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Kacey Musgraves On The Pymild


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5 minutes ago, eFestivals said:

who is she?

She's a country music singer who's branched out into cosmic, slightly lysergic, vaguely French house-inflected, fairly Fleetwood Mac-y dream pop.

I actually really enjoyed Carrie Underwood this year, but Kacey is on a whole different level. Her Golden Hour album is the bizness. Coachella gave her a prime spot and now it's our turn.

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She has a bit of a fan in David Crosby as well. If you follow him on Twitter (if you don't follow him, you should. he's great and responds to just about anything) you might have seen - or heard about - the exchange he eventually had with her when he tweeted out if anyone had heard the 'Slow Moon' song by her (misspelling her name).... great song that is by the way, she opens with it judging by her recent setlists too 

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1 hour ago, Rose-Colored Boy said:

Agree, especially considering some of the dross they did book. Baffling.

Her voice is just wonderful and Butterflies is a total banger.

She was doing a festival tour this year too. 

Baffling. Done fucked up eavis 

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On 7/19/2019 at 7:49 PM, gigpusher said:

I don't know her at all but if you all want her, sure why not. 

Haha - nothing if not compliant 

My missus saw her in 2014 on the acoustic stage almost by accident and absolutely loved it. Not heard the new album yet mind. 

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