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  1. They’re playing Victorious early afternoon, be likely headline slot.
  2. He’s playing Victorious Sunday night.
  3. Give Creeper, NBT and Everything Everything the headline push.
  4. No gigs but we did get the remaster, nice to have Futurism on vinyl. Hopefully they do the same with Absolution and put Fury on. Wasn’t at SBE or R&L but was at the RAH ‘18 gig and first Hammersmith Apollo show this year, what amazing shows they both were.
  5. There’s been an OOS gig already in 2011, what we need is 20 years of Absolution which ties in with next year. Said this on the DL forum but I’d love the rumoured two set band to be Muse. 20 years of Abso+b sides/deep cuts on the first set and WOTP + Hits on the second.
  6. Bit of a weird and pointless thought but wonder what’s gonna happen to the e-scooter docks during the festival, I’m sure the surrounding area will become a no-ride zone but there’s certainly a few parking zones within the site.
  7. Wish they’d bring back the Butserfest stage or introduce another heavy one.
  8. 20th anniversary of Absolution set would be a dream.
  9. Absolutely love Placebo, can’t wait to see them again, also going to their November tour. Casseyette sounds a bit like Yonaka, who did a song with Barns.
  10. AFI is one of Will’s fav bands, and of course MCR too. I always thought they sounded like MCR mixed with the Cult.
  11. Do you reckon Sleep Token could play the November edition of 80Trees? They’re on tour that month and have an acoustic show in London days after.
  12. Are day tickets on sale Thursday and how much are they normally?
  13. Chances of Mastodon and Creeper clashing? I really hope not!
  14. The Deco is a rock pub in Southsea, not sure how far it is from the common (only been there once) but had a good vibe.
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