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  1. It depends on many things, like weather, time of the day, traffic.. It took us about 4 hours in 2014 and 8+ hours in 2016.
  2. Fake posters always misspell Angel Olsen
  3. hope for Sunday although that would mean 8 days in a row of shows
  4. We could not decide whether we wanted to see FF or Phoenix, but stayed in the Pyramid after the National as we had a good spot. I had enough and decided I'd rather watch Phoenix in a much smaller place. We ended up at the fence in John Peel and Phoenix were incredible, as always. They never disappoint.
  5. Bump! Has anyone ever had to leave their luggage in London while they go to the festival? On previous times I've always had someone that could hold them for me, but this time I don't. I'm wondering if anyone knows or suggests such a service. Another option would be to take everything with us and use the lockups but I don't like the idea of carrying around luggage around the site, even if it's just once each way.
  6. I was way back at Adele and it was super crowded. It was difficult to walk the path along the tents. And there were lots of people watching from in between tents as well.
  7. Yeah. Wishing for a headline park slot against Taylor or a non headline slot anywhere.
  8. She has to be playing Glastonbury, right?
  9. Was at Mad Cool as well and really enjoyed it, although I wish he stopped playing the LIttle By Little/Stop Crying Your Heart Out/All You Need is Love.
  10. Where you close to that guy shouting "HAMILTOOOONNNNN" between every song??
  11. Same here. I think ours is at 4:00 though.
  12. 1. 37 years old. 2. Macca, Supergrass, Kendrick, Noel...so far. 3. Bon Iver closing a stage. Bjork.
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