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  1. That’s an enormous drop in over a week. Any reporting nuances which could account for that? A near 50% reduction in a week is brilliant.
  2. Absolutely but I think the key will be in the detail. It may be a month for an an assessment rather than treatment, which is not the same thing. I’m totally behind the message but I’m always a bit cynical about politicians claiming parity for mental health services, when there’s been chronic underinvestment for decades.
  3. No need to apologies. I’ve had family members who have had to wait a year for treatment. It’s rough.
  4. That’s fair enough. I was just taking issue with the analogy. I agree waiting times should be shorter but this will require enormous resources and investment to change. We need to move to more early intervention in mental health, as it will no doubt be more effective in the longer term when difficulties are more entrenched and complex.
  5. To be fair you can’t treat and overcome mental health issues immediately. Both medication and therapy take significant time to be effective. The broken leg comparison isn’t correct.
  6. This leaker sure knows how to pour fuel on the fire. This will super charge an already angry tory base with the whole monarchy angle.
  7. Shameful missed opportunity here. It’s the best song ever:
  8. I think that’s pretty much it. There’s a type of Glastonbury booking but it’s very hard to define or put your finger on.
  9. Initial prejudiced thought. Why would they book some x-factor fodder? On reflection however he’s arguably as big, if not bigger than Dua Lipa. He’s just not my thing, though Watermelon Sugar and Adore You are undoubted pop bangers. There’s a certain type of pop act that’s considered credible to headline on the boards (billie, Taylor, dua) and other acts that seem to fall by the wayside despite being absolutely massive ( Ariana Grande, Pink, Harry Styles). Seems like there’s still a hierarchy within pop which we subscribe to on some level. Perhaps it’s the whole perceived credibility as songwriting performer rearing its head.
  10. Can't they just send a fucking email? It's not actually 1922.
  11. It will be tight. Drakeford said that they weren’t anticipating changing the rules until they reached the peak and cases were dropping. Which they were anticipating would be around a week and half’s time. Might change sooner but the Welsh government have been very sluggish at dropping restrictions.
  12. I found it quite frustrating also. He completely fudged the question on why our infection rate is worse than England’s and instead spoke about the importance of looking at specific areas infection rate instead, ignoring the fact that England’s rate is also an average of several areas. Some more significant restrictions may have had an impact on the level of infections, hospitalisation and deaths in Wales, but it seems that it’s becoming apparent that we’re in the worst of both worlds. Restrictions which are too weak to impact the wave in a meaningful way and instead do significant damage to our hospitality industry with limited health benefit. Bleak.
  13. American democracy is in deep shit. The democrats are not taking seriously how close they came to outright ending democracy at the last election and are sitting on their hands and talking about unity . The warning signs are there. January 6th isn’t going to be an isolated event. The amount of Americans believing the “big lie” is terrifying.
  14. I completely agree that’s all about the big production but there’s no reason he couldn’t have an adapted or different big production for festival slots also.
  15. The quote was “Due to constraints of arenas and the demand for more shows I want to do something bigger and special for you which requires stadiums” Seems that the constraints of arenas could also be referring to the backlog of dates for due to covid, which is less of an issue at stadiums. It’s probably easier to book a stadium show than three arena shows at this point. Certainly can’t rule him out. Would be a fantastic booking for the festival.
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