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  1. He is completely correct in that this is going to increase cases. However taking a purely medical view on this isn’t helpful. We need to understand peoples behaviour and what is likely to make them adhere to the restrictions, particularly at a unique time of Christmas . I think they’ve struck the right balance here in their approach to be fair to them, to try and minimise the risk as much as possible.
  2. Christ that’s an uninspiring list and I like 6 music.
  3. One of the leads has been on radio 4. The 90% effective dose was 2 doses over a period of a month. The first is 1/2 a dose and the second a full dose. Interestingly two full doses seemed to be less effective.
  4. In an ideal world we would all be having Christmas just with our household / extended household but there is no way the majority of us in this thread are in anyway representative of the U.K as a whole. It’s a balancing act in an imperfect world. It stops all and sundry visiting each other, but allows families to gather in a limited way. It’s inevitable that the infection rate was going to go up over Christmas, but this goes some way to exert some kind of control over it at least.
  5. Fuck me. Close the thread now
  6. 100% agree, it’s scary how widespread these conspiracy theories have spread l. The Republicans know that they’ve lost the election but they’re maintaining this outright lie to try and keep some of Trump’s base within the party in the longer term. They don’t give a shit about democracy as long as they end up on top of the pile.
  7. I wouldn’t be even giving them that much credit. They would have no idea what a challenge trial even is. I think the logic is “If it’s not 100% effective than what’s the point”.
  8. 2nd this that story was brilliant. Absolutely wild that this went from an online role playing game to a widespread conspiracy theory!
  9. c**t research group? There will be plenty of expertise in the party.
  10. Trump's "fraud" allegation are so clearly bullshit it's hard not to completely laugh them off and ridicule them as the work of a complete charlatan. I do worry about the longer term effect on the American electorate at the end of this process though. We all know Biden is the next President, but he's going to be governing with a potentially significant proportion of the electorate believing the election was stolen and he is an illegitimate president. This is sowing the seeds for longer term unrest and domestic terrorism in the U.S.
  11. Trump gone and a vaccine at last. 2020 you’ve come good!
  12. It’s going to be a shit show based on this from the Guardian live feed: ”Don’t expect Trump to get a grilling from Levin. After initially starting out as a “never Trumper”, Levin has fallen in line with the president. He has called for Republican-controlled legislatures to ignore the results of state elections and send electors who will vote against Biden in the electoral college.”
  13. Joe exotic has aged a bit since he left prison.
  14. I’m fucking ecstatic!!!! Amazing news in this horrendous year.
  15. zero000

    2020 New Music

    Didn’t realise it was out today. Say something is a complete banger so glad to hear there’s a couple more on there!
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