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  1. well yeah, if you search youtube, her videos come up. πŸ˜‚ i'd still rather watch the actual person playing in front of me though.
  2. Considering James Murphy is one of the all time great thiefs i don’t think he would mind.
  3. I went Thursday and Friday only. I enjoyed the bands I specifically went to see. I expected the festival to be some kind of Coachella wannabe, which unfortunately, was correct. It's really difficult to appreciate this type of festival crowds, specially after being to Glastonbury. The chatting was impossible to avoid. So annoying. During Bon Iver a girl literally put her phone blocking my view and started filming THE WHOLE SET. By the 3rd song I just asked her to move behind us. I don't understand these people πŸ˜‚ Does anybody know if the Bon Iver / National / Sharon Van Etten sets were broadcasted? Are they available anywhere?
  4. if anybody could provide a torrent with the BBC daily 3-4 hour highlights it would be greatly appreciated
  5. if you find out, let us know because we can make a fortune picking up the ones people leave on the ground πŸ˜‚
  6. Calvin Klein

    Bon Iver 2020

    Headline Other is the dream. I just saw them at Mad Cool and they were great but the coachella like crowd was obviously not up for it. Glastonbury Other headline set would fit him.
  7. I liked Bon Iver but they dont go that well in this type of events. Too many disinterested people. SO MANY TALKERS. Even during sets like vampire weekend. It was almost impossible to find a spot without several groups of talkers. lots of people with non working wristbands getting stuck in the incidents tent for nearly an hour.
  8. the way back to madrid city centre is looking like a nightmare.
  9. does anyone know if they allow you to bring a reflex camera? I'm on vacation with one so I'd like to be able to carry it with me 😁
  10. 1. Bon Iver. I'm specifically going to this festival because of him/them. Also excited about The National, Sharon Van Etten and Vampire Weekend. 2. Probably Noel. Seen him about 3 times. Maybe 4. And Oasis 4 times as well. 3. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although I'm not just making the trip for this festival alone obviously.
  11. I've done this last time and it was amazing. I had been to Glastonbury town the year before as well, but a few days after the festival. I would try to do it again if I ever get a ticket/come back. Fortunately, both times I went to the Tor we got incredible weather. Could not think of a better place to be during a summer sunset. I'll post some pictures if I can find them. For getting to the festival, we tried taking the bus from the Abbey but we waited under the sun for more than an hour until we decided to split a cab with a couple of americans. We payed 5 pounds each which I thought was great value. We were at the queue within 20 minutes.
  12. Somebody else got me the tickets at Fnac in Spain so they already have the tickets with them. Is there any way they can send us the wristbands now or do I have to pick them up on the same day? Anybody knows?
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