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  1. kaytee...

    The 1975 2020

    I know they wanted to have it ready by then but I cant see it. Like how do they have time to master it with all the touring they've been doing
  2. kaytee...

    The 1975 2020

    Looking more like next month, theyre counting down 28 days from now so might be out before Reading and Leeds
  3. I wish she was there this year. I think shes got the last show of the current album cycle soon though. Enough time for another before next summer?
  4. I was there last night it wasnt a VIP barrier for this gig, they didnt sell golden circle tickets like some of the other shows. We got there when Blood Orange was on, and the front section was first come first served so you got a wristband to pass in and out of the area.
  5. Heard a lot of people say the crowd was bad. I was there for Arcade Fire a couple years ago and The Wombats only last weekend and the crowds were great there.
  6. kaytee...


    Got tickets for Manchester! Cant wait she was one of the best bits of Glasto for me
  7. Regretting selling my ticket now but thats what happens when youre on the late shift and forget to book the day off 🤷🏼‍♀️ So I just got a ticket for Saturday, seriously hoping the sound isnt as shit as usualy in Hyde Park
  8. Was listening to Maggie Rogers earlier and had a flashback to being stood at the front of the other stage with a wet flannel on my neck literally sweating out the bottle of fireball I drank the night before. Heard the opening notes to Light On and the wobbly lip started and that was it, I was gone for the rest of the set. I've not felt 100% since coming back from Glasto and my god I had a big cry when that memory clicked.
  9. I’ve got 2 face value tickets for Wednesday on twickets if anyone fancies it https://www.twickets.live/block/581916529372783,2?utm_source=blockincatalog&utm_medium=email&utm_content=main_block_link&utm_campaign=Your+Tickets+Have+Been+Listed
  10. kaytee...

    Post festival flu

    My hayfever coupled with the dust has left me with a really bad chest. Plus I seem to have developed a small lump behind my ear which i'm hoping is a result of this and eventually disappears. Never typing those symptoms into google again 🤦🏼‍♀️
  11. kaytee...


    First compost loo I went to in Pylon on Wednesday lunch time already had 2 used condoms on the side 🤢 I found the long drops cleaner than the compost loos this year, there was never any compost left after Thursday so the point of them was rendered useless anyway. I also learnt never to use the toilets at back of pyramid given the proximity to the cider bus, does funny things to the stomach that stuff
  12. kaytee...


    Happy Maki and an pineapple, orange and ginger smoothie on Sunday morning sorted me right out. Was also surprised by how good the pad thai place was facing other stage. Didn't eat much this year, didn't fancy it in the heat so ended up having about 5 meals on Sunday 😂
  13. Up in Darble there was a tap and a sink next to it. I queued 35 mins for water and it was only when I got to the front of the queue I realised no one was using the sink so I shouted up and asked. Some fella asked if it was cold water, another asked if it was drinking water. So it seems some thought it was for washing up and others had been told its not drinkable 🤦🏼‍♀️
  14. Thank god for the water aid points! I’ve never even noticed them before now because water rarely passes my lips at a festival. Big thanks to the guys up at the park on Sunday too. I somehow fell in the only patch of mud I saw all weekend outside Stonebridge and the water aid people gave me cloths to clean down with and switched the outside tap on for me even though they were just about to shut down.
  15. I thought I saw a lot less than usual this year because of the heat and bigger than usual crowds Friday was Lewis Capaldi, The Wombats, King Princess then Fatboy Slim. Lots of wandering round for drink stops and shade in various bars in between plus a long snooze up at the pier ‘beach’ Saturday - Fantastic Negrito, Maggie Rogers, Slowthai, Lizzo, Sigrid, The Killers and a bit of Chem Bros Sunday - Slaves, Babymetal, Kylie, Loyle Carner, Billie Eilish, Little Simz, Janelle Monae
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