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  1. Wasn't the biggest weekend partly hosted in Coventry? Can't see it coming back too soon, surely must be something in Scotland or the west country?
  2. Record store day postponed for same day as the first announced MK date.
  3. Already crying from the stress of trying to get tickets for Bournemouth! Not like I have to pay my car insurance next month too. 😭
  4. Wait until you hear they put out today
  5. Just had a thought, what are the chances that Rueben would reunite? No Lenman announcement yet and he played with one of the other members on his last tour.
  6. As much as I don't want to say it, Stereophonics are about to go on tour. Hopefully not Trees though.
  7. Next announcement Tuesday. Guessing Trees will be following week.
  8. Headlining Bloodstock and apparently a UK festival exclusive. Highly doubt it.
  9. Think the original four or five shows sold out but the ones they added didn't sell out.
  10. So with Biffy not playing Reading, that leaves them for either APE, Glasto or Trees (definitely least likely). Carter is set to be a cert. Any other artists seem more likely now? Edit: part of me is really hoping either Gojira or Mastodon will play, probably too heavy for a main stage headliner but too big for a Cave headliner.
  11. I guess you're predicting a certain Frank C to headline? Wonder if Everything Everything would be playing, main stage sub or Axiom sub?
  12. So when do we think the next big announcement could be? End of the month?
  13. With Frank Carter playing Boardmasters I guess that throws him back into the mix for Trees.
  14. Placebo appear to be playing the whole weekend abroad so that rules them out. Hope they play a Southern (non London or Reading) UK date.
  15. Would love this, last UK festival they played was Latitude (if I remember correctly). They've been announced for several EU festivals, but are at Mad Cool and BBK Live the same weekend.Guess it may be possible though it's only Spain.
  16. Ugh was hoping to be at the first show. Even more a kick in the teeth for the poor people that have bought from touts. At least I know some people that are very happy with the announcements.
  17. Wonder how much of Conventional Weapons we'll get, would love to have a few from that. If Desolation Row gets played I won't know how I'll be able to cope. Will be interesting to see if they play any of their solo material, especially Gerard's.
  18. Please not Yungblud, he was not good when he supported Muse. Praying for Creeper or Marmozets, they're both on Warner so guess its possible.
  19. Ugh not Yungblud again, just give us Creeper or Nothing But Thieves and be done with it!
  20. My coach ticket says MK Bowl too, surely they'll be playing at the stadium as there will be loads of people who won't want to stand at the Bowl.
  21. Maybeshewill have posted a video not long after the announcement with a forest, hinting at another reunion. Possibly an appearance at ATG/Trees?
  22. Only really Creeper for me so far, might still go for the weekend though.
  23. Still exactly the same. Will have to wait until the morning to see who replaces Testy McTestface (such a wasted opportunity not calling it that (fancy dress theme anyone)).
  24. They've got a testing band page on the lineup page, hopefully they'll upload the lineup fairly soon. Otherwise it looks likd I'm taking the trek to whs smiths early in the morning (and my bi monthly refusal of the sun).
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