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  1. Guessing the answer isn't because they're all dirty bastards who don't wash their hands?
  2. zero000

    2020 New Music

    Didn’t realise Kolsch had a new record out. Cheers! Today is absolutely stacked.
  3. Must you talk such divisive bollocks? No one including me was getting pissed off about a discussion about Arcade Fire’s size. The only war that’s going on is inside your head.
  4. To be fair lockdowns aren’t a neutral intervention. An increased focus on COVID can result in excess deaths elsewhere such as the cancer diagnoses that have been missed. Whilst a lockdown protects some individuals it also harms others. Yes the economy can be rebuilt, but a recession also comes with an increase in the deaths. I’m not in the throwing in the towel camp at all, but I think we need to have a think about longer term options if we don’t have a vaccine. At the moment a lot of anxiety is coming from how uncertain the situation has been made. The government need to outline a r
  5. Arcade Fire are still a big band. Why do you think they’re not big enough to headline? They still did a huge number of EU festivals last time around which they headlined. They’ve cemented their status imo.
  6. Hell yes. I thought we’d lost her for sure as she was presumably at the end of her album cycle.
  7. There’s a bitter irony in this giving his administration’s involvement in caging children.
  8. I guess the issue is there is an assumption by the government that more testing is always a positive when it’s more complex. 700,000 extra people a week could easily overwhelm the already fragile test and trace programme. Even worse than that is each person has on average 5 contacts: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/912458/Test_and_Trace_Week12_V2.pdf That’s potentially 3.5 million people a week isolating wrongly due to false positives. I would think these rapid tests will need to be followed up if positiv
  9. Sorry I should have been clearer. 10 million people a day so assuming that’s consistent across the street week that’s around 700,000 false positives a week. Equivalent to 2X the population of Cardiff having to isolate per week. That’s a potential problem.
  10. Rapid testing isn’t also the silver bullet it’s made out to be. It’s less accurate than the PCR version and could lead to a huge number of false positives if rolled out at the 10m a day “moonshot” scheme. We’re talking potentially 600,000 people per week being wrong classed as positive, assuming 1% false positives. They’re probably going to need to follow up these tests with a PCR tests to get an accurate picture.
  11. Can’t trust Trump and the Republicans to honour this agreement. They’re going to stuff someone into that role ASAP. As an aside the politicisation of the courts in America is truly fucked up. Terrible idea all around.
  12. This again? Polls have an error of margin estimated to be about 2.7% (https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/trump-is-just-a-normal-polling-error-behind-clinton/), that could mean both a drop for Biden of 2.7%, but it could equally mean an underestimate of Biden's polling by the same amount. Biden is still most likely to win based on the current projections: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-election-forecast/
  13. zero000

    2020 New Music

    I’ll give it a spin. Think I skipped it entirely when it came out for some reason.
  14. zero000

    2020 New Music

    😂 I mean I think it’s at least 90% solid gold tracks. The 2nd disc is notably weaker with stuff like Stumbeline and We only come out at night are a bit of filler. Completely agree. The amount of tracks they’ve recorded is insane. Not only the aeroplane flies high stuff but a lot of the previously unreleased stuff is great too. Agree on Adore being a good record but it’s not quite on the same level as SD and MCIS.
  15. zero000

    2020 New Music

    Absolutely. Moving past the golden period of Siamese Dream and MCIS, Pumpkins can be very variable. I've not really been that encouraged to go back to much of the post reunion stuff really.
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