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  1. Things that baffle me: People littering so much.
  2. I did see various women pee on the land, which I had never seen before. Up on the hill near the glastonbury sign, close to the fence. An insignificant number compared to men, obviously.
  3. Many flares during Primal Scream. Looked quite dangerous. We have a bad history with flares at indoor gigs where I'm from (google Cromagnon tragedy) so I always am a little scared of them.
  4. oh i thought you had to prove it somehow 😄
  5. i think you have to have a uk tv license, no?
  6. would appreciate if anyone can send me a link to download the sets / highlights for people not in the uk 😄
  7. This guy met with his friend right next to me in the middle of the Kendrick set and proceeded to talk loudly non stop until the end. They just chatted for the second half of the set. When a big hook came on the song, he danced and headbanged, and when that was over, continued his loud talk. Fucking hate talkers during shows. Also, sorry but I don't understand smokers being fine blowing smoke on other people's faces like it's ok.
  8. I have two spare tickets for Wednesday 29th for this. I can’t go anymore as I’m leaving that day. Face value for anyone who wants them. DM me if interested.
  9. I would careful on avoiding this just because she mimed at an event were it's almost impossible to play live. It's like pretending people play live in the Superbowl
  10. So that inflation thing is not exclusive to us anymore it looks like. Still nowhere near our levels though 😬 We are still inflation champs.
  11. I'm in London now. Got here yesterday. All good except for the 2 year old who just refused to stop screaming/crying the whole flight and wouldn't let me sleep at all. 🙂
  12. Yeah, you're definitely not the only one. Where are you coming from? I've started packing today. Leaving on Wednesday! 😬
  13. Don't think you can judge much from this type of event. They are always like this. Glastonbury should be quite different and hopefully she will not mime. At least there's time to see the beginning and if it's shit I can go to Fontaines.
  14. Yeah, I am a bit worried about catching it as well. Haven't had it yet and would hate to ruin my festival or vacation, but at this point, there's not much point in worrying too much, we're doing it. Just take the necessary precautions and wear a mask if you feel you need to.
  15. Hopefully no Little By Little / Stop Crying Your Heart Out 🤮 but I would be surprised if he doesn't play them. Any other Oasis song I'd love.
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