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  1. At least if I shit myself this time I can blame it on the coronavirus.
  2. Heard on the radio this morning that she had posted following a journalist contacting her to speak to her about why she had been absent for so long. This prompted the interview she mentioned that’s going to be published.
  3. zero000

    2020 New Music

    Leaked a few weeks ago I believe. Friend played a shitty rip of it and it sounds like a potential return to form.
  4. Can see Iggy being the one surprise act on the poster. Given the vast amount we know already.
  5. zero000

    2020 New Music

    Jesus that Biffy Clyro track is dreadful. Feels like they've been in a long standing competition with Muse about who can alienate the most of their fanbase.
  6. zero000

    Brit Awards 2020

    This is how you close the Brits properly:
  7. zero000

    Brit Awards 2020

    Rod's walking about the stage with all of the grace of someone who's just shit themself.
  8. zero000

    Brit Awards 2020

    Please stop clapping Rod.
  9. zero000

    Brit Awards 2020

    Lizzo is twated.
  10. zero000

    Brit Awards 2020

    ...but are they big enough to headline?
  11. zero000

    Brit Awards 2020

    Make yer mind up lad.
  12. zero000

    Brit Awards 2020

    Easily best performance of the night. Great stuff.
  13. zero000

    Brit Awards 2020

    Thought he was Jack Dee for a second. Very awkward.
  14. zero000

    Brit Awards 2020

    Ronnie has my mum's marigolds on. Bastard.
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