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  1. I've gone to Glastonbury 4 times now. I got my 3 person tent, sleeping bags, mattress, etc from cosy camper the first time in 2013. Picked it up at the site. I've taken everything with me back to Buenos Aires. And everything came back to Glastonbury and back, 3 more times. It's doable. I'd try to get whatever you need in London and take it with you on the coach. Try to get some nice deal online and pick it up when you arrive to the UK. You'll save money and time.
  2. I was hoping for Doves or Stereolab. Any chance they announce more dates?
  3. I always assumed Boys Don't Cry was one of those songs absoutely everyone had heard a million times. It looks like I was wrong.
  4. We picked the tickets up and then joined the queue for PGA with everybody else.
  5. I think the best option is to have them delivered to someone in the UK or pick them up at the festival (I would do this again If I'm lucky enough to return some day). It's just a little office right in front of PGA. There was literally nobody else collecting tickets when we got there (Wed noon), just us two.
  6. I'm not 100% sure. But from what I remember, I just had my order printed and my ID. I took a cab from Glastonbury town as I was expecting to take the bus from there but I got tired of waiting under the sun and we shared a cab with a couple of american kids. I had nobody stop me before I got there. It was much easier than I expected. I don't know how it would work if you are arriving in your own car though, as you would have to show the ticket to get to the car parks I guess. I never used the car parks in glastonbury. I took the coach 3 times and last time I did rent a car, but I left it at Glastonbury town and then taxi to go and bus to return.
  7. I never got them delivered here. Too risky for me. Always sent them to a friend living in London or got coach tickets. Last time I collected them from the international box office at the festival. PGA I think. No queue at all.
  8. Calvin Klein

    Flaming lips

    I was there that night. It was 2011. I was a little bit bothered that they only played 1 extra song besides The Soft Bulletin. Otherwise awesome night
  9. Bring lots of socks.
  10. Calvin Klein

    Glasto Baby

    Yes, it's open on the Thursday
  11. Thanks! It looks like ticketmaster has lower extra costs now.
  12. Where are people buying tickets for this? Festiticket or Ticketmaster? I've been directed to both by the festival website.
  13. Thanks. I'm planning to go this year as it's the best chance of catching Bon Iver. Do they usually sell out the day tickets?
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