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  1. Most of my mates are between 29-36. Only 2 out of about 15 of us have not had a vaccine. Lots of walk in centres giving them away no questions asked. In the arms!
  2. Between equipment i think you do. In climbing walls you to wear a mask while belaying which seems ridiculous.
  3. I've long suspected that masks are more to serve as a "reminder" that shit is not over and to keep your distance
  4. The main thing I am hearing is skepticism of working from home for one year vs. working from home for 5 years +. Training being one factor. Several graduates at my work have told me they are finding it almost impossible to learn efficiently. Also concerns of genral moral and motivaiton when not seeing your coworkers on at least a semi regular basis. I've worked from home for one year and a 20/80 home/office ratio sounds ideal to me. Id take 100% in the office over 100% at home. That said I cycle 20 mins to work and have no kids to look after.
  5. Waiting for Hancock probably
  6. After lockdown they might, MIGHT just be skint enough to do it
  7. A contract exists solely as a mechanism to resolve all possible outcomes. There is no discussion to be had here just noise being made by the EU.
  8. Cons: WFH isolation Cant go climbing / camping whenever No festivals / gigs No seeing friends all the tim Pros: Made closer friends in lock down solidarity Saving ££ Getting on better with partner Fittest / healthiest I've ever been Gained appreciaiton of small things
  9. I always thought SE corner was the ultimate late night area before going to boomtown and realising what could in fact be done. It doesnt even have to be music orietated but a simlar crazy theme interactive area would be the icing on the cake. Would fit nicely in silver hayes, Big ask though.
  10. Yep the optimist in me thinks lots of people in place is too intrinsically linked to the economy to not happen sooner rather than later.
  11. IMO its not about festivals as such but its about everything else that falls roughly under the same umbrella. Such as football matches, rugby matches, conferences, horse races, trade fairs, etc. All of these are thousands of people in enclosed spaces inside or out and they are massive. One million people must attend football matches every weekend alone so 200,000 in a field isnt that different. The pressure from sports bodies and clubs etc will be massive. Glastonbury and the like will hopefully benefit from that. Granted glastonbury requires much more planning in advance. I rem
  12. now that you mention it.....ye?
  13. Cant wait read the poster so fast that I don't actually read it then go for a tactical shit at work to actually read the words.
  14. My uneducated guess is that they can only announce once every other major festival has announced? Or when the last act that has it written in their contract is announced for other festivals.
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