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  1. More speakers for the size of the field would be a start
  2. Lazy reply that. I've been in plenty big crowds since covid and I've never left thinking it was too overcrowded until Glastonbury. It's obvious too that a lot of people go Glasto and don't get to other gigs and festivals much and therefore don't have the right etiquette in crowded places. I had to leave crowds twice in a panic attack and had people tell me to watch where I'm going or just stand stiff as a board refusing to let me get past. I'd hate to think what this year would've been like in a 2016 situation
  3. I've seen quite a few videos on tiktok of people claiming to have got in without tickets this year. Wouldn't surprise me, I know it happens every year but no doubt there would have been more chancers than ever this year
  4. Saturday night wasn't too bad, the toilet queues were horrendous though and if you wanted to get in the Temple you had no chance
  5. I've noticed that a lot of people are dismissing other people's complaints this year as just moaning for nothing. Especially on the Facebook groups, people telling others not to bother trying for tickets for raising genuine concerns. Glasto isn't untouchable, just because they've been going this long there's always room to improve. Primavera this year had a lot of problems on the first day and they listened and sorted it out for the remainder of the festival. If Glasto ignores the overcrowding issues it could one day result in a dangerous situation.
  6. Was awful. Unless you're under the spider you can't hear shit. Especially when the fire kicks off. I don't remember it being so quiet before
  7. I really enjoyed this year but after a bad panic attack on Sunday I'm still not sure about trying for tickets again. It's the first time I've ever had one and I've been at festivals for years, never had a problem with crowds but something was different at this one. I think I'll have to see how I go at upcoming gigs before making my decision.
  8. This happened when our coach turned up except the luggage compartment was filled with all the shit for about 20 people. He left with just those 20 or so people on the coach, didn't even suggest using seats for the luggage of others. Was a kick in the teeth when all we had was a rucksack and a tent each. Had to wait for the next and the driver worked hard to fit everything in and get bags on seats too. They really need to start leaving carts and trolleys til last cos its clear that no one should be taking that much
  9. Mexican Seoul and old faithful Buddha Bowls
  10. I had a panic attack yesterday for the first time in my life waiting for Mcfly at Avalon. got there during Kate Rusby so we were inside near the edge of the tent. People just kept surging forward until I was jammed with no space between people wearing backpacks front and back. Trying to get out two mins before they came on stage I was met with lines of pushchairs - why people would have their kids in crowds like that I don't know. I was clearly on the verge of throwing up and people looked at me like I just shot their cat, telling me watch where you're going. It was dangerous and no safety stewards anywhere. Ruined the rest of the day for me and I'm really considering not coming back again
  11. Couldn't stop sobbing me. Was running on empty and five hours sleep since Tuesday and it hit me like a tonne of bricks 😆
  12. The capacity should've been capped a long time ago. Whoever decided putting toilets near the other stage left field exit and food stalls facing them needs the sack. Impossible to get through making the walk to pyramid even worse than it was. Making me reconsider coming anymore really, I've been stuck in too many crushes the park was dangerous for Wet Leg, people getting funny about people trying to move out the crowds.
  13. Honestly no wind up. Asked if I had food, crisps specifically. Literally searching every inch of everyone's bags. Unless they've been told to speed it up since 8am it was genuinely happening earlier on
  14. No wind up, genuinely throwing whole sealed packs away with no apparent reason. I'm assuming since you could reseal to conceal something but that's a bit daft
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