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  1. £25 quid for this tent, decent for sleeping one and holds up to rain. Tried and tested in our group a couple of years ago https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15980803/eurohike-tamar-2-man-tent-15980803
  2. I've not seen anyone mention Rosalia either, has she been fully ruled out? A chimera is referred to as female...
  3. They're still listed as a partner on the new map
  4. There's a similar clash week 1 where Charli and Rina are on complete opposite stages. I was hoping I'd catch Charli week 2 but that Dua Lipa overlap is just stupid
  5. How far are we thinking the walk is from main stages to the Dice/Tous stages?
  6. Charli XCX finishing then Rina starting five minutes later on the Tous stage furthest away is a bit of a nightmare
  7. Bottle of gin and fever tree cans. I didn't go in the coop last time so not sure if they sell it there to top up but I'm fairly sure they sold bottled tonic at Leeds fest
  8. I've been to festivals before where they only announce times on the programme they made you buy once you get there. Glad that's not the norm now
  9. I'll be at the airport this time in two weeks. Excitement levels through the roof already
  10. I've still got a couple of bottles of burrows hill in the cupboard from 2020. Don't think I'll be opening those now, definitely tastes better in the sunshine on the farm
  11. Hopefully security isn't too strict there. I had a hairbrush binned by security at a festival in Portugal because apparently it could be used as a weapon 🤔
  12. For a festival with a decent gender split this far, putting 4 extremely popular female fronted acts up against each other would be a massive mistake
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