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  1. Whilst I’m not committing it to my top ten without due consideration, Ribbons would be very close. It’s gorgeous.
  2. Happy to be that obvious guy and go with Parklife as their best. Still holds up for me. 13 is very inconsistent for me. Bugman (hoover solos are never a good idea), Trailer Park (gash) and No Distance (maudlin and dreary) bring it down. Parklife Modern Life Blur Great Escape Think Tank Magic Whip Leisure
  3. I’d only recently started following her on the Twitter. She seemed a decent lass and was very self-effacing. What a shame. Any idea what happened to her and Bobby & Co? She wasn’t onboard for the Screamadelica tours and seemed to indicate there’d been a fall out.
  4. Oddly enough it was the sound at the Stones that spoilt it for me
  5. Stay off Zooropa, in the rain with all the woah woah woooooaaaah’s is a top ten Glastonbury moment for me. The weather was minging, as was the second half to their set but it wasn’t my worst. Yeezy hadn’t put a foot wrong before Black Skinhead was interrupted but he got progressively worse and the Queen cover was terrible. I’d probably have Arcade Fire as the worst of the 7 I’ve seen. A great live band who I always seem to get on a bad day. Stevie was the best. Muse bizarrely in second place, probably because of the crowd I was with.
  6. Clearly in the know my man....
  7. Quite a snide press release from the Kasabian lads mind, could have worded it better.
  8. I’ve defended him for far worse behaviour in the past but that tweet congratulating his missus for becoming a billionaire yesterday really boiled my piss. I made the mistake of reading that GQ interview from earlier in the year afterwards and that just annoyed me more. The opinion that Kanye has a staggering lack of self awareness or ability to read the room is hardly a unique one, but Christ he’s on another planet sometimes.
  9. Badlands

    BBC Glastonbury

    Bazza wasn’t much for me personally. The enthusiasm from those that went to JP in our group told you who had the best day
  10. Badlands

    BBC Glastonbury

    He’s right. Look at us idiots. Crying cos we cannot go camp in a field. Crackers!!
  11. Badlands

    BBC Glastonbury

    Reading is better. I wouldn’t bother if I was you.
  12. Random thoughts from a drunk: - after Tender they almost fall apart as a band, they’re so caught up in emotion. Not that you’d noticed if you were there. - Damon seems a bit off with Phil D after Parklife but I’m gonna day it’s cos he’s so emotional. That first verse of End of a Century straight after, he sounds so fragile. - it doesn’t get any better than that, if you know you know
  13. Thoughts on the full 2009 TV set for those who were there? Absolutely stunning. What a night.
  14. The front 20 minutes or so is as good as it gets. That shit bag who spoilt Black Skinhead is up there with Lonsdale for me. Definitely lost it’s way for me though. The crane didn’t work and the least said about Bohemian Rhapsody the better.
  15. Badlands

    BBC Glastonbury

    They ain’t showing Outlaw Pete for a reason. It was still mint mind, but can understand the jibes. if you’ve not seen The River check it out on YouTube , he’s literally smoking
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