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  1. Is it controversial to say that when an album is released... it shouldn't be touched? Whether thats Spiritualized finally getting their Elvis Presley bits on Ladies and Gentlemen, Grohl talking about the cover of Nevermind, or Kanye chopping and changing his albums every half an hour. By all mean chuck out remasters and bonus versions, but the album is the album. At least Martin the young has had the decency to keep the new Let it Be in spirit to the Spector original. Same for reviews as well... looking at you P4K, rewriting history man - piss off!
  2. Badlands

    Kanye West

    Comes a distant second to the black Naffco 54 effort from the 90’s in the ‘best jacket that looks like a bin liner’ category
  3. Badlands

    Kanye West

    Why do we fall for this shit every fucking time!
  4. Absolutely Brazil, but my first thought when seeing the room with all of the lights (groan) was Ye’s Glastonbury setup!
  5. Badlands

    Taylor Swift

    For those at all interested, Folklore has been given the Spatial treatment on Apple Music. It’s all a bit gimmicky but a couple of tracks sound more like remixes, Mirrorball especially.
  6. I cannot find an appropriate thread for this but I went to see former Beta Band front man Steve Mason tonight with my mates and I’m still so giddy at watching live music for the first time since February last year I had to share it somewhere. Dear god let’s have more of that in the next few months.
  7. Sound was much better on the pyramid and they seemed more on their game to me. One of the few times I’ve made it to the front.
  8. Badlands

    Taylor Swift

    Having given most of her work a wide berth throughout her career I never thought I’d become as obsessed with an album of hers as I have with Folklore. I’ve never been that fussed, the odd single aside, and that wasn’t helped by watching her Netflix doc where I felt she came across false. Even the National connection didn’t convince me at first when the album was released. I only went back to it at the end of the year after hearing Radmac play Betty on 6. Four months on and it’s probably my favourite album of the past fifteen years. I’ve listened to little else and surprised myself that I’m enjoying a record as much as this. I wondered at first if it was the Dessner connection, but it’s just a collection of fantastic songs from a proper talent. It’s been a long time that I’ve been happy to put an album on repeat like I have this one. I’m sure she had one eye on attracting middle aged fellas like me to her work when she released it.... and by christ have I fell hook line and sinker for it. So aye, a bit late to the Swifty party, but I got there!!
  9. Much better on record than live. Don’t think I’ve seen many bands more shambolic.
  10. These lists will come in handy as I've really struggled with new stuff this year. I've not ignored new releases but there's not been an album I've been obsessed with, Apple Music Replay 2020 is all from 2019 backwards. Expect Springsteen, Willie J Healey, RTJ4 and The Streets to be on my top ten.
  11. Whilst I’m not committing it to my top ten without due consideration, Ribbons would be very close. It’s gorgeous.
  12. Happy to be that obvious guy and go with Parklife as their best. Still holds up for me. 13 is very inconsistent for me. Bugman (hoover solos are never a good idea), Trailer Park (gash) and No Distance (maudlin and dreary) bring it down. Parklife Modern Life Blur Great Escape Think Tank Magic Whip Leisure
  13. I’d only recently started following her on the Twitter. She seemed a decent lass and was very self-effacing. What a shame. Any idea what happened to her and Bobby & Co? She wasn’t onboard for the Screamadelica tours and seemed to indicate there’d been a fall out.
  14. Oddly enough it was the sound at the Stones that spoilt it for me
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