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Spanish Love Songs are playing this, as much as self-confirmed without outright saying it when asked at their in store at Banquet Records. Would imagine The Menzingers and Pup will also be in with a s

Dont get all this negativity when the festival is growing at an incredible rate and selling very well . It has clearly the biggest h/l's its ever had , the chance to see AFI in this country is rare an

Not a huge name but a band I think are very likely is Spanish Love Songs

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4 hours ago, Metalupyourass97 said:

Will prices go up again this year? And when does it usually sell out, thinking of going here instead of reading now that readings decided to go fully mainstream

I don't think they will rise again and there is often offers like 10% off on the website . I would be surprised if it sold out unless they announce a big headliner which they may do . Definitely do this instead of reading could not recommend it high enough especially if you liked what reading used to be .

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For what it's worth, I had heard that Architects may be booked to headline Jera on Air this year to make up for them dropping off last year. I didn't think it was true or had much weight to it but it would put them around two weeks before so maybe it is real.

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6 hours ago, 3Dimensions said:

Just had a thought, what are the chances that Rueben would reunite? No Lenman announcement yet and he played with one of the other members on his last tour. 

I would love that but I just don't see it tbh. Lenman had his stage last year so not sure he'd return straight away and dunno if the bassist is even active as a musician anymore. 

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Why would have Architects have been held back though? Would be a strong booking for the festival.

On 3/1/2020 at 9:14 PM, jonday81 said:

I'm not sure why the next headliner hasn't been announced yet. I assumed it was related to another festival they are playing or a tour.

Twin Atlantic

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33 minutes ago, WillChich said:

Neck Deep have just announced a UK tour.

Potential headliners?

If anything that makes them less likely I'd have thought. They're playing Russia that weekend too.

Crossfaith supposedly self confirmed to people after a show on this tour.

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4 minutes ago, TC_ said:

please, not again...

Honestly they were weak headliner when they last played. Like, compared to other recent headliners, they probably shouldn't be anywhere near headlining based on the kind of gigs they play. 

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