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    Do I book a ticket and hope my hamster is sick on the day? Gonna be a bit of a waste turning up with a perfectly healthy animal.
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    I can't believe I just spent my time reading the last two pages
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    Hope you didn’t get too chilled. If you fell asleep you’d risk... .... BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE
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    Fickle Friends fifth down the main stage? The Wombats and Nothing But Thieves third down? Suuure you "found" this.
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    Ah shit, does this rule him out for 2019?
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    What a mad cool lineup this is shaping up to be
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    You my friend are a life saver! Mad frantic rush looking for some and waiting for payday but it's paid off. Norway was sold out to. And Switzerland, France and Belgium but low and behold just got some from the Danish ticket MASTER. Cheers!
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    I just made a calculation : Pearl Jam has sold out 32 times faster than Foo Fighters this year. Impressive stat..
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    Hope Neil doesn't mind me doing this. It is new music but feel free to take it down if it's not ok. One of my tracks got played on BBC 6 Music this weekend. 1:25 minutes in, Pink Eye Club, Middle Class White Kid: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09hw4xb
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    UPDATE (i left 1xtra because dont know enough about those acts and cba) cheers for the feedback x
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    My daughter will come with me to Rock Werchter next summer....as she did this summer and in 2016 I think we are, along with thetime, are the old farts on this forum
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    We used to have to wait until the third monday in March for the lineup, why are people freaking that nothing has been announced so far? Those were the days, getting home from school, having tea, running upstairs to listen to Zane Lowe announce the lineup. Actually.. that hasnt happened since 2012...
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    I've only been the once but followed a fantastic bit of advice from here that I will forward on to you: If you see an open door, go through it. It led to loads of micro-venues that could have so easily been missed (and I'm sure there were plenty more that we didn't see)
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    I’d take everyone but The XX
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    That’s cause they’re pearl jam
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    The city should get some new sounds.
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    ...Elbow are my favourite band. All seven albums are sublime and incredibly important to me. In my opinion Guy is the greatest lyricist, most consistent, of my musical listening life. I had a little cry when they played Latitude 2008, and that year hit the big time, with a huge crowd singing along to the band I'd loved for years. Seen them 13 times and every time is like a huge joyous hug. They have a very large loyal following, who would stand in a field and listen to Guy belt out the phone book. But that's my opinion, each to their own and all that, some people insist they enjoy Ed Sheeran. Wouldn't be fussed either way if they did headline, I'll be getting my 2018 fix of them in March, but would be a good send off on the Sunday. ps. Talking of joy...after seeing Gorillaz last night, that incredible show needs to come to Latitude in the summer!
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    Getting frustrated with the lack of announcements coming from RW
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    Thanks for the heads up, will definitely have to do some research into the festival in future
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    Arctics/Jack white co headline on the Friday and add kasabian, justice, nine inch nails and massive attack and that would complete my weekend. Too much to ask for. Just looking at the last time i went and the line up poster was headliner/coheadliner quality six lines down with everyone from radiohead down to biffy that year a worthy act on top of bills. Or may be I'm overlooking how different the marker is in Portugal for biffy, foals, tame impala etc. M83 ended up playing after arcade fire for example.
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    dentalplan: "Lay off the substances chief." Also dentalplan: "Play Feel Good Hit of the Summer every set."
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    Does anyone else think they should have Big Shaq open main stage one of the days? Will only need a short set but people will get into the arena early regardless.
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    unfortunately not i couldnt think of anything worse than spending one of the headline sets at my favourite festival listening to hotline bling and one dance. oh well theres 8 stages im sure id get by lmao
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    hahah oh well idm as long as drake doesnt headline
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    Foo Fighters are a really big name, for me PKP has been a bit lax on what I think of as really big names in the last couple of years. If they have booked Foos then I think the other two headliners will be a bit meh? I do like Foo Fighters though, they were great at Glastonbury and they do always deliver. Let's hope Chokri goes big this year and we're looking forward to Foos, Arcade Fire and A N Other when the lineup drops. All that said, I have not had a bad day at PKP in 5 festivals, so it'll be good times abound no matter what.
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    Sorry to disappoint both you and myself Dental, but I'd totally see them for Pocket.
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    So I was going through 565 and found this
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    Those blokes on the Metro had a rivalry...
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    Got my ticket for The Killers day. Would happily pay £20 for all three of those bands, so £60 for all three and more is fine with me
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    Pearl Jam 2012 and 2014 on your worst 5? Bullshit, you're just trying to piss me off!
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    Putting Circa Waves at the head of that bill...
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    I know I'll probably get an wave of hate but you could say the same about RB who are destined to headline with some of their tracks. In no way am I saying they don't deserve to it's more the fact i think similar sounding tracks doesn't really have a bearing anymore. I'm a big Catfish fan and I can admit that some of their songs almost blend in to one, but that doesn't make me like them any less I'd say.
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    My name is Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali. Put down the mixtapes and give us the album, Charli!
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    He had to put them there in case that guy who was crying over his treatment of The Hunna the other day turned up at his house and murdered him.
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    Big Jez should put letting him back in in his manifesto
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    I am also considering it, even though it's the week before Boomtown! Also, Lulworth MUCH easier to get to. Will keep you informed! Yog- good to hear you're having a wind down in the drug dep, we all need to now and then. Hope you feel ok soon xxx
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    Avenged Sevenfold Bullet For My Valentine Volbeat Killswitch Engage The Offspring Papa Roach ----- Guns N' Roses Black Stone Cherry Alice In Chains Trivium Parkway Drive Babymetal ----- Ozzy Osbourne Marilyn Manson Limp Bizkit Ghost Rise Against Alexisonfire
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    That worked for a few of them, cheers!
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    Ticketmaster redirects me to Ticketmaster Norway, where you can still order... Suggest you'd be quick though... https://www.ticketmaster.no/event/557343?language=en-us
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    Not necessary but expected! Haha!
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    Did I offend anyone with this comment considering I got a downvote?
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    This probably is meaningless, but INmusic re-tweeted someone's tweet about Run The Jewels (they have a tendency to retweet most things though to be honest...). They are around (playing with QOTSA in London), not sure if they're headline material though. INmusic doesn't seem to have had much rap/hip-hop over the years.
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    do muse ever disappear for a summer