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  1. There's a similar clash week 1 where Charli and Rina are on complete opposite stages. I was hoping I'd catch Charli week 2 but that Dua Lipa overlap is just stupid
  2. How far are we thinking the walk is from main stages to the Dice/Tous stages?
  3. Charli XCX finishing then Rina starting five minutes later on the Tous stage furthest away is a bit of a nightmare
  4. Bottle of gin and fever tree cans. I didn't go in the coop last time so not sure if they sell it there to top up but I'm fairly sure they sold bottled tonic at Leeds fest
  5. Selling timetable as an nft 😆
  6. I've been to festivals before where they only announce times on the programme they made you buy once you get there. Glad that's not the norm now
  7. I'll be at the airport this time in two weeks. Excitement levels through the roof already
  8. I've still got a couple of bottles of burrows hill in the cupboard from 2020. Don't think I'll be opening those now, definitely tastes better in the sunshine on the farm
  9. Hopefully security isn't too strict there. I had a hairbrush binned by security at a festival in Portugal because apparently it could be used as a weapon 🤔
  10. For a festival with a decent gender split this far, putting 4 extremely popular female fronted acts up against each other would be a massive mistake
  11. That would be really daft scheduling if this were to happen.
  12. They were my winners last year. Shum is a banger
  13. Most definitely. Birthday falls on the 28th so I'll be recovering by then 😆
  14. If I could justify the price x usage I'd get a jetboil. A friend had one of those at camp a few years ago, boiling water quicker than I could get out my sleeping bag
  15. If anyone's still having accessticket problems, reinstall the app. This fixed the transfer problem for a lot of people
  16. Bet they frequented the long drops that year 😂
  17. I keep seeing fans saying boycott Ticketmaster because of the VIP packages, I don't think they realise the artist and management has the choice to add these packages to the tour. I won't be buying a tickets can't justify the price when I think I've already seen them at their best
  18. She's was on the updated ciutat poster they uploaded earlier today too so who knows. Hope they confirm before people try to buy tickets tomorrow
  19. I got an email from accessticket a few weeks ago (bought with festicket) with a link to click through and add the ticket to the app
  20. Did you add the ticket by clicking the link in the email?
  21. Charli XCX has been removed from the lineup page for the PC Music night on the 8th now
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