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  1. Badlands

    The National

    I've seen them touring their last two albums as well as Glastonbury 17 so I'm pretty relaxed if they played, which I doubt they are.
  2. Did Olsen not stink the Park our last time she played? Tepid pish was the review of a couple of our gang.
  3. Badlands

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    I'm torn between the whole 'artists should do what they want and if the masses don't get it then its up to them' and the 'acts should pull their finger out their arse and try and put a show on for the crowd in front of them'. I really disliked her after Videotapes, partly as i thought it was shite and partly because of the hype. I do like that last album though. Not sure if I'll be there myself as I don't want to take a chance on her as a sub. Hope everyone leaves happy!!
  4. Badlands

    2020 New Music

    ...Folkstar is as good as anything on the first album for me
  5. Badlands

    2020 New Music

    I think the awesomeness of that last Avalanches record has been sadly forgotten about. It’s an absolute peach of a record. Really looking forward to this next one.
  6. Badlands

    The Strokes?

    Twice, it seems!
  7. Fingers crossed for Micky K moving from Park to Pyramid
  8. My missus went to Benidorm for a long weekend with the lasses when our little one was 5 months old, leaving me with the boyo. I then went on a football jolly to Düsseldorf a few weeks later leaving her and the boy. No friends, work colleagues or family members from either side batted an eyelash about it. Which is exactly how it should be. Some of the snarky judgements on here seem well off. Best of luck Joey!!
  9. Beck in Italy Friday and Saturday, not that there was much expectation of him. A few dates in the uk would be nice though.
  10. Saturday night sub for two years in a row smacks of laziness though.
  11. Controversial here but I prefer the current Riverside to the old one. The sound is mint. Id have Boiler Shop at God Level. Academy I’d have as hell. Northumbria average.
  12. Badlands

    Dua Lipa

    The worst thing I've ever seen at Glastonbury that Goulding set. Even worse than the Legs Akimbo AmDram style interpretation of World War 3 by a load of hippies dressed as bombs that I witnessed at the Stone Circle in 2008.
  13. It's the best song he's released in years.
  14. Turned up for Bicep with them due on in ten minutes. Never seen a place get so busy so quickly - it's like everyone turned up on the hour. Lasted ten minutes until scarpering elsewhere!!
  15. I’m not sure what else anyone in a different country is supposed to do? Maybe a little more empathy but I’m not going to start giving masks to the family and going on like the Daily Mail. It’s shit and I hope they can contain it but it’s pointless worrying about something I’ve no control over.
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