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Kacey Musgraves On The Pymild


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34 minutes ago, chazwwe said:

Can see her before D.Ross, maybe after, unsure of her size over here. Don't think its 3rd down Pyramid level. 

She is in Sweden on the sunday for lolla so  Friday most likely. Could be on the pyramid at 4pm ish or so. 



1 hour ago, zero000 said:

Playing Down The Rabbit Hole festival the week after Glastonbury. This is happening. 


the key thing is that she doesnt announce anything else glasto weekend, and we are golden. she could be support for taylor at hyde park if she sticks around europe for that long.


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Still calling the Kacey Musgraves for the Sunday Pyramid. Before Di-Ro would be a beautiful couple of hours. 

IMO she’s far too big and successful to be farmed out to the Acoustic. There’s a force field around that tent preventing anyone under the age of 50 entering. 

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Listening to Golden Hour on a long drive this morning and this album just gets better and better with each listen - especially when you are in the right mood - just perfect.

Start of journey

My 10 year old son says - "who on earth is that?" with an unimpressed look on his face

4 songs in "shes actually really good - lovely voice"

7 songs in "she would be really good in a concert"

Me - "shes playing Glasto"

Son - "OMG can we see her?"

Me - "definitely"

I am really struggling with how to answer these questions at the moment 🤷‍♂️

Its the hope that kills you

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