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  1. Yo It's an Other Stage set AJ Tracey pretty safe bet
  2. Nduja

    Diana Ross

    Amazing booking. Doubly amazing if she brings her brother Rick along.
  3. Holding 6 Ws here (inc me) but there are 5 fallen soldiers holding Ls None of our mates groups appeared to get a sniff either.
  4. If there's anything that they can do that exceeds the utility and magnificence of the metal path, I would be blown away.
  5. Thursday Ross From Friends 6 George Fitzgerald 7 Batu 6 Denzel Curry 9 Bushwacka! 7.5 Friday Tom Odell 4 Mik Artistik 5 Lauryn Hill 5 Maribou State 8.5 Nish Kumar 8.5 Jorja Smith 9 Stormzy 10 Carl Cox b2b Jamie Jones 6.5 Saturday Gerry Cinammon 4 Shura 6 Hip Hop Kareoke 8 Foals 8.5 Jungle 8.5 The Chemical Brothers 9 Fatboy Eats Everything 8.5 AJ Tracey 8.5 Sunday Climate Pyrotechnics - Andrea Sella 7 Assorted Circus Octavian 8 Atto 6.5 Kylie 6.5 Loyle Carner 9.5 Dave 8 The Streets 9 Gridlock in Parliament 7.5
  6. Jorja was a top 5 act for me but the light show for the Chems shaded it. AJ Tracey's cameo to do Ladbroke Grove was possibly the highlight of the entire festival for me.
  7. Yep. Made everyone very aware that I was missing out in a big way with that one.
  8. Agree with both of those suggestions and would add AJ Tracey to the list
  9. Nduja

    Celeb spotting

    Tom Watson watching Shura. There was also a girl off the telly that I recognised in front of us at Jorja Smith but couldn't recall the name.
  10. Our core group was down this year but augmented by others. But for sets it was pretty unmanagable at times with pre-Lauryn Hill being the biggest mess. Though that was eclipsed by the set itself. Any group bigger than 6 is unmanagable for more than a couple of hours as people want to do, eat, drink different things and care more or less about the next act or meeting others
  11. 1. Stormzy 2. Loyle Carner 3. Chems Honourable mentions to: Streets, Jorja Smith, Maribou State, Denzel Curry, Foals, AJ Tracey, Octavian
  12. Nduja

    Tomato Juice

    Anywhere on site selling? No luck at the Coop
  13. Tesco in Shepton Mallet
  14. I'm there for the 150g bag of Salt and Vinegar crisps
  15. Gonna try and leg it over after Jayda G so I hope not. But it's gonna be mental isnt it?
  16. Octavian AJ Tracey playing at 2am!
  17. Nduja


    This isn't a clash thankfully
  18. Nduja


    Jayda G and Denzel Curry too. Cruel.
  19. Nduja


    This for me too. Plus Lizzo and Janet.
  20. It's from the TV show The Wire, absolutely worth a watch no matter your age!
  21. This drought is worse than when Avon Barksdale was suffocating the streets with weak, stepped-on product. Need that WMD pronto.
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