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  1. I really hope so! Need tickets first! 🤣
  2. Yeah saw about October. Hard not to take that as meaning it's gonna be tough. But yes - very much still in!
  3. @vintagelaureate semmtexx reporting for spreadsheet duties!
  4. Had taken a bit of a break from here. Busy with work and all that plus feeling negative about chances and coming on here, though cool, does make you think quite a lot about what you'll be (might be!!) missing!
  5. Sorry for late reply! Have been on hols! Definately still in!!
  6. And Brexit voters. Every cloud. (I don't really mean this obviously)
  7. Evening Yog. Sorry to hear it was only an ok night. I’d imagine nights your end, fuelled by acid, would be pretty big!! Wont hold you up as it’s bad to be out when you fancy a drink! Wonder what you're getting?? Gin and tonic? Crisp white? Roundy red? Big night planned? Very well here btw - thanks for asking! Though it's pretty rainy. Upside is I love the noise when I'm dry indoors!
  8. How’d it go then? Good night?
  9. Right back atcha! 😉
  10. Always positive! Always ready with a 'its all good message!' Love it! Cheers fella! 😁👍
  11. Hahaha! Every little helps!🤣
  12. Don’t worry! I did get that! Not always clear over the net hey?! 😁
  13. Fuck Wetherspoons. Why? Brexit Fucking staff over for profit.
  14. I love the campfire haze across the site. Miss the campfires everywhere.
  15. All we need is smell over the Internet and we'll be sorted!
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