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  1. With This Will Destroy You and Ihsahn headlining the Yokhai stage. Tesseract and Amenra also appearing. Rolo Tomassi are also playing their latest two albums in full.
  2. We Lost the Sea have a new album out, got to be playing and fit the bill perfectly and could imagine a algorithmic set by 65daysofstatic.
  3. Devin Townsend announced as headliner, he's said his 2020 shows will be super heavy. Possibly lots of Strapping material - maybe a lot of stuff from Deconstruction too.
  4. Fightstar on the lineup too would be beautiful.
  5. Wouldnt be surprised if Devin Townsend gets announced, hasn't been on a lineup for a while and with his new live show it could be worth a shout.
  6. Looks like I'm doing Trees next year rather than ATG, won't be able to get the time off next August but given the thumbs up already for Trees! Slightly pushing it but hoping for Gaslight Anthem and Biffy Clyro. Maybe some ATG crossover with Asiwyfa, 65dos and possibly Mastodon.
  7. Looks like it, they were hinted as it on a previous email a few months ago too.
  8. Love Asiwyfa, caught them at Reading a few years back. Shame I'm gonna miss them. Looking forward to the Friday, won't be well enough to camp but oh my god - that lineup is insane (worried of fitting in any breaks from when The Ocean are onstage).
  9. Well I'm too ill to camp alone, maybe will do the Friday only. Is it possible to do just the day with a weekend ticket?
  10. Black Futures was the secret act for Radar Fest. Vennart is playing with The Beft, maybe a Biffy show or an Oceasize reunion? The bassist from Dillinger Escape Plan is playing with his new band Azusa, although now Greg's new project has pulled out, a Dillinger show seems unlikely. My money is on Mastodon (if the band is headline size). Troy is in Europe playing with Thin Lizzy and Brent saw him play the other night. Half of the band in the continent, maybe the others are too. They have also just finished a Co headline show with Coheed. I've read a few rumours saying it could be Animals As Leaders - although they headlined Radar. Quite excited for this, it's my first festival camping but I'm going alone and have never put up a tent before. Wish me luck (that's if I get over this cold in time).
  11. With Jamie Lenman stepping in on vocal duties whilst Will recovers.
  12. The Black Queen have cancelled but all is not lost as they have been replaced by Black Peaks.
  13. All the clashfinders are released. Mentions a secret special guest on the Saturday, in the late-afternoon. Thank You Scientist have also been announced, well worth a check.
  14. At the end of the month, 9 bands left to announce (unless there are any surprises).
  15. Russian Circles just announced. Saw them support Mastodon a few years ago, although I'm sure many of you have already seen them. Fantastic band.
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