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  1. As a Melbourne resident and someone that quarantined, the situation that Melbourne is in right now is really frustrating. I got back just before the hotel quarantine, so did two weeks in the spare room. I was quite happy to do that as I recognised that I was a risk, but it was reported at the time that many people were ignoring the rules and going out, despite having arrived from hotspot countries. So it seemed sensible to me to put all returning travellers in to hotel quarantine. For those who haven't heard, it is alleged that some of the quarantined returning travellers and the quarantine security guards fraternised in a way that wouldn't be considered appropriate for a PG film. A few months down the line and Melbourne is back in a stage four lockdown (we only got to stage three in the first wave), with all cases (normally 400-500 a day at the moment) traceable back to the security guards. While there are definitely questions to be asked about the quality of guard, I don't doubt for a second that hotel quarantine was the right way to go.
  2. Was going to post that here somewhere too. In the responses to the top tweet the author states that it occurred in 2009 and that while the main guy wasn't involved, he definitely knew.
  3. sirjonnyp

    Nick Cave

    I really hope he gets that piano now. I really enjoyed that read.
  4. Correct, twas his first live gig with the band. Over to you.
  5. https://twitter.com/GeoffLemonSport/status/1286703700405178369?s=20 @stuartbert two hats Jason Holder has one upped you.
  6. Someone might be able to snare the answer by thinking about a different type of head.
  7. sirjonnyp

    Taylor Swift

    Mrs P is a huge Swift fan (particularly the red / 1989 era) and stopped listening after the first three tracks, saying it seemed a bit boring and samey. It surprised me because since I've known her, the excitement levels for when new Swift tracks and albums come out has been through the roof. I must have heard her play Lover (the song) over one hundred times now, so was fully expecting the same treatment. Hopefully she can give it another go and embrace the mellow nature.
  8. sirjonnyp

    Nick Cave

    Given that the stream messed up for most of the people tuning in to the Australian timeslot and Dice have already backtracked on the 'never to be repeated' facet by saying that ticketholders can stream again over the weekend, it's hard not to see it being released at some point in the future. I've had a quick look around a few of the obvious places for a rip but nothing is up yet.
  9. sirjonnyp

    Taylor Swift

    Aside from the excitement, the sheer profiteering of eight different CDs and eight different vinyls (all with the same tracklisting, just different album covers) is quite something. If you do as the website says and buy them all that's a cool £245 for any completists (not including postage and the cassette edition).
  10. Wizard. During their 2011 secret set on the Park, Radiohead gave eight songs their live debut. Other than Ed's lovely hat, what else was debuted during the set?
  11. Would be thrilled to have them back, didn't get around to watching them the first time. My mate ended up going to the last Brixton show and didn't tell me he had spare tickets until after the night, was absolutely gutted. Last I heard Rob Harvey was off being unproductive with Mike Skinner.
  12. Here in Melbourne our pubs all shut down again for at least six weeks on Thursday as we are well and truly in to our second wave now. Aside from the Melbourne-mini-meet, I didn't take enough advantage of them being open, mostly due to minimising risk at my partner's behest. Our second wave basically started from zero and has grown to have much higher numbers that the first wave. Completely understandable that everything has shut down again for now. It's hard to see how the same thing won't happen in England, where the daily first wave numbers are still higher than our second wave numbers. Get down yer local and enjoy it while it lasts, if you can.
  13. Damn. Was really hoping that he might crop up one Sunday morning on the Pyramid one year. My brother and I almost went to see him a couple of years ago but balked at the price. Got to take those chances. A few years ago, in a different dark corner of the internet, a few of us on the form put together our respective Desert Island Discs. This was my final entry and the contribution of another member. Ennio Morricone - The Trio Two of the best pieces of film score follow each other back to back in what I consider to be the best 15 minutes of cinema ever - the finale of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. This is the second, and scores three men looking at each other for its duration. [Other forum user] Opinions can't be right or wrong but this summary is as correct as anything could be. The Trio scores three men looking at each other and Ecstasy of Gold scores a funny-looking, portly man running around a graveyard. I get goosebumps everytime I hear those trumpets. It's such a dramatic moment but whenever I watch it I'm smiling from ear to ear. It's just too perfect not to love.
  14. The only picture I got was of a pint of beer to send to my brother, didn't even think to get one of the two of us. But yeah, it was a really nice arvo and once we've ridden out this second wave that's spiking here, we'll be doing it again I'm sure.
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