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    This is the longest sentence I've ever seen.
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    A bunch of young men all dressed in black smashing a car exetremely aggressively on stage... it made me feel so, intimidated and it’s just not what I expected to see on prime-time TV.
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    Who gives a fuck about an Oxford Comma?
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    Too true. That streak is stuff of legend, they'd be mad to break it.
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    I’m in Frome for a few days so decided to take a wonder on hallowed ground. Some pics for you.
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    Just bury them before the festival site is set up and then dig them back up when you arrive
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    I prefer his previous album on pastry work; To crimp a butter pie
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    Dude-thony Rhin-tano
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    Classic Michael Owen.
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    Cheers for the help guys! I need to encourage my mates to buy a ticket soon then! Line up is quality for me. Great mix of genres on the undercard with rock headliners. I can visit Brussels before the festival as well which is a bonus. Heard lots of good things and have it on my list of European cities to visit. Regarding the downvotes, some people are just bizarre. You just have to laugh Agree that the majority on here are great!
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    Are we giving the answer in how many sleeps?
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    It’ll happen at the Brits. Foo Fighters and Royal Blood being announced for main stage 2.
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    Panic at the Disco, c. 2018.
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    If they remove it will they be taking the piss?
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    Yes, and rightly fucking so!
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    I take comfort from that statement
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    Thanks to @deebeedoobee and @pilton digger Mr Eavis made an appearance at our wedding in the form of a congratulations card. I've never seen @fatyeti24 so possessive of anything before. Best wedding pressie ever. xx
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    I think you're onto something here...
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    Actually beginning to get hopeful of them adding Royal Blood next to Kings of Leon now.
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    Yeah. Cribs will be added above Hollywood Undead for a start. And we have special guests to be added above Post Malone and Slaves.
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    Don Broco 4th down NME. @Andre91 in shambles. Enter Shikari/Don Broco co-headline never happening. Architects gonna play The Pit next year and he's gonna implode.
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    Broco on NME is a huge disservice to them. Especially if they're at least 4th down.
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    If you don’t like his videos, don’t watch them! He has an audience that watches (and presumably enjoys) his content and if he enjoys making videos then nobody should have a problem with that. You’re not being forced to watch them.
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    We can agree to disagree. You get him and I don’t. Don’t get the popularity of grime and why the likes of Dua Lipa, Kendrick Lamar and Stormzy are the big popular hitters in today’s market. I’ll stick with bands like Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam and Jack White. That’s talent and small bands like Creeper get barely any recognition, it just disappoints me.
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    Imagine paying £500 for a Kendrick M&G to find out he went and spent time with some randomers Grandma and all it cost them was a Shepard's Pie.
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    My brother is part of the road team for the Libertines this summer and he seems to think Benicassim is a done deal for their summer bookings. Not sure why nothing has been confirmed to the public but apparently there are 20+ confirmations including The Kooks! You heard it here first!
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    Less c**ts Less shit music Less queuing More drugs
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    The front bottoms tho
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    This sounds exactly like being an England fan for the last 20 years .......
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    Kasabian, The XX and Biffy and I'd be delighted! It might not be a popular opinion but I'm not digging this years lineup as much as the previous 2 years...I'm sure it will still be as good as ever when there but I'm not excited *yet*!
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    Green Day's latest album Revolution Radio made number 1 spot. http://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/green-day-hit-number-1-with-revolution-radio-to-have-a-chart-topping-album-at-this-stage-of-our-career-is-especially-gratifying__16647/ Im not a fan of Kendrick and i, I am a huge fan ofrock music. But i am far more disappointed at the headliners been Fob and P!ATD. Kendrick might not be my cup of tea but i can recognize his talent and why people would enjoy his music.
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    Hope these help people realise Kendrick isn't generic at all, he's a really interesting artist.
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    Why can’t that genre stay at Wireless. Surely would make more sense to have Foos, AM, Green Day or Arcade Fire headline when none of those bands have got any summer festivals planned imo.
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    You should have to sit the 11 plus before being allowed an account here.
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    Has Dave Grohl ever sang a song without pausing for a quiet bit right before the last big shouty chorus?
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    Honestly shocks me how stupid half the people who post in here now are.
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    Pretty sure they don't have bars in the FR tent.
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    yes mate, have heard that foos are announcing themselves as R/L headliners on the 2nd main stage
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    Does anyone else think it's a bit strange that Royal blood haven't appeared on any European festival bill at all?
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    Outlandish Primavera 2018 theory: Could Paul McCartney be added? - They implied Unexpected would be much bigger this year. Hard to be bigger than that and would be a great stunt to pull off. - There were beatles on the background design of the posters - He's releasing a new record this year. Might prefer to launch it in front of a big crowd but outside the UK. Couldn't announce him yet as needs to tie in with the wider announcement. - The video had 'The End'? on it - a classic Beatles track composed by, yes, Paul McCartney.
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    Best stay in lisbon is Alfama I think. Lovely place, many small streets/restaurants/ good places to visit, not that overcrowded. You have access to the metro to Cais du Sodre there. Best stay according to reach the festival may be Belem (which is close to the festival), but that's far from the city center and there not so much to do before that (except the visit of the beautiful monastry). If you like to get fast to the festival (and stay in the city centre) stay close to "Cais Du Sodre". It's the train station where every train to Alges (Festivalsite) departs and and arrives and it is close to Bairro Alto, where you can find many bars, if you like that. There are many hostels in Bairro Alto. It's nice, but it's full of tourists and bars. If you like to stay quiet - stay at Alfama. Near "Rossio" is also a very good place to stay, because it's central to everything. "Also, does anyone know when the whole festival usually sells out?" This year was special - in the last years you where able to buy 3-day-passes until april/may....
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    We'd never see Dolly Parton at the farm again.
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    I've reached 500 posts after nearly 9 years. I guess I've not been the most time efficient. I hope you've all had a good weekend, my house is full of colds so I'm knee deep in children's snotty tissues! I'm back at work tomorrow too after a week off... bad timing! Thought I'd use the 500th post to wish you all well, and a quick thank you for putting up with my ramblings! Have an awesome week.
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    A little tip, but it's your own risk. Bring duct tape and use it to tape your ears down. Yes, that's right "I'm talking to you Jumbo'. Yes, that's right, you in the mirror. If you get caught, well you get caught - Big Rubber Deal. Remember where the worm holes are - (1) The back of your neck and (2) In the ground, next to real worm holes. Fuckers.
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    Brockhampton share more fans with King Gizzard and Death Grips than they do anyone on the Wireless line up.
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    Make that 50k people parading the streets of Glasgow singing about killing roman catholics Fuck yourself
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    I wanna throw this one out there: Festival Republic. Three or four years ago I would have counted Melvin Benn as one of my heroes, someone who championed live music and did his best to keep it alive and kicking (albeit while making a tidy sum on the side, God bless). Then Latitude started to slide. We had the GOTR takeover. Then last year FR said they were going to lead the way in promoting female acts and female headliners at their 2018 festivals. We got Solange at Latitude. At Reading we got KoL, Fallout Boy and Kendrick Lamar. God only knows what will rise from the grave of V-Fest. Pathetic. Reading's reputation has been built over the years on what's cutting edge with the kids. that's how it should be. That's what keeps it alive and VITAL. So I get Kendrick, I really do. But I do not get Fallout Boy or KoL. Neither of those bands has anything new to offer, nothing interesting to say. Popular music kicked back in the 60s against what was happening in the world. In the late 70s it did the same, and again in the 90s. Now, when we need our music heroes more than ever, FR seems hell bent one just one thing - making money. Forgive me, I have had way too much to drink. i am probably stating the obvious but I needed to get it off my chest. It's fun to lose and to pretend. RIP Kurt. Cat Man x