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  1. It should be illegal and banned outright. Absolutely scummy behaviour from ticketmaster and Arcade Fire tbh.
  2. Not sure how you’re all putting everything in your shorts unless your wearing god awful cargo shorts from the 00s. Get a bag you heathens!
  3. zero000

    Kendrick Lamar

    The commentary on inter generational trauma on Mother I Sober is so carefully thought through and crafted. Very powerful. Seems to be a bit of a theme of his recent releases with the Heart Pt 5 also touching on it too.
  4. Also new Moderat, Florence and the Machine and the black keys. Today is stacked.
  5. Novelty is a huge factor in deciding who I see now. I've been going to gigs since I was 15, and over the course of 10+ years I've pretty much exhausted all of my "must sees" who are still about. Now for me it's largely about seeing things which are new and fresh. The Glastonbury formula is: Quality of Music + Novelty + Chance of catching them again / Ticket price + Level/Type of intoxication
  6. £78 for brum. Yikes. Took the plunge but that’s a lot of cash.
  7. Absolute banger.
  8. Slow cover versions of dance bangers. See that dreadful cover of dancing on my own which was everywhere a couple of years back.
  9. zero000

    Kendrick Lamar

    Must be due to legal threats I reckon.
  10. zero000

    Gig Ticket Prices

    Ticketmaster are abhorrent always avoid the c**ts wherever possible.
  11. Any word on presale for these shows? Haven’t had an email yet though pre ordered the album a while ago.
  12. Sounds fairly decent on a first listen. Age of anxiety pt 1 and 2, and unconditional 2 are the highlights for me. Hoping it will grow over time, and I think keeping it to a tight 40 minutes helps it as a whole. Some of the lyrical issues remain however. It’s all too direct and on the nose and has a bit of an old man yelling about screen time vibe to it. The “Unsubscribe” bit in end of an empire particularly stinks.
  13. Bit premature but at a best guess of headliners in order of preference: Friday - Phoebe Bridgers, Four Tet, Billie Eillish Saturday - Macca / Phoebe Bridgers (could go either way) Sunday - Kendrick.
  14. If that comes to fruition it will be one of the worst clashes of all time.
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