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  1. Seriously, the COOLEST number plate ever 😎🎶😎🎶#GLASTO
  2. Seriously fella, get tested. Sound like Covid to me and believe me, I know! The main symptom I picked up on in your description is the taste thing. I had a proper metallic taste in the day or so up to my positive test. Thankfully I’ve got through it with little or no long term damage (I think / HOPE!) and my wife has tested negative so we’re all ok now other than still having zero taste or smell. it was a horrific experience so book yourself a test.
  3. Thank you for all your kind messages. Thankfully, I seemed to have turned a corner and my breathing has gone pretty much back to normal. I still have a cough and absolutely no sense of taste or smell, but I’m a hell of a lot better than I was. It’s been a very scary week feeling worse than I ever felt in my whole life and it’s really put the virus into perspective as far as how damaging and dangerous it really can be. I was definitely one of the ‘Covid complacents’, assuming that I’d be fine because of my general levels of health and fitness, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It totally floored me and for a few days made me very scared with a feeling of complete helplessness. Paracetamol just wasn’t cutting it so I just had to endure the pain and discomfort and let time take it’s course, with everything crossed that it didn’t get any worse and I’d have to go to hospital. My wife showed very mild symptoms yesterday so went for a drive through test and now awaiting her results. Today though, she feels fine, but better safe than sorry. My Son seems to have swerved the bullet and seems fit and well despite being exposed to it as part of the household self isolation process. He still has a few days left of SI, but it looks like he’s ok. All in all it’s been a pretty horrific time for us all, but we have to be thankful that we’re one of the lucky families that haven’t lost anyone. Stay safe everyone and please don’t let ‘Covid complacency’ take you out like it almost did to me. x
  4. I had a drive-thru test on 20th September and tested positive on the 21st. Currently at home feeling absolutely shocking. Breathing shallow, a painful cough and a constant crushing headache. I'm a reasonably fit and healthy male, aged 55. Gym 5 days a week with a very active ‘outdoorsy’ lifestyle. I've been relaxed about the virus, thinking it wouldn't affect me physically if I did catch it. I got that one wrong. And it doesn't just affect you physically, it affects you mentally. You worry about just how bad is is going to get, feeling as ill as you already do, but only a few days in. You worry about passing the horrible virus on to your loved ones, living in the same space as you and now dangerously exposed to it. I'm on day 7 now and still really poorly with zero taste or smell, every breath an absolute struggle. Our lounge is now my ‘Covid bubble’, only leaving to use the bathroom. The rest of the family keeping as safe a distance as possible, but knowing they’re all very scared being so perilously close to it. So for anyone reading this who 'poo-poos' mask wearing and social distancing etc.... Read this again. You could easily be next and I promise you it's an extremely unpleasant, frightening experience and an illness that really could kill you and the people you love most. X
  5. https://www.soul-source.co.uk/videos/view-665-phyllis-hyman-you-know-how-to-love-me-video-hq/
  6. Ok..... not Glasto related. just been watching “Diana: 7 days that shook” Where were you when you found out she‘d died? i was in my bedroom, just waking up. My mum rang around 8am. don’t think I’ve ever, or will ever have a more shocking phone call “non-family” related.
  7. I saw Wheatus in Parr Hall 😎
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