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  1. Divers Diner meals aren’t great and would avoid if you want to spoil yourself with food. However, they were doing bowls of hash browns for £1.50 all weekend so they get brownie points for the cheapest meal on-site
  2. Was that the first year they’ve sold Brothers in all the bars. Get sick of beer after a few days and wanted something cold and fizzy but the apple stuff was unpleasant
  3. Macca was a very late finish. Absolutely plausible people couldn’t get across till 1
  4. Park wasn’t busy, in fact once i squeezed out the crush I darted straight back in as there wasn’t any crowd on the left hand side.
  5. Four Tet finishing at the Park and those from Arcadia trying to get the other way. Then people coming across Pennards towards both. Crackers.
  6. “Normalise communal urinals” - woman with her trousers down bent over the urinals at Williams Green on Thursday…
  7. To think I wasn’t fussed about him playing Hey Jude
  8. Not sure ‘making them work at the festival for a ticket’ is much better to be frank. Dangerous crowd control is due to lack of proper organisation, not because it was too busy. Every year we get packed pinch points after big acts, mad busy times when a larger act is on a small stage and complaints the festival needs to change. Same as it ever was.
  9. Macca obsessives on Facebook reckon the iplayer version has been remixed to rid of a couple of technical difficulties from the Saturday recording. Also includes Danger which was omitted. Just watched it back and it sounds just as spectacular as I remember on Saturday. Up there with Blur 09 for me that was.
  10. Pricing out people less well off so you don’t have to queue as long for a piss is such an utter shit take.
  11. I’ll maintain the view that the Park/Arcadia incident was dangerous and possibly negligent. But, that apart, whilst it was obviously busier, I didn’t think there was anything that I hadn’t seen before. Theoretically, there’ll be a few complaining about the crowd who wouldn’t have been there in the first place if they didn’t up the capacity. We cannot have it both ways. Bigger queues for toilets and food but with a better chance of going? Aye, I’ll take that.
  12. Queues were crazy everywhere for food this year, really dented my choice as I hate standing around. +1 at being underwhelmed by Dorset Smokery chicken wrap. I’ve had a smoked salmon effort there previously that was superb but they didn’t have any. Hawaian poke bowl at Williams Green lovely. Katsu wrap was ok, though their prawn tempura seemed like it was from an Iceland Xmas party pack. Dosa still the number 1 place on site, how they get their Bhajis so crispy is a miracle.
  13. Came on to see if anyone had posted about the park Arcadia incident. Genuinely terrifying, god knows how nobody got hurt. Incredibly dangerous
  14. Mindful that ive seen people have to queue 2nd time when the first queue is still busy. I’d leave it a few hours for the other journey.
  15. I’ve definitely read on hear that it’s happened, though it’s highly unlikely.
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