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  1. Only downside of a poncho is they’re fairly difficult to wrangle in a turdis/long drop. Especially after a bit of sauce!
  2. This. Over a few rainy ones I’ve used a chair (argh!) and poncho. Sit on the chair, poncho over the sides = you’re good and dry. Works a treat.
  3. Mug has arrived and lovely it is too. When I told mrs the reason I bought it (someone on the internet told me it’d bring us luck in April) she looked at me with a mixture of pity and the expression you’d use when seeing a puppy. I’m unsure if it meant I’d done good or bad... 🤣
  4. Have you bought a mug?? Eh eh eh eh??? 🤣
  5. You tell me now???!!!! WHAT???!!!
  6. So I get a guaranteed ticket with this mug yeah?
  7. To be fair I've £3.19 to lose but the question is whether it'll be worth it? Very very tempted.
  8. Shit. This is pretty convincing stuff. Given I'm stuck in the worst club in the forum I might just order myself a mug.
  9. Tidy! Can you link to it so we can have a looksie?
  10. Like the attitude! I've got a few mates going and I know they love it and have the full glasto experience. If I don't get tickets and know they are there (plus no doubts loads of texts and pics) it'll be bloody torture!!!!
  11. Ta for the heads up. Was never very likely was it!
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