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  1. I think it's sensible to put a ban on entering countries unless you've had the vaccine and will do away with the (mostly) poorly-managed mandatory isolation after travelling. Unfortunately, with a vaccine not looking likely to arrive in Australia until March, I doubt that I will be a top priority to get a jab, meaning that as the majority celebrate the likelihood of Glastonbury going ahead for them, for many it may not. I was wondering with a friend the other day if a vaccine requirement for entry to a country will have a big impact on the number of world musicians that we are lucky to have on
  2. I downloaded the first and last partsof the 08 DVD to compare it to the youtube DVDrip video to see if there was any improvement. If anything, the youtube might look clearer. Youtube: DVD: Interestingly the youtube version doesn't the blue button overlay on it, whereas it's there the whole way through the first and last part of the DVD. It would seem that they are both the same BBC video, but may have come from different rippers. Marooned is included on the DVD in partial form as it was taken from the live feed, but then the BBC cut to Jay Z coming on stage. The qual
  3. There is very little pro-shot MA online from what I can see, you have to go all the way back to 1997 for a full concert. There is a DVD of Coachella 2006, but that's an audience recording.
  4. Done some digging on some bootleg sites, the most extensive collection doesn't have either show as audio or video. I did find the DVD for 2008, but it might be the same quality as that youtube video. According to one of the massive attack fansites it only has seven songs. The London show listed below was the Meltdown Festival and had a very similar setlist, it's an audience recoding but no idea on the quality of the recording though. In terms of getting audio, for 2008, that's probably your best bet. 2014 has a Berlin gig the week after that features the same setlist with a couple of extr
  5. You'll likely struggle to find 2014 as it wasn't shown on the BBC due to the political nature of the visuals. Can't remember if it was a 3D decision or a BBC decision. I don't know if a good quality bootleg of it exists, but would be definitely be interested if so, it was a great set and great way to close out the festival.
  6. It definitely was the case, it was reported when we first went in to No 10 that he was going in to oversee / advise on Brexit over the next few months then he would be off. He delayed an operation he had been due initially, but then as the Brexit deal got way from the Johnson government and the election arrived he decided to stick around at some point. https://www.itv.com/news/2019-08-09/the-truth-about-dominic-cummings-writes-robert-peston https://twitter.com/Steven_Swinford/status/1159928559479271424?s=20 Why he stuck around and dug himself in is of course a matter of gossip,
  7. Very late to the record organisation chat, but this is how I did mine while I had them (currently they are waiting to be shipped to Aus). Pop and rock, bandname/surname A to Z, then chronological Pop and rock compilations / various artists, sorted by label then chronological Classical, composer surname A to Z Jazz, bandname/surname A to Z then chronological Funk, soul and motown, broken down into: Motown, bandname/surname A to Z then chronological Motown compilations by chronology (although I put all of the Motown chartbusters in sequence
  8. This reddit post nails basically. Basically once the result becomes clear, Trump has few options - and he is going through the motions as the OP expected. Nowt
  9. I was so whiskied up in 2008 (I got the train up to Sheffield to watch the election with my then girlfriend only for her to break uo with me at Sheffield train station and put me on a train home) that I don't remember watching this, but I've seen it twice today and I'm not sure I've seen a better concession speech in politics - let alone speech full stop. Yes McCain was not the good guy in that election, but he could at least act like a human being.
  10. This is the beginning. Going to take a while to cross the Is and dot the Ts, but gosh darn we have finally got the start of the end game.
  11. On a complete sidenote, I, with a guy called Joe, took over the editorship of the school newspaper from Dan and his co-editor Oskar. Both were, and still seem to be, amazing guys. They started the paper themselves, got the school to endorse it, got their mates to write a bunch of stuff and it was actually good. I wrote a few album reviews and random columns for it when they were editors, and then when they left it got handed to Joe and I. Dan did the handover, which was basically showing us how Publisher works and telling us that people would be really bitter about parting with 10p to pay for
  12. The lead in Georgia has almost gone, are there enough votes left though?
  13. There was an idea doing the rounds a while ago that if it became clear that he was going to be forced from office after losing, Trump would resign the position of POTUS at some point before Biden is sworn in and Pence, as now acting POTUS, would officially pardon him off any and all crimes committed. No idea if it would work in practice, but it would be one hell of a final fuck you to the people.
  14. Biden now 20,000 votes up with 95% counted in WI
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