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  1. All will be revealed when we see the actual report. We know there was collusion from the trump campaign. Manafort is evidence enough of that. The rest depends on the scope of the investigation. There may be a lot of evidence which falls short of beyond reasonable doubt.
  2. They have a load of bangers. Arguably one of the most underrated bands of our time. A singles collection would kill it.
  3. So no collusion but not an exoneration on obstruction of justice. Very interesting.
  4. Had an inkling you were a fan Ben 😉. Been nerdy and checked his tour dates. Glastonbury is a definite possibility.
  5. 100%. Would be great on the glade if possible.
  6. zero000

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Nice to see the guy at the end. This is exactly what we need at a time of such division.
  7. Any of you guys into Max Cooper? Caught him on Friday doing a live set and he was superb, as were that visuals. Similar vibe to Jon Hopkins, but not quite straying into the heavier aspects.
  8. zero000

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Well done to everyone on the march. Couldn't get any bugger to come with me from Cardiff. I have pledged money instead
  9. zero000

    Tame Impala

    Isn't that every gig in Scotland?
  10. Shocking lack of Wow in the Kylie list. Anyway Tame Imapla; Let It Happen clearly
  11. zero000

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Yep @eFestivals @Keithy you're both right. I too have limited faith in May's ability to bring forth the legislation needed to avoid no deal in that scenario. My main hope is that the rebellion would be so great in the cabinet it would force her hand. All pie in the sky though given the ERGs control over her.
  12. zero000

    Brexit at Glasto?

    https://www.itv.com/news/2019-03-22/eu-leaders-want-rid-of-brexit-poison/ Peston thinking a no-deal Brexit is the most likely option. Can't see it happening imo. If there's a no deal exit imminent, there would be a majority for the revocation of Article 50. What also matters is how they set out the indicative votes next week. Do it poorly and it won't rule anything out, or we might have a number of majorities for differing plans. There's also the issue of having indicative votes on very different concepts, e.g. A 2nd ref vs Norway vs May's deal. Each of these is completely different. Seems like it could be a complete clusterfuck if it's not enacted properly.
  13. zero000

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Nailed it. What an utterly pointless statement. If she loses the vote again next week surely she'll resign.
  14. So I've just read the times article from earlier I posted. Alongside the comments about the beeb being disappointed by the lineup, they mentioned that Macca was in the running to headline but pulled out to tour the US. Lana del Ray also dropped out from a pyramid slot and apparently there were complaints (unclear from when) from male artists that " they had been moved down the bill below lesser-known female artists so as to give the impression of a good balance of genders".
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