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    Not sure "crack on" was the best phrase to use given the circumstances.
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    Bit nervous about this, you lot can be brutal haha I released my Debut EP a week ago, Neil said I could post links to it. It's a loose concept about Nuclear weapons and the impact they can and have had. It's electronic music. As some of you know my main influences in that genre are Orbital and The Chemical Brothers. and if you'd like to buy it, it's available on iTunes but Neil said buy it on Amazon music as he gets a kick back. iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/tales-from-the-wastelands-ep/id1292410495?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Amazon - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tales-Wastelands-Nashville-Electro-Service/dp/B076659NG6/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1507921629&sr=1-1-mp3-albums-bar-strip-0&keywords=nashville+electro+service It's available on most music services. I'd be grateful if a few of you check it out. Thanks
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    Isolation Trepidation
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    I see where you are coming from. I've been on here during a fallow year, and agree that the telling of stories will help. In connection with the above, I will tell the tale of the rubber arm with clenched fist at the end. It occurred because one of my female friends is in to S & M (BDSM) and once went to see a public fisting in the upstairs function room of a pub in the centre of Birmingham. I happened to be drinking in a gay bar that Sunday afternoon in the city centre , left the bar, and saw her stopped at the traffic lights in her campervan, sporting a military type uniform and a hat which looked similar to this; I went on to ask her what she was wearing, but then the lights changed, and so I didn't get a response as she had to drive off. When I met her at a later date I asked her again what she'd been up to wearing that kit. She explained that she'd been to her first S & M meeting in a pub and that the main act was to watch somebody being fisted. What she hadn't expected was that the person in the pub to be fisted would ask for a volunteer to fist him. The moment he asked, she put her hand up (perhaps the wrong expression) to express her interest, and was duly chosen. So, she was asked to sit on an office chair on the dance floor area, the bloke went over to her, and she put her fist up his arse. What she hadn't expected was that he would then run around the dance floor, dragging her behind him, with the little wheels on the office chair spinning along nicely. She was almost in tears of laughter of laughter whilst regaling this story to me. Well, quite rightly, this story stuck in my mind. So, when it came to her 40th birthday celebrations me and our other pals were thinking of presents to buy her. We had booked the rather nice Millcombe House on Lundy Island to celebrate her birthday, and were to bring our wet suits as we were going to go and swim with the seals. Well, this got me thinking. As we were all recently qualified divers I thought that it would be nice if we all chipped in and bought her her first dive computer, which everyone agreed to do. Then when I was in town one day (as that was where my work was based) I walked past a sex shop and noticed that there was this rubber arm / fist on sale and that it was dramatically reduced in price. I made the immediate decision to go in and buy it, and run it by everybody else later. So, I bought the arm / fist and knew that it would be the ideal prop for putting the wrist held dive computer on, which we did. I covered up the dive computer with coloured tissue paper so that it couldn't be seen. Then I wrapped the whole rubber lower arm and fist up with normal wrapping paper. Anyway, we get to the house on Lundy and she opens a whole load of presents, which she was very happy with. Then lastly she opened up the fist present. She burst out laughing when she opened it up, and knew where the joke lay. She was actually delighted with it. Then we told her to unwrap the coloured tissue, which she did, and saw the main present, which was the dive computer. She was over the moon, as in seriously over the moon. We had done our job, and we had done it well. As an aside, I brought £150 worth of magic mushrooms to the island with me for everyone to share, if they so wanted to indulge. Everybody bar one couple took them. And that leads us on to another story. Can't tell it now, because I haven't got the time. May do so at a later date - just to help you kill the time.
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    super shot - it reminds me of 1979 - a quick run down how we ended up going We were at the Half Moon in Putney - my friends had a folk band and at half time they were approached by a Band booker who wanted to book them for Glastonbury Fayre - now at this point I have to confess none of us had ever heard of Glastonbury Fayre and had no clue where it was - rough notes were scribbled on a a beer mat - at a later stage we looked but there was no Pilton on the map but we did find Shepton Mallet - we had been told if we reached there and asked a local they would point us in the right direction - Most pilled into a Campervan and I was dragged along because I owned a Mini so I had a few passengers - anyway at some point we came across a Signpost { I am not claiming its the same signpost } but we made it to Pilton and with a locals help we found the road down to the farm - this is before there was a stewards out in the main road who would point you in the right direction and there was no giant signs up pointing the way - its remarkable that we ever found it { no Satnav in those days } cant find any shots of that year on my PC but these two are from the early 80's and it was the same Mini and we were on our way to Glasto { except that year we had to buy our own tickets }
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    It's another 8 dates at the Apollo for Bon Iver
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    Some info here on how it's not really the acts that are personally ripping you off cos they think their wares are so worthy. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/jan/30/where-does-concert-ticket-money-go
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    Is this a grown man with a YouTube channel dedicated to Reading and Leeds festivals? His rock love and grime hate is as embarrassing as the Courteeners-obsessed Manc people on Twitter who think everything other than lad rock isn't proper music. Also what was even the point in that video? Man actually hand wrote a line-up of his favourite bands on canvas with Rammstein half way down The Pit and included his own band and one band just so his cousin would buy a ticket... To a festival that isn't even happening... This has made me unnecessarily angry smh.
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    Announcement coming on the 31st. Metallica's UK tour finishes on the 30th. Nailed on.
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    This bloke bought 3 copies
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    Stay safe @crazyfool1 and any others in Ophelia's path. Never seen the sky looking like this before Great to hear you got the job @mr gumby, what will you be doing? Loved the fruit and veg animals. I believe a tomato is indeed a fruit; it might even be a berry, like a banana. @guypjfreak I really hope your friend's chemo isn't too tough and helps control his illness, also sending lots of love to you and your daughter @vintagelaureate . @carlosj sorry to hear that lack of support for AS has stopped your eldest from going to uni. It seems to be very inconsistent between institutions. My eldest doesn't have a diagnosis but he does have a lot of 'aspie' traits, and I think his inability to find people on the same wavelength at uni (even on a maths course!) contributed to his decision not to continue. I hope your eldest is able to find a niche - that's all any of us need really, despite all the exhortations to 'be the best you can be'. I hope everyone's ok; I haven't been posting because I'm stupidly busy and by the time I sit down to look on efests I'm falling asleep. I fell asleep today during a mindfulness exercise at work... Still, there are good reasons for the tiredness. There's been a marked increase in my paid work (well I suppose that's good for me, even though it's not good that more people need therapy). And I have to get up early because of the everyday miracle of my youngest still going to school, still enjoying 6th form. He got a great report last week, something of a contrast to the previous one which was issued shortly after he stopped going to school in yr 10. Then, some teachers who'd been falling over themselves at the beginning of term to say how brilliant his GCSE grades were going to be, decided that he was going to fail them because he'd missed 5 weeks of school. After nearly 2 years out of school he passed them all (and was in the top 5% of his year for maths). The teachers he has for A levels are those who refused to write him off, and they made all the difference. I'll be baking a lot of cakes to take into school this week, as well as special cake for Mr Moo, whose birthday is today Warm hugs to all xx
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    Just a classic RnL forums meme my man
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    I have downloaded DICE as a direct consequence of this thread. Viva la revolution
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    I think Kanye would be a great headliner as he rarely performs nowadays and would probably sell the most tickets out of any potential rap headliner. Kendrick would be fantastic too and would sell tickets easily I just really hope they don't get drake think he just is too much of a pop star nowadays and that's not the direction R&L should go in my opinion
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    I'm guessing you might be thinking of Parsley the lion, Yog.
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    Sorry I missed 622 but I've got to put it up
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    They don’t seem to actually tour that frequently but if they start touring that greatest hits album then I think there’s a very good chance of them headlining. Remains to be seen whether they would tour it though - don’t suppose they need to.
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    Anyone started queuing outside the Cheese & Grain yet?
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    I know people say the festival moves and changes its lineup with the times but 5/6/7 years ago were the likes of Janes, The Cure, NIN etc any bigger deal then they are now with the target demo?
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    The extent that 30STM milk their fans is absolutely horrific. I wouldn't even pay £20 to meet someone from a band, let alone those horrendous figures they charge. They know their fans will pay it. Disgusting. And then you have Dan from Bury Tomorrow tweeting that on their upcoming tiny tour next week he will be out the front of the venues each night selling their old merch stock and hanging with those coming to the shows. Worlds apart.
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    Or the original Misfits to be part of the announcement... subbing Metallica please
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    Quite a few big, older bands who look like they'll be around at the time - Depeche Mode, Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam. Could end up similar to 2012 in that regard. Pretty much between IOW and BST for them all in terms of festivals (guess Bon Jovi could do Download). Also in terms of newer acts, the likes of Kasabian, Florence and The Killers will probably be around with no obvious festivals for them to be at. If IOW make a hash of their headliners this year then they should probably just give up.
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    We Got This is no lighter than a number of ADTR's more Pop Punk centred songs like It's Complicated, City of Ocala or All Signs Point To Lauderdale. Bad Vibrations has some of their heaviest tracks on there, you should check out the title track, Exposed and Reassemble As for Shikari, The Spark seems like the natural successor to A Flash Flood of Colour to me instead of The Mindsweep, which is their most expansive album (and the one that I think is their best). I'd recommend trying Take My Country Back, Airfield and Undercover Agents from The Spark to see what you think.
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    Fuck - I missed this post. This is awesome mate, congratulations on getting it out there. Good luck with it all going forward
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    Hello carlosj, That break away next weekend sounds perfectly timed to me. I can see the benefits of getting away from it for a short while when things are getting on top of you, and you can't see the wood for the trees kind of thing. May I ask you where you are going?
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    MH as in Machine Head? This was in their latest announcement for the tour: “No festivals, period! No supporting some stupid DJ! The Head will only be 'Headlining', so come on down and rage!” Seem like bozos to be honest. If they think they can get on without playing festival slots then whatever but they can (figuratively) die on that hill.
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    I upvoted, I agree completely lmao.
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    personally, in an ideal world, i would love AM, Green Day and Foos with appearances also from Royal Blood, Frank Carter, Slaves, Fidlar, SWMRS, Counterfeit, and Rancid.
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    I can definitely see a rap headliner next year being the main act of the festival next year especially with Eminem selling so well this year. A big rap headliner is probably the safest option rather than pulling in a massive band like foo fighters
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    Sucks that there could only realistically be one. Both would be better bookings than any rock band.
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    It's almost as if they made Sonic Highways deliberately shite and then announced a non-existent hiatus so that the album that came afterwards would seem like a spectacular return, even though it's essentially another by-the-numbers Foos album and they barely even went away. All bands should take note of this genius marketing strategy.
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    gutted i didnt hear about this tour, loved them at slammers and would have been all over that manc date
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    Hello guy, You seem to definitely have it in for yourself. What's wrong with you, man!? lol I'm afraid that I didn't get to see the SPORADICS (or make that t shirt). I'm not sure what time / day they played? I was actually in the bed in the campervan by just after 9pm on the first night. I'd had a very stressful two weeks prior to going to the festival. I was moving home from Birmingham out to a little country town. For the first time (I thought) I'm not going to do the move myself, but employ a removal company. Anyway, to cut a long story short they filled two vans of our stuff and said they'd not be moving the rest. I therefore had to move it myself over the two weeks prior to the festival, so was stressed and tired. Then I had the long drive up to the festival. In order to try to stay awake for my mates sake (there was only the two of us there) I took shed loads of speed - as in dangerously abnormal amounts. Anyway, I had to go to bed early feeling a little ill. Then I started to feel so ill that I thought to myself 'This is it, your a gonner'. Anyway, I survived and was alright the next day. It's a great little festival, and I had a great time there, and discovered that psytrance is the music for me.
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    Just read that Green Day are releasing a Greatest hits album "Greatest Hits: God’s Favourite Band" on November 17. Always seem to be putting out shows everywhere. I think the Killers could be good headliner they have got a strong setlist and some well known belters. Maybe they could be a Co-headliner or Sub? Kendrick, Foos and AM I think would be a complete sold out year.
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    You're right but usually its not the biggest ones. Editors, Kol, F+TM were booked lately in consecutive editions.
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    There is no doubt in my mind that I simply cannot explain to you what this song means to me. It's not because of a lack of vocabulary, it's because it invokes a memory of someone whose friendship was so dear to me that words alone will never be able to describe my love for him. For many a decade I was a very sad person, but when in the presence of this mighty fine man, I always managed to experience a happiness that had always been denied me. Fortunately I have found a similar un-quantifiable happiness again in the soul of the person who is now my wife. The bloke I'm talking about though died before he and my wife could meet. This next song is for him (Vince) and also for Liam, who was also there at the time when the three of us danced with not an ounce of care in the world. This is the song that we danced to; I love you Vince, man. As I have said before in to the ether - I hope we meet again, someday, somewhere. Shine On You Crazy Diamond.
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    Number one album .. and now he’s pretty much nailed Brexit. What is th world coming to?!
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    Not a chance they're at Download
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    Surprised nobody's mentioned that he did an AMA the other night. https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/75bxpe/im_liam_gallagher_and_you_are_not/ He can be just as funny as his brother sometimes, but in a different way. I think my favourite was: "What's your favourite jacket"? "Jacket potato".
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    I bought a Park & Camp (not Meadow) ticket in 2016. Back then they parked us up in a similar fashion to the car parks, i.e. a row at a time with the usual fire breaks every other row. There were no pre-allocated plots. Someone did ask if a plot could be kept free next to them as they had friends arriving a little later and the steward allowed that, but I can't say for certain whether that was just luck or a generally acceptable request. I would suggest arriving in convoy if feasible, just in case.
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    2 per person apparently as well for The Streets. I'm buzzing like, if everyone else can get on with the LCD Soundsytem reunion, I'm gonna enjoy this. The tours named after the new stuff Mike's putting out, hoping for one or 2 of them songs within the greatest hits. Really wish this hadn't come the week after kendrick and the same week as the Oh Sees/Castle Mania thing, that's like 160 quid on gigs in a week. There goes them new docs I've been waiting for...
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    If they get tickets, sure.
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    Actually, it's a fine piece of work. It's not something that I'm comfortable with, but I think I'm going to have to disagree with vintagelaureate, on the adding of pea eyes to it. I think that would spoil it, and actually make it look like some sort of animal - as opposed to the work of a deviant mind, which it looks like now! The thing is, you can hand your 'piece' in and hold your head up high, knowing that it will provoke thoughts in the teacher's mind that they really didn't want to be put there. You can, stoney faced, just look at them, perhaps with a staged proud smile, and take the pregnant pause between the two of you. You'll know, deep down, that he / she is going to buckle first, and come out with a much tamer response than the one they really want to come out with. They will do this because they will, in panic, conclude that it's inconceivable that this man in front of them would stand their smiling at his and his son's handiwork, if they actually meant to visually represent all that is so very very wrong, and possibly evil. Of course, you'll be running the risk that the teacher anonymously calls the Youth Social Services Emergency Intervention Team, but that no doubt something that you can have a laugh at with mr gumby jr, when on your monthly accompanied visits to see him.
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    Are we talking about The 1975 or Kings of Leon now?