and started dunking croissants. Feels so very continental.
  14. Hahaha! Whoops! 😊 Genuine mistake, can't abide all that silly spelling! Thank you for pointing that out 😁 Hope you feel less freaked out now! πŸ‘β˜•πŸͺ