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  1. Unfortunately you earned the ire or Robin Ince Not sure he gets that these are put together by volunteers who don't necessarily have the time to do everything.
  2. Is there a trick to just ripping the audio, or does it need to be plugged into a third party file converter (and then into audacity to separate the tracks)?
  3. sirjonnyp


    Ha, nice to make your online acquaintance! I forgot about his exceptionally happy mate coming around looking for you to hug you My mate and I were really impressed with your toilets, definitely the best on site that we used! The 6am shift was pretty bad, although we found that the noon on Sunday shift had more sights as the morning team had condemned a lot of our ones, so by the time we got to them a few hours later and had a look to see how bad they were, a lot had got burnt on in the heat. Our worst shift was the 6pm-midnight shift though, trying to manage the hordes that descended on Silver Hayes and refused to wait was almost impossible. I think I said somewhere above that I got pushed and shouted out while trying to do the urinals. Rather unpleasant indeed!
  4. sirjonnyp


    One of the teams doing those ones were very dedicated - one was ex-army and didn't believe in taking breaks at any point in the six hours. He also gave first aid to a young chap from a certain part of the world who had been taking a key of something in the toilet, slipped (how I don't know!) and ripped the inside of his nose.
  5. Would love to see Khruangbin back and slightly higher up the order. Behind Radiohead they were my highlight of 2017. Every year there seems to be one band (almost always on West Holts) that I watch early in the day and I instantly get the smile on my face and in the right mood for the rest of the day because they get it as well and in 2017 Khruangbin were just that. This year it was the Mauscovic Dance Band, super way to start the Friday!
  6. sirjonnyp


    Friday was my day off, so I was pretty wasted by the time I got back to truth for Venom Prison. They were excellent. Really enjoyed Gojira, but probably preferred Venom Prison. Entombed AD the night before were probably the pick of the bunch. I stuck around for Idles after Gojira and *efests controversial opinion klaxon* they really bored me. Ended up walking off after three songs much to the dismay of my friend who doesn't even like rock music. I just don't get what makes them so special in the view of a lot of people on here. Each to their own of course, but having just seen VP and Gojira they were a tame follow up.
  7. Ha I was in there for that, I was the very wobbly guy to the left wearing a pale tie-dye sort of shirt. That was the only time I managed to catch them the whole weekend and it blew me away, top three set of the weekend. Can't believe they were wearing gillie suits and not sweating out in there.
  8. One of the people next to us (in the wateraid field) said that there's no regulator onsite, so if the water comes out slower that's purely down to usage. I definitely got wet shorts from one tap on Sunday evening.
  9. sirjonnyp

    Stone Circle

    The only two times that I went through this year it seemed so much better than previous. Normally we avoided it like the plague, but in 2017 my friend's choir were singing there (the ones all in red if anyone saw them) so we made several trips and it was the same old. Only heard two cracks of nos across the entire site this weekend, which is such a massive improvement on the last decade.
  10. sirjonnyp

    Lessons learned

    Ha fair do, can't imagine how I would have coped without mine on me all day! I kept seeing those still water cans about and until I read otherwise on here, had just assumed that they were part of the contingency plan for the heat / running low on water and were being given away for free. Shocked that they were being flogged for £2 each!
  11. sirjonnyp

    Lessons learned

    No disrespect, but not bringing a water bottle at all seems really foolish? What do you do when you wake up really thirsty first thing in the morning?
  12. Pyjaen in the wormhole on Saturday (I think) were wonderful, they have an album coming out this year they said so keep an eye out for that.
  13. After Mattiel on Saturday I was walking from Park towards the railway tracks. Just as I got to the stewards base in pennard heard a huge ‘GET HIM! STOP HIM!’ and turned around to see about ten secca converging from all around me on a young man without a top moving at a fair lick. He threw his backpack over the heras fence of a vendor and powered into the tents. Some of the guards went for him, others for the bag. Would love to know what they were after him for, no wristband and perhaps had a large amount of goodies in the bag that got tossed? That was right by the pennard scaff tower, so could have been spotted on the rob or dealing?
  14. sirjonnyp


    The moustache system has been in place for years at NYC (I have photos of us wearing them from 2013 or 2014). This year they changed the colour of the moustache each evening as previously people had been showing up with their moustache from the night before and going straight to re-entry, thus keeping the 'first entry' line from moving. We went on Sunday night, someone got six moustaches (I don't know how), still had to wait about 20 minutes. As people have said, it's just too busy now and a lot of the stuff that made it unique five to ten years ago has been lost.
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