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  1. Will Brexit still be such a massive issue at the election? It’s hard to tell. The political landscape has been so affected by covid that Labour have no coherent policy platform to stand on at the moment. This is going to change as the pandemic subsides. It’s not all doom and gloom, but it does feel fucking grim.
  2. Interesting thread thanks for sharing. It will be interesting to see if these predictions come to reality. I’m not sure on the term “covid anxiety syndrome” however. It’s needlessly pathologising of people’s anxiety, which is understandable.
  3. There’s this thing called second doses. Not sure if you’ve heard of it. 🙄
  4. It seems very odd doesn’t it. If the pub is full and people are drinking they won’t have masks on anyway?
  5. Second poll that seems to be showing this increases in the Labour vote. Wonder if it’s a trend. We live in hope!
  6. It is, but the risk to others is absolutely tiny at this point given the level of vaccination in the U.K as you point out. The possibility of any transmission taking place through these test events is portrayed as placing lives at risk, when we know that the link between cases-hospitalisations-deaths has been broken. We can’t and shouldn’t aim for zero risk for anything in life. Caution has consequences.
  7. As you know I’m not a fan of the whole “FAKE SAGE” shtik but it’s hard not to hold them in absolute contempt when they post about needing to get the “consent of contacts”, or that people are “human guinea pigs” for going to a nightclub, or that the tests events are unacceptable because the “risk is not zero”. The logic is inherently flawed in all of these cases. It dogma not reality. They are extremists in their approach to the virus and risk. We have to tolerate some risk in our lives to give them meaning, purpose and enjoyment.
  8. Absolute banger. Big fan of the Dave Aude Remix too if you’ve not heard it. The scratching on that live version is however terrible and completely ruins the whole thing.
  9. This has given me shivers. Feels like we're so close to partying and celebrating together once again.
  10. zero000

    2021 New Music

    Instrumental version of the For Those I Love record out today. Doesn't really appeal to me as the lyrics are so intrinsic to the record but nice nevertheless.
  11. zero000

    2021 New Music

    New Roisin Machine remix album is good stuff. Nice rework of one of the AOTY 2020.
  12. Well the test event in Liverpool is a club with testing, but no social distancing or masks. That could easily form a template for indoor gigs too, with no masks and drinking allowed.
  13. That does sound a bit crap to be honest. Not particularly a fan of wearing masks to gigs but I would do if it was the only option, but designated areas for drinking is properly rubbish.
  14. Not sure on that. Anonymity of sources is a bit of a cornerstone of journalism. If the sources aren’t protected then you don’t get whistleblowers coming forward to the media to expose corruption. Any good journalist should be corroborating the information they get from sources before they publish.
  15. I guess there wouldn’t be the same expectation on standard gigs, these are tests events so they’re tracking rates of infection etc... which might give them justification for less onerous restrictions. It’s a hoop we have to jump through on the way back to normality.
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