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  1. With Jamie Lenman stepping in on vocal duties whilst Will recovers.
  2. The Black Queen have cancelled but all is not lost as they have been replaced by Black Peaks.
  3. All the clashfinders are released. Mentions a secret special guest on the Saturday, in the late-afternoon. Thank You Scientist have also been announced, well worth a check.
  4. At the end of the month, 9 bands left to announce (unless there are any surprises).
  5. Russian Circles just announced. Saw them support Mastodon a few years ago, although I'm sure many of you have already seen them. Fantastic band.
  6. Not sure where I read it but apparently there's ten bands left to announce.
  7. Next announcement in a couple of weeks on April 2nd (confirmed on mailing list). Thursday headliner and more bands. Maybe ASIWYFA playing another album in full. Opeth are playing Damnation so I guess that rules them out. Loads of people shouting for Mogwai but I guess you'd get that at any post rock festival. Maybe leaning too much into the metal side again but maybe Deftones (speculation based on event poll) or Gojira (short UK tour before the fest, but nothing in the south west)? Also Mastodon did a surprise UK tour at the start of the year, maybe they'll come and do Crack the Skye in full. Although most likely I'm being full of myself, none of the bands will be so big but I'm sure they'll be awesome.
  8. With The Black Queen playing Trees I hope that means we get Rolo Tomassi.
  9. Not really seen them on many festival bills, they're still playing a lot of tiny venues though. Weren't they on the bill for last year? Are we assuming that it's either Carpenter Brut or Cult of Luna (probably the more sensible choice) headlining on the Thursday?
  10. The Ocean, Carpenter Brut, Nordic Giants. Chose a good year for it to be my first ATG.
  11. But they're apparently doing two UK festivals. Would be weird doing two so close to each other (my dream is Infinity Land in full at ArcTanGent but that will never, ever happen).
  12. The Who are doing that Wembley show, seems unlikely. Think this might be the first year in a little while that I won't be going, nothing stands out (plus I have ATG the week before).
  13. From what Radio X keeps promoting recently it feels like Gerry Cinnamon is going to headline. 😂
  14. I would be tempted to say midday but they seem incapable of posting twice per day on social media.
  15. Just done a post highlighting The Vaccines' performance, no announcement today it seems.
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