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  1. Came on to see if anyone had posted about the park Arcadia incident. Genuinely terrifying, god knows how nobody got hurt. Incredibly dangerous
  2. Mindful that ive seen people have to queue 2nd time when the first queue is still busy. I’d leave it a few hours for the other journey.
  3. I’ve definitely read on hear that it’s happened, though it’s highly unlikely.
  4. Happy birthday Macca! See you next week 😃 God I’m looking forward to this!
  5. Badlands

    Sam Fender

    An incident in the early days with his ex missus noted in the biography ‘Bruce’.
  6. We’re Little Dragon always there? Cannot remember them being on the either drops
  7. Badlands

    Sam Fender

    Why? Bruce knows all about hitting lasses. Different times and all that though aye?
  8. Was there? Wednesday has always been quiet compared to Thursday.
  9. Is there less bands from across the Atlantic? be interesting to see the acts that aren’t playing this year that’s causing the criticism? Personally, think it’s topper! A lot of missing bands have played the last few years.
  10. Genuine question coming from someone who has no knowledge of the genres… is their a booking big enough to fill Iicon in there? It’s a huge old space but was rarely busy in 2019. Not necessarily a bad thing mind but it’s odd they make such a big area compared to the other SE places.
  11. I seen him last week and as good as he is, it felt very one paced over a 105 minute set. That he couldn’t fit in the five minute intro to Cold Little Heart was also annoying. Still love the bloke mind, what a talent.
  12. Pleasure to see Wayne & Co in such a small venue last night . Setlist a little more diverse than other times I’ve seen them, coming as a casual fan but still a spiritual life affirming experience. After everything we’ve been through, seeing Do You Realize live nearly ruined me.
  13. Assuming that they’re quite a hit on the old carbon footprint?
  14. Anyone got experience of o2 on-site? I’m getting rid of Three this week and reluctant to go to ee just for the festival
  15. Badlands

    West holts

    Attended Caribou, Bonobo and Simz recently so that’s freed up plenty of potential clashes for me. Still be a few acts on there to see still. Mods/Midi does feel like a slight dilute to the ethos of the stage mind which is a shame for me
  16. To be fair, I think my original playlist on Apple only had three subscribers and nobody has subscribed to the new version so I wouldn’t go overboard with the admin.. @clarketeIt did update once before failing so will give SBRs next version another blast using SongShift .
  17. I’m going 22 US dates tomorrow with Europe announced later. Seems far too early for a 23 announcement surely?
  18. Oddly enough I go the other way. The pool of heritage acts is massively reducing - I wouldn’t be surprised to see them headlining at some point.
  19. top gear live, university callange and the prime minister
  20. https://music.apple.com/gb/playlist/glastonbury-2022/pl.u-2aoqrdytZ8EVk Due to the limitations of SongShift I’ve had to create a new version.
  21. It’s going to be Sam Fender
  22. You’d assume this close they’d have a contingency for a late drop out. They’ll have a series of acts to slip into places just in case. Standard behaviour surely. Fender seems appropriate if he’s Other Stage as expected.
  23. Badlands

    Kendrick Lamar

    You cannot see standing availability but there’s loads of seats left in Newcastle at the back of the arena
  24. Badlands

    Kendrick Lamar

    Due to Ticketmasters dynamic pricing, they’ve now reduced to £130
  25. Badlands

    Kendrick Lamar

    what’s face value Cali? If there’s even such a thing anymore. Theres tonnes of availability so it appears the good folk of the north have agreed and said ‘fuck that’
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