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  1. Ok picking just one is impossible so I’m going for a top 3 bon iver 2009 never heard of him went along with a friend was open mouthed throughout his full set he finished with the wolves fucking hell check it out on YouTube incredible chic west holts 2013 he played lasts dance and full field erupted not one person stood still was having a full on dance off with the people stood next to us 2019 only me and my twin brother managed to get tickets in our group he’d been having a shit few months in the run up to it so I really wanted to do something with him that he really enjoys. He’s not the sort of person to look at the lineup that doesn’t bother him at all but he’s right into films so on the Sunday night I got us a car in cinemargeddon to watch his favourite film escape from new York he was grinning from ear to ear watching it with his cans lined up on the dashboard quoting all the lines. Walked back to our tent as the sun was rising Monday morning a moment that will stay with me forever
  2. acidhoose

    Acid house

    Paranoid London WOW Thursday 2-3am. 808 303 909 vintage synths all live they absolutely kick the shit out of them throw Mutado Pintado into the mix and your in for a right treat Caught them at the glade in 2017 you will not be disappointed viva acidhouse
  3. acidhoose


    Shared 10ltrs with friends last weekend every drop went. Highly recommended
  4. acidhoose

    Highlight reels

    Showdown at Glastonbury is great watch
  5. Amazing/a work of great beauty. I think I’ll get a 20ltr next time?
  6. Just ordered 10 ltrs if Kingston black for next weekend. Should be enough for a trial run ?
  7. Staying in Glastonbury from the Sunday and cycling in. Any cider farm recommendations? thanks
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