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  1. All Points East emo reunion day god please ?
  2. Looks like a solo record is confirmed then
  3. kaytee...

    Diana Ross

    Yep! Shes got the glasto bug now, can't see her not trying for tickets every year
  4. kaytee...

    Diana Ross

    Told my mum and there were tears. Imagine waiting 50 years to see your all time favourite, so made up for her. And just realised its on my birthday too, what a party that's gonna be ?
  5. kaytee...

    Diana Ross

    Nearly cried when I read that. So happy my mum will get to see her too, literally one of her all time favourites.
  6. Makes no sense you saw a confirmation yet they dont don't have a booking. I didn't even get a booking complete page after payment crashed and had to go back through trying to get a reg page up just so I could check if reg numbers were used already. So had I not got a confirmation email, the picture I took saying payment already processed wouldn't have been accepted as proof by them ?
  7. Hoping not either. I'd rather not get tickets through pure demand instead of what would feel like a competition. I never win anything.
  8. Its deffo o2 academy. Dunno why the website says otherwise ??‍♀️
  9. kaytee...

    2020 headliners

    Foals didnt get a large crowd when they headlined Bestival back when they were a much more exciting live band. Can't see them being offered that kind of slot on the Pyramid.
  10. kaytee...

    Drop the deposit.

    It gives people on a lower income more time to save for their ticket. And given that they go onsale only a couple months after the actual festival where money has already been spent, a lot of people wouldnt have the money to drop another 265 quid so soon. Changing the whole payment process for the sake of people who weren't lucky enough to get tickets would eliminate a large portion of people from attending.
  11. Looks like I’m in the wrong place, all this excitement. How’s the ground looking? ?
  12. In it for the long haul. Sticks and jars ? right now I couldn’t give a toss, I have a ticket to the best party in the world
  13. I got the holding page on all browsers then when i refreshed once, every browser on every device crashed apart from one on my phone. My sister ended up being the one to get through for the third year in a row. Maccies breakfasts were on me ?
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