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  1. 10% discount at the coooop for students out there. (yes, I'm a 41yo with a student card, whats ya beef?)
  2. Fairly easy to cast your eye on a Clashfinder and see where you were. 22 in 2017 it seems!!
  3. I've Songshifted your playlist @Brave Sir Robin onto Apple Music - hope you dont mind but I no longer have Spotify Premium any more. Once again, thanks so much for creating - I get hours of use from it and I know a load of my non efest friends get stuck into it. Happy to contribute if a patreon was setup.
  4. What's the setup? Is she performing with a band? It's all quite electronic on the record. Saw she's just been announced for Deer Shed where I'm at in July so will catch her there if she's not at G.
  5. Am I overthinking things if my head is speculating the shorter list is to give more prominence to female acts?
  6. Also - be gutted if Self Esteem isn't playing.
  7. Hot Chip are ace but I've scratched that itch many a time in the last 15 years or so.
  8. Teenage Fanclub (even sans Gez) headlining Saturday @ the Acoustic would be a beaut!!
  9. Does she mime during her live performances?
  10. Badlands

    day and stage

    Cure v Chems v Monae on the other hand....
  11. Badlands

    day and stage

    Killers v Wu (B) v Hot Chip v potentially The Courteeners is a weak Saturday night for me personally.
  12. Badlands

    day and stage

    Sons of Kemet Park according to their Twitter
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