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  1. I’m in my 40s yet still consider myself too young for Uncut...
  2. Cheers chaps, plenty to be getting into this evening. Mad how I’ve pretty much the history of popular music at my fingertips, yet still struggle to find something to listen to!
  3. Just good stuff really. Pop, rock, hip hop. I’m sure there’s probably a website that can help me, but I forget the name of the one that scores averages of album reviews and I’ve lost my patience with p4k and nme
  4. Appreciate there’s still five months to go, but I’m shit out of ideas for what to listen to since my festival season ended. If anyone wishes to recommend some raker albums from this year that would be ace!! Cannot get past Vampire Weekend, Fontaines and Self Esteem. Also didn’t think the new Channo album was half as bad as mentioned on here.
  5. Badlands

    Kylie Crowd Size

    Watched the tv coverage last week and was surprised at how weak she sounded. Certainly didn't seem like she was struggling at the time. A right blast we had. The lack of Jason for Especially For You was a bummer mind.
  6. Badlands

    Musical Confessional

    Seems appropriate for me to confess that I was quite the fan of George Lamb, radge sound effects and all. Obvs Russ and Matt was peak 6.
  7. Glad you had a good one. Saturday weather aside, ours was top notch. Again, not enough acts watched due to the sleeping habits and short attention span of our little one but still saw plenty. The kids related activities are fantastic, and it's vibe is so chilled that it feels really safe for them. Our friends kids are older and they had no problem letting them go off and do things by themselves. Music wise - Self Esteem, RBCF and Akala were my faves. Gruff was his usual beautifully shambolic self. Underwhelmed by Ezra Furman, surprisingly as I've seen him a couple of times before. Not sure how much he's changed up the band in prep for the new punk album he's about to drop, but the horn section was a big miss for me. Definitely be back next year.
  8. Their placings @ Truck, Deer Shed and Y-Not aren't reflecting of their current size and are fairly small capacity festivals. Obviously this is pure speculation fuelled from being narked that they were my no.1 act to see over the weekend. It's odd though either way you look at it though - deciding to take a week off but playing gigs just after the announcement.
  9. He's ace, and he didnt play 2 hours when I went to see him, which was last year in Newcastle. First solo gig and felt fully justified taking the risk. His recent output hasn't matched previous but he's still a good watch. Not shy of a cover as well.
  10. Quite the take, this mind. There's more than enough festivals that cater for grown ups. This'll be our 2nd Deer Shed. We did Kendal with our young one when he was 1 and it wasn't much fun - there's a few bits it's not massively kids friendly. I'd probably not do Deer Shed without kids mind, it's not the sort of place where you'd go to get wasted all day. Back onto Fontaines, I see they played Beni last week and have more gigs lined up the following week. My guess is they've sacked off the low paying fests now they're climbing the ladder. Tories!
  11. Badlands

    1 month on...

    The lack of an 11/10 act that has me in bits for weeks; like Flaming Lips 17, Blur 09 or Stevie 10 probably just keeps it out the top 3 for me.
  12. Badlands

    1 month on...

    I sometimes think it's unhealthy how much it takes over your life. Spent the last month decompressing from the event, measuring how high it ranked compared to others, comparing missed sets on the iplayer and using it as an excuse to meet up with friends to reinforce events and piecing back together parts that you'd forgotten about for one reason or other. Thoughts now turn to October and how much we've fluked it the past ten times and how that luck has to run out sometime. Contingency plans in the event that we're unsuccessful and whether should go for Worthy View if we're lucky. Browsing here and noting how quiet it's getting and will remain till T-Day. Obsessed.
  13. Thought it was odd that the Fontaines festival gigs at Deer Shed and YNot weren't listed on their website when I checked, post glastonbury. Maybe a coincidence. Gutted, but still looking forward to the weekend. Fingers crossed this good weather hangs around long enough.
  14. I watched them and thought they were alright without being amazing.
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