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  1. Indidually wrapped chocolate brioches and an apple for brekko.
  2. Are those shakes filling?
  3. StLewi

    The Strokes?

    I think the e-tickets will be activated on your TicketMaster account at some point tomorrow. There's no mention of ID needed, just that you'll need to be logged into the booker's account via the app or a browser. That's how I read it anyway...
  4. StLewi

    The Strokes?

    I bagged a couple. Straight through, no issues.
  5. I think I've posted this previously but worth mentioning again: Vango's Gear Strore fits perfectly on the F&B pop-ups if you need some extra space. I shared my 3-man for the first time this year and the Gear Store doubled the footprint meaning the F&B was kept just for sleeping and the porch for storing gear. A 3-man is probably too small for 2 people and rucksack, booze, etc. So this is a lifesaver. Very cheap from this eBay seller at the moment: https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/202856308260
  6. StLewi

    Tenacious D ‘20?

    They sell out arenas all over the world, they're great musicians and very entertaining. They'd be a massive hit on the Pyramid.
  7. Do they have separate bedrooms?
  8. Future Islands have new stuff out, so I'm certain they'll be playing. Think they headlined JP last time?
  9. What's the shuttle bus like on Monday morning? Hellish?
  10. StLewi

    2020 headliners

    Billie Joe Armstrong was at the festival as his sons plays drums for SWMRS. I wouldn't be surprised if Eavis had a chat with him about Green Day playing at some point. Not sure if they'd headline the Pyramid on the 50th annivesrsary, though... They could potentially work on the Other.
  11. My mate had his camping cuttlery taken off him after a search. The same security guard also tried to take his box of wine off him as it had a picture of a glass bottle on. Anyway, this security guard's supervisor gave my mate his cuttlery back whilst the other guy's back was turned.
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